Not a bed time story

12 December , 2017

So…I just finished reading this book:

And let me tell you, it is a tale of serious woes. 

Many moons ago I made a decision not to read newspapers or watch news anymore, because I just got myself worked up into a state about things that were out of my control. Instead I wanted to focus my mental energy on positive things and good stories. You know, like the saying goes…no news is good news.

Of course you can’t miss it completely since it’s just about everywhere, but I figured I’d take my news filtered through the eyes of people I know instead of the people who sell more papers if they can induce a panic. If something noteworthy happened I’d see it on fb, blogposts, twitter or lamp poles along the roads that I travel. 

Anyhoo, it looks like I haven’t missed much. Things have indeed gone as pear shaped as told by poles and people…the biggest thing I got from the book was firstly the grand scale of fuck ups, and secondly that it has not gone this way due to incompetence but rather by systematic malicious intent by a handful of people. I did not enjoy this book, but not because it was badly written. It was a story that turned my stomach. 

Karma, when you catch up with this lot…it’s going to be epic!

I do hope that a hero with above average integrity is waiting in the wings to inspire hearts and minds and kick off a journey of recovery for our tattered democracy, but he/she really needs to work on their timing.

Also, who knew there was still such a big demand for spies in an era where just about everything is out there in the open already? 



  1. Can’t se the book? But I can guess…

    • The president’s keepers. Odd, it shows perfectly for me.

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