A couple of firsts

4 May , 2015


I finally got to hold the little man…awe…isn’t he cute?




And Nicola lost her first tooth!

The permanent tooth underneath was definitely ready to show up. The very next morning the little white points could already be seen poking through the gums.

Nicola accidentally pulled her tooth opening up a water bottle. There was a bit more blood than she was anticipating I gather, because the tears were huge. After she calmed down a bit and we rinsed her mouth with some cold water, she perked right up and proudly displayed the scene of the crime to anyone who wanted to see.


Shame, it does look a bit sore, doesn’t it?


The little culprit I’ve been keeping a cash float for, for aaaaages!


I printed out some stationery with the toothe fairy in the one corner and the tooth mouse in the other (cover all your bases) and my parents kindly left it out with the money I sent (Nicola arranged a sleep over for herself at Ouma and Oupa’s house just before this happened).

You cannot believe the levels of excitement! My mom said she hardly slept at all, waiting up for the tooth collectors.

This picture above is what she decided to buy with her tooth money. A fishy for the tank. Apparently his name is Sunshine…coming from a little mouth with a missing tooth it’s more like Shunshine though – so cute!


I’d like to say this photo was taken just before Nicola bothered to pick up her own Lego for the first time, but sadly i am still waiting for that particular first to happen. πŸ˜‰

I do like the photo though…and the lego is safely back in toy jail after i had to pick it up for the third time that day.



  1. Love this blog…

  2. If the top tooth was ready I bet the bottom middle two has been ready for a long time. They generally come out first – so give them a wiggle too.

    • We’re now down two…one top, one bottom. I read somewhere they go more or less in the sequence they arrived.

  3. I thought it’s in the order the kids got their teeth? When did it fall out? You know Connor’s was on Sat, and another friend (Se7en)’s little guy also lost a tooth on Sat πŸ™‚ Some tooth fairy is looking for teeth!!!

    The little dude is TOOOOOO sweet! (getting broody?)

    • Maybe a little bit broody…lol…but remember that I now sort of have 3! Steve’s not broody at all, haha.

  4. Aww, what a cute little guy!
    Also, YAY for tooth fairy visits! πŸ˜€
    And here’s hoping for the picking up of Lego, one day!

    • The lego will only ever get picked up by me I suspect…

  5. I just can’t handle this tooth business! Ick! Between the two ladies we have three wigglers. Thankfully they aren’t big on playing with them but I’m still anxious. I think I have the only kids who still have all their baby teeth!

    • And is the little one finally well?!

      • He’s doing great now, thanks!

    • Nicola is a lot more squimish about it than I ever was haha…good luck!

  6. He is so beautiful! Hope he is perfectly ok now?

    And I love Nicola arranging dates with Ouma and Oupa that is so sweet. Lucky girl! Ha ha ha on the tooth fair and tooth mouse. Smart move mommy.

    The toy jail is such a cute idea! I’m already teaching K to pick up after herself. Hopefully there will be no toy jail here for a while to come

    • He’s doing well now, thank you.

      Haha, I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you on the lack of toy jail. πŸ˜‰

  7. who does the little baby belong to? love Nicola saying Shunshine….lol

    • He’s my brother’s little one. πŸ™‚

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