What do you lie about?

25 January , 2016


Not much really. I’m about as subtle as a sledge hammer at times.

When I’m not okay, and someone asks me if I am…I do sometimes lie about that.

Other than that I actually find it pretty hard to lie. It’s just not me.

Even when the kids ask me if Santa/The tooth fairy/The easter bunny is real, I kind of go in the direction, “Well, I haven’t actually seen him/her, but there certainly is a lot of gifts/money/easter eggs. What do you think? Is he/she real?”. Even that makes me feel a bit uncomfortable…

What do you lie about?



  1. I do find that Santa etc thing hard too

  2. I cannot lie…really, I have tried…but I turn as red as a tomato…so now I tell the truth even if it gets me into trouble.

  3. Ha ha ha ha I can lie if I have to but usually for fun things. Like if my sister wants something really bad and I find it, I will tell her I couldn’t find it or the shops have run out 🙂 🙂

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