Create a series of date night guides for your city

22 February , 2016


Yeah…so…with three youngsters in the house, date nights are few and faaaaaar in between. On two of the hooligans we only have time share, so in general no dating on days where we have a full house.

Just some context for my list and so on.


1. Go have dinner somewhere without a playground, or go watch an un-animated movie. Maybe even both.
2. Stay home. Light a million candles. Play music (especially things that may be considered “our songs”). Have a bath or shower together. Give each other a massage.
3. Go see a show together/Go to a wedding. We are now at the age where a lot of friends are going for round 2…so it’s a thing again – other people’s weddings as dates. We have had tremendous fun at this kind of do…litterally danced till the DJ had to go.
4. Make dinner together. Something that doesn’t contain fish finger or nuggets. Sit down and eat instead of running around complying with the tiny terrorists condiments and drinks demands, or worrying about alternatives when they refuse to eat what’s on offer.
5. Buy a blank canvas and some paint, and paint something together. If it’s good keep it and hang it somewhere in the house.
6. Picnic in your own garden. Hammock and star gazing and cuddling. Roasting marshmallows on a smallish fire.
7. Garden centre/nursery trip. Both Steve and I enjoy gardening, so this is a nice outing for us. Most of them now have tea gardens or restaurants too, so you can grab a bite to eat (this is obviously more of a day time activity).
8. Go to sleep early. Make not one single cup of milo or hot chocolate. Face down not one single tantrum about iPads not being charged, huggles not being given in such and such way. Fight or mediate not one single fight about what movie to watch before bedtime, whose bed bedtime may or may not be observed in, or how many pillows each person should be allocated from your own stash. Get up not once for anyone having a nightmare, wetting their bed, or just being an asshole in the early hours of the morning (3-5am). Set no alarms and wake up whenever you want to…without someone small’s knees in your kidneys or facing head down when everyone else is facing head up (whilst stealing the blankets). Once awake, make as much noise as you want to instead of sneaking through the house like a cat burglar. Have many cups of hot coffee and a fabulous breakfast.

Don’t misunderstand me…I love those babies, but after reading my own list it’s blatantly obvious that I need a bit more us-time with Steve!  😉

I can’t be the only one with this problem. What do the rest of you do to stay connected or re-connect with your significant other?




  1. One night a month, the Babe Girl goes to sleep over at my mom’s. It started in December (she was 9months) in preparation for a wedding weekend away in Joburg we are going to in February. But when we saw how good it was for both her & us, we decided it is something that should stay! So on our 2nd night (Jan) we went and booked a hotel and had a night on the town!

    That’s how we’re doing it 😉

    • That’s a great way to do it. 🙂

      It gets a bit trickier when there are three…and they don’t have the same grandma, but every now and then the stars do align for us to have a date night too. On 22 Feb 2016 8:08 AM, “123 Blog Myself” wrote:


  2. You know, we should really visit more often so we can babysit for each other 😉 Even just two makes it tricky sometimes, but we’ve managed to find one or two people who are willing to babysit for us every now and again. We could totally add each other to that list.

  3. I love the painting idea SO much!!

  4. Oh that last one rings very very true! We have no free available babysitters – so that’s a bit of a damper on any date night idea

  5. Great topic, Louisa. Well, to answer your question, when you find out, let me know, k?

    Seriously, it takes a lot of money and a babysitter, or serious negotiating and logistics like worse than organising a meeting at work to find time. It’s often not worth it, I don’t think.

    Eg Saturday we drove 35km to MIL, dropped kids, drove to Rosebank, watched a movie and had supper, drove back to Rosebank, collected kids, and drove 35 kms again home. All this in 5 hours.

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