What are you looking forward to right now?

6 March , 2016


* Upcoming long weekends…I hope at least one day is super lazy
* As you may or may not know, my old-faithful Blue Tazz is getting a bit long in the tooth. Interesting things are starting pack up more often. 16 years is not a bad stretch. It’s definitely time to buy a new car…but I need to see what happens with regard to contract renewals before I crosd that bridge. I am really looking forward to not being the only idiot in Africa without aircon. Maybe after that I can start plotting a plan to buy a house? That’s a pretty big bridge too.
* Autumn and winter. I know right? Who the hell am I even?! This summer has been too hot and dry for me. I’ve come to realise my favourite bits of warm weather is actually thunder storms, and there have been too few of those for my liking.
* Going home every day…going to work every day. I am actually having a grand time all over.



  1. SO looking forward to the long weekends! I’m going to nap like a mofo.

    • I fear I have double booked myself on a few days. I’ll settle for a full night’s sleep though. Really looking forward to that!

  2. Yes for the long weekends! I have taken those 3 days off – yeah! and my blue wonder is also getting a bit old. Glad you are having a grand time

    • I am toying with the idea of taking a day or so off myself. And just getting my RELAX on. 🙂

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