Best on-the-go breakfast recipe

14 June , 2016

Or leftovers.
Or something I can eat in the car without messing too much.
Generally I’ll just have coffee and then grab something at work when I get there.

Nicola needs some sort of protein in the morning, but she doesn’t eat eggs, which complicates things a bit. Some mornings she does toast and ham, some mornings she just wants peanut butter straight from the jar. I could do up a proper breakfast for her, but she’s not a morning person and tends to squeeze every possible second of sleeping before we get going…so it’s always a bit of a rush.

Steve doesn’t really wat breakfast, except on Sundays. Then we do our weekly big fry up at his parents’ place.

What’s your go-to breakfast?


  1. Scrambled eggs and toast – the whole family gets it and has to eat it

    • That’s a good breakfast. Around here I’d end up eating it alone!

  2. Work breakfasts – muesli and yoghurt/ all bran flakes (I alternate)

    Weekend – all bran and my favourite winter breakfast – hot cross bun/ your raisin bread with cheese, and tea. I have one slice left and I had to tell connor NO the other day. I’m saving it for this weekend.

    PS we have a version of eggs at least one supper a week 🙂

    • The way you stretch that raisin bread is amazing to me, Marcia. 🙂 Looks like it’s time for a new loaf then?

  3. Pronutro with bran flakes or Special K… I have to add the bran or Special K because I need crunch I have this 5-6 times a week …

    Now I think I need some of that raisin bread that Marcia raves about 🙂

    • We will have to make a plan to get you some then! 😉

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