So sweet…this is 5 (and a half)

29 July , 2015


Yesterday I received a letter from the school about a cancer awareness day they will be having in August. They are going to sell bandannas, have some sort of word they’ll use for a coin-pledge, and there will be a wall of remembrance where you can stick photos, drawings or letters of loved ones that you’ve lost through cancer. They also sent through the proposed topics that they will be discussing with the children.

I quite like the idea, but I thought if would probably be a good idea to prep Nicola for the event, so that she known what to expect. I explained to her the day and the coins and more or less what cancer is and that there are different sorts…when we got to the bit about the wall and what it will be used for she pipes up with:

“Mamma, Oom Ben het kanker gehad, ne?” (Mommy, Uncle Ben had cancer didn’t he?)

“Ja Nicola, hy het. Hy het kolon kanker gehad. Weet jy wat ‘n kolon is?” (Yes Nicola, he did. He had colon cancer. Do you know what a colon is?) (followed by a bit on an explanantion from me)

“Ek sal ‘n prentjie van Oom Ben teken vir die muur.” (I’ll draw a picture of Uncle Ben for the wall)

“Mamma, weet jy…ek dink Nala is ook dood.” (Mommy, do you know…I think Nala also died) (a dog my folk my folks had a few years ago that had to be put down. Nicola was too young for the whole stare death in the face discussions – I felt – so we told her that Nala went to the Vet and they couldn’t fix her legs so they put her asleep, but that she wouldn’t be waking up)

“Ja Nicola, ek dink sy is.” (Yes Nicola, I think she is.)

“Watse blerrie veearts het ons haar na toe gevat anyway?! Hulle was veronderstel om haar beentjie reg te maak.” (What bloody vet did we take her too anyway?! They were supposed to fix her lille leg)

“Ek is nie seker nie Nicola” (I’m not sure Nicola)

“Dink jy Oom Ben en Nala speel nou saam in die hemel?” (Do you think Nala and Uncle Ben are playing together in heaven?)

“Miskien, ja…” (Maybe, yes…)

“Ek dink as hulle kan golf speel in die hemel, speel Oom Ben seker golf. Miskien kan Nala sy balle vir hom gaan haal?” (I think if they have golf in heaven, then Uncle Ben is probably playing golf. Maybe Nala can fetch his balls for him?)

“Mamma, in die hemel – moet mens elke dag skoon klere aantrek? Het hulle warm pajamas in die hemel ook? Dink jy Oom Ben het warm pajamas daar?” (Mommy, in heaven – do you have to put on clean clothes each day? Do they have warm pajamas in heaven? Do you think Uncle Ben has warm pajamas there?)

“Ek het regtig nie ‘n idea nie Nicola.” (I really don’t know Nicola)

“En Mamma! Weet jy? Ek het gister gebid vir die Here.” (And do you know Mommy, I prayed to God yesterday.)

“Dis mooi my liefie. Wat het jy gebid?” (That’s good my love. What did you pray?)

“Ek het gebid dat hy moet kom en die duiwel doodmaak sodat daai ou nie in mense se harte kan kom en hulle laat lelike en stoute goed doen nie.” (I prayed that he must come and kill the devil, so that that guy can’t get into people’s hearts and make them do ugly or naughty things)

Aaaawe sweet…isn’t she just adorable?!

I am so glad this little miracle is mine. 😀



  1. Smart girl 🙂 What vet indeed! She is just making sure to never take Polka there – haha.

  2. Soveel wysheid van so ‘n jong kind. Jy maak haar regtig mooi groot 😀

  3. 🙂 That kid of yours is just unbelievably cute!

  4. Pragtige prinses! Mal oor haar denkwyse

    • What does “denkwyse” mean?

      She is SUPER adorable. More to the point, how do you remember this whole conversation???? Or are my brains fried?

      • Denkwyse – the way she thinks – mindset is not 100% bt maybe 90 % there

  5. Out of the mouths of babes hey…

  6. So sweet!

  7. bless her, it’s amazing how children’s minds work

  8. Aw how precious is she! “Watse blerrie veearts…” nogal!

  9. Smart girl!! Gotta love kids.

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