What are your top 5 pieces of clothing

1 February , 2016


Mmm…well I should probably mention I value comfort way more than being fashionable. And if you’ve ever met me in person, you’d already know that.

Okay top 5 – here goes:

1. Proper underwear
2. Jeans/slacks
3. T-shirts/blouses
4. Comfy shoes that don’t make my feet look like clown feet
5. A few nice dresses for the odd occasion that I decide to wear one

That’s more or less my whole cupboard then.

Oh and a nice jacket/coat for winter.

All my things have to “go together”. You’ll never find me tipping out everything trying to come up with the perfect match. I dress from the left. Most left pants with most left top and ta-da, ready!

I have loads of shoes too…but I almost always end up wearing the most comfortable pair.


These are not them.



  1. Ha!

    My 5 favourite pieces (in case you were wondering) are my old, ugly corduroy navy blue takkies that have walked all over with me/ blue Reebok sandals (depending on the season), my purple winter jacket (you remember this one as you saw me in it a lot in town), my pink and grey infinity scarf, my grey short-sleeved t-shirt and my orangey skirt. A random collection but there it is.

    Hey, I might steal this idea and do it on my blog, with pics!

    • Go for it! I was going to take pics too, but they didn’t come out nice so I left it. On 01 Feb 2016 8:18 PM, “123 Blog Myself” wrote:


  2. Oh yes…I am also built for comfort. My favourite pieces are my flat froggy shoes, my jeans, pretty femine blouses and of course pretty underwear.

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