Righteous rage

24 November , 2017

Worked myself up into a near froth!

So there’s been an unpleasant first for me…

It’s enrollment week at Nicola’s school this week (and although unpleasant between the 20 odd page contract and obtaining ID photos and certified copies of everything, that’s obviously not a first for me).

Nope, the thing that was new was that I almost had to cross swords with the admin lady to get Nicola’s form accepted because it only has one parent signature on it. 

I am team Nicola. Me, myself and I. 

I knew it was coming eventually. I kind of thought this would be a discussion had with Home Affairs at some point if I applied for a passport for her or something. I did not anticipate having it at school.

Super handy that her birth certficate only has me listed on it. 

Apparently the reason for the two parent sign off is for debt collection if you don’t pay your school fees. Also irrelevant since I’ve paid up in advance (thank you SARS refund).

I think it’s fair to say I don’t enjoy any interaction where I’m expected to produce anything certified. It kind of sets the tone for things to come.

I suppose it’s sort of remarkable that in almost 8 years, this is the first time it’s come up for debate?



  1. Despite having TWO unabridged birth certificates (UK and SA), neither of which have Jackson’s father’s name on, I had to go and get an affidavit from the police station to say that I was a single parent traveling alone with my own child in order to get a Chinese travel visa for Jackson. I try not to get bothered by things like this, but giving that letter to the police woman to sign was probably the most humiliating thing I’ve ever done as a mother.
    (Although I guess trying to get permission to for Jackson travel from his father would be worse).

    • This is Rebecca btw (hello old friend). Dunno why my name is coming up as Jackson.

      • I knew it was you 😉
        Long time no see…what the heck are you up to? Can we fix that?

    • That would piss me off big time. And so what you’re saying also is that my one name only birth certificate will help me not at all in this either? Dammit

  2. Traveling, getting passports etc have never been an issue for me. The Chinese embassy here is just obstreperous. Well, actually one woman at the Chinese embassy is obstreperous.

    • There is always that one guy/girl that builds an impenetrable empire in the least likely of places. *sigh*

  3. Hello! Is Nicola changing schools? And yes, no matter how the definitions of family change, it seems it doesn’t change in the places that matter fast enough 🙂

    • Hi Marcia! Nope…all this is to stay in the same school.

  4. One of the most bizarre and stupid requirements….and why, oh why, do.we have to submit the same documents every year!!!!

    • I asked this last year. Apparently it’s a contract and the terms stipulate it’s only valid for one year. Department requirements allegedly. So no adendum extension of terms. It’s a fresh contract every year.

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