Odin’s dirty diaper

20 October , 2015


Well, that’s what Nicola has named the smell coming out of the lush green swamp (usually a smallish river when we’re not in the middle of a never ending heat wave), two walls over from us.

Put on your dancing shoes and do a little rain dance please. That strip of stagnant water needs a proper flush!




  1. We usually have to close our windows driving past there! It is disgusting!

  2. Lovely to see some blogging! We all desperately need some rain

  3. Haai daar…jy is so stil deesdae!!! Oppas vir muskiete van daardie stilstaande water. xx

  4. EEEEWWW! Also Hahahahaahaaa! That child of yours is hilarious! 😀

  5. Poor Odin 😆

    The pink terrorist never ceases to make me laugh

  6. Jiggg … Hou van jou tuinhoekie op die foto. Lyk of dit lekker is om daar te sit.
    Ja – die reën moet nou haastig kom … ter wille van ons almal.

  7. We have a similar green strip running through the middle of our suburb, and I only have to drive over it not live next to it.

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