Do research on your family tree and share what you find

4 June , 2016

Okay I worked out that I’m about 3 prompt behind…so brace yourself for some catch up posts!

I wasn’t sure where I was going to go with this post. At first I thought I’d do like an extended family tree with all the different surnames that went into this mix, and maybe the countries they originated from (Mostly Dutch and German, with a bit of Scottish thrown in about 3 generations ago as far as I know). Thing is I there are a lot of gaps in that picture, where I could probably find the answers…and as for the countries, what does it matter? Clearly we’re here now, we have been for GENERATIONS, and we don’t really plan on leaving. This is home.

So…I then remembered that my dad has recently come across our actual family crest and a book about Bouwers and where in the world they can be found (or could be found in 1997 when the research was done).

So here goes!


The little ribbon translates to, “With sword and plough”. I like it. I think you could probably read a lot into that.

And now for a page in the book…


So settling in South Africa has obviously done lots for my people. šŸ˜‰

I actually thought our surname was of German origen, but other than SA, our biggest footprint seems to be Dutch. So there you have it. Most of us, by far, can be found locally.

Oh yes, and my mom wanted me to please stop telling people I come from a long line of dung beetles. Always looking for shit wherever we go. šŸ˜‰


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