What do you consider to be your greatest achievement?

18 January , 2016


Mmm…mmmm…this is a tricky one to answer. I have a few things I’m quite proud of doing, or getting up again after it did me…

By far of course, I’m quite proud of Nicola and of what an amazing little girl she turning out to be. That’s not really my achievement though, is it? She’s her own little person. I’ll own my contribution to that though. I feel quite chuffed with my mothering skills (on most days…some days I think I suck at it).

I’m also quite proud of myself for making the jump from a very toxic working environment last year. My new secret place is awesome and so far I’m having a blast! The old place, or actually one person at the old place, turned me into a bit of a basket case for a bit. Drawing a line in the sand was the very best thing I could have ever done for myself and my family and loved ones all stood by me and not even once questioned my need to do it. I held out a very long time, in a place that employment agencies generally labeled as soul destroying.

What’s your biggest achievement?



  1. Wow! So glad you are going to blog regularly again! Actually surviving with some sort of sanity the first 3 years of the twins’ lives is a major achievement for me

  2. 1) surviving infertility
    2) surviving my toxic place (this is actually number 1)
    3) surviving the first 10 months of K and C’s life with all those wake-ups every night

    I completely agree with you – your walking away from that situation was brave and completely right and a wonderful achievement


  3. My biggest achievements is stepping out in faith in 1998 and starting the Mission. We didn’t have a clue what we were doing or how to do it. We just knew that the Lord called and we had to be obedient. I am in awe of what has grown out of our obedience and what the Lord has done. Seeing people who had no hope to begin with rehabilitated and flourishing is a blessing and a delight. We are so honoured to be in a place that is fulling and enriching our lives.

  4. I can’t point to one thing as my great achievement, need to think about this because I’m sure I have achieved at least one thing noteworthy

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