Marshmallow’s baby shower

16 March , 2015


I am behind on posting, again…oops! Oh well *shrug*

So last weekend was R & K’s baby shower for baby R. I’ll let the photos do most of the talking, but I think everyone who was there can agree that a good time was had by all.

Nicola picked out a whole bunch of things for Marshmallow herself, and I helped her make a special card too. She picked pirate themed stickers since they decided on a nautical themed baby room for the young man, and she wanted the following written in her card to R-baby.

“I can’t wait to see if you have hair!” and “Don’t hurt your mommy when you come out!” Love, Nicola. Hahaha! From the first moment that she found out R & K were having a baby she has been asking about the hair, so no surprise there – and the second one i though was just very sweet of her in general.

I hope they hang on to that card, it’s a special one! 😉


Ever heard of a diaper cake? Well, someone made them a diaper baby! It doesn’t really show all that well in the photo, but it’s pretty realistic in size and shape! So cute.


We decorated a bit…


All aboard!


Nicola was a very eager little helper when it came to the opening of the presents. She is so excited about this baby, you just don’t know the half of it!

No one must even consider going to the shops or buying a thing, unless they are buying something for him too. And she has some very strong ideas about what he needs. Just a few days ago, she gave my mom a stern talking to because he doesn’t have winter pajamas…and how is he going to sleep if he doesn’t have fluffy winter pajamas for his poor little body to keep warm?!

Too cute I tell you!


Steve got an itch to help my dad sand down the benches, and it turned into a major DIY project for all of us. The kids especially liked that they could help with screws and what-not. I got some really cute photos out of it too, so win-win all round. 🙂


Board games! I think this might be the first one Nicola plays without cheeting. I didn’t realise that she was ready for this now, because in the past she couldn’t stay interested long enough to play one round of snakes and ladders, so I haven’t really bothered too much with it. It looks like I might have to reconsider that now, and I couldn’t be happier.

We used to play loads of these games when we were kids, and I think you actually get a lot out of it when you do it as a family.


Okay, this isn’t from the weekend…this is the playground at aftercare where Nicola is now. I just liked this photo so much, I had to share it. Remember i showed you the pace ship once before? Haha, well – Nicola tells me that she plays there now often…and then she stars singing, “We’re ah-ni-ma-niacs!” Except she leaves out the ah-ni- bit. 😉


Madam Butterfly at the office. She always, ALWAYS, has something butterfly-themed on. These nails were wow though, even for her.


Still falling asleep in the car…poor baby. I am dreading winter this year a bit. It’s going to be hard getting this little one ready to go while it’s still dark every morning.



  1. Lovely party!! Love the balloons. Nicola is getting bigger every day. Nice photos.

    • Thank you! Yip, she’s growing like a weed right now! 😉

  2. I feel as though I’ve been missing for a long time… Nicola seems to be growing at a tremendous speed… must be worrying for you, not long and you’ll have to buy her a car… I’m also dreading winter this year as it seems we will still be in Kathu and here it is either freakishly hot or damn cold… loved the cake, it is so realistic…

    • Haha @ the car…not long now at all! She’s very pleased that she’s suddenly grown big enough to go on some of the more crazy rides at goldreef city. Thank God, not the anaconda yet…I go on that, no problem – but thinking of my little baby on there turns my stomach and twists me into knots!

  3. I love that diaper baby…so cute. I hope they keep Nicola’s card…”don’t hurt mommy coming out” 😀

    • I got an update yesterday that the card has gone into a memory box, so yip – definitely keeping it! 🙂

  4. I have the perfect gift for marshmallow. when am I seeing you again???

    • love that cake!!!

    • I neeeeed to see you! Things are so crazy right now though Marcia. Can we book something for after the move perhaps?

  5. Oh wow it took me a while to realise the diaper baby was not a real baby!!! Wow!!!

    Congrats when is baby coming.

    Nicola is so sweet , and I can see her doting over her little cousin when he gets here

    • Baby marshmallow is due on the 15th of April or thereabouts – so not long now. I have advised both his parents to sleep as much as they can, and to go see movies that are not animated, because they’re looking at about 3 years until they do either of those again. 😉

      • Lol!!!

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