Voortrekkers update

23 February , 2015


I have very fond memories of going to Voortrekkers when I was a child. I mean seriously, what’s not to like?! We got to go on camps every school holiday, learn new things, get up to all sorts of mischief, and make friends for life along the way. Some of my fondest memories involve these camping trips and the people I got to know through them.

Naturally I would really like Nicola to have a chance to experience the same, so I’ve kind of strong armed her into it. Realistically I only have enough leave to almost cover one school holiday, and that will always be the December holiday since there is no aftercare in that one to take up the slack. So either I find something for her to do in the other school holidays or she will be experiencing extremely boring holidays for the next 13 years while I sit at work and she sits at aftercare during the day. In my opinion that is an awful way to spend a holiday!

The other plus point is obviously that it gives her a bit closer look at some of the cultural things and history of being Afrikaans. I got some of this out of it too, but mostly I was in it for the fun. 😉



The first few gatherings did not really blow Nicola’s hair back and she was desperately trying to wiggle her way out of it (sometimes by pretending to be a goat and eating my clothes along the way), but about 3 meetings in it looked like it’s finally starting to grow on her (thank goodness!).

Every morning she asks me if it’s Voortrekkers today…nope it’s not…only on Mondays. When a Monday rolls round she cheers enthusiastically about the fact that it’s finally a yes! I’m really relieved that she’s taken a liking to it, I am convinced that she is going to end up loving it as much as I did, if not more.



I can’t remember how many meetings in this was, but they had a loom band competition for all the kids. You have never seen so many rubber bands in one place in your life! I think this might have been the one that turned it for her, because it became a lot easier to get her there after this meeting.

Most of children in her team are from her school, and even a few in her class. I am also hoping that this will be another channel for her to make friends…and a place where she can learn HOW to make friends in future. This isn’t something I ever battled with, so I am at a bit of a loss as to help her aquire that valuable skill. (Side Note: Her teacher at school tells me that she now in fact has two main friends in class – no1, the R-boy from her previous school who is so very attached to her, and no2, another R-boy who sits next to her in class…the teacher thinks it’s all super adorable and she specifically mentioned it to me because we had the lack of friend discussion a few weeks ago).

I’m sure I’ve told you before that I only let Nicola do one extra mural a year, so I think I may have to up it to two if I’m going to be picking this one on her behalf as an ongoing thing? This year it’s still fairly straight forward though, because the silly school has decided that all the GradeR activities happen in second break at school. I think she needs to eat her sandwich and chill with her pals in that time, so subsequently I’m not letting her do any of those activities…I’m pretty firm on this point. Extra murals should be after school, and NOT in break time!

What kinds of activities do your kids do, and how many do you think is ENOUGH? How do you get round to everything? (I’m slipping away a few minutes early every Monday so that I can get her to Voortrekkers on time – there is transport available, but I have issues letting my darling daughter get in the car with any random stranger…even for three or four blocks).

Ps! Some of the peeps reading here were in Voortrekkers with me, way back when. You might get a kick out of this next bit: there is a husband and wife combo in charge of Nicola’s team. It is traditional at Voortrekkers to refer to these people as Nig and Neef. A few weeks ago the wife part of the team wasn’t there and the husband part wrangles the 12 hooligans all by himself. Nicola insists on calling him Juffrou, I chuckle in my sleeve everytime she does it! Hahaha….to his credit he responds to it every single time! 😆




  1. Oh mine love the Voortrekkers too and I also have rather fond memories. BTW in our Kommando there is no “nig and neef” crap – sommer tannie en oom. En die penkoppe en drawwertjies is ok nie sterk nie – eerder die Vlinders of die Rooikatte nav hulle spanne.Annecke gaan die jaar op haar eerste distrikskamp – en die Vasbyt kenteken doen – dis taai maar sy is vasbeslote.

    • Nicola is in dieselfde komando waar ek was, maar ek moet se^ ALLES het verander van toe af. Sheesh! Dis nogals chaos, en ek onthou dit as redelik ordelik. Maar sy geniet dit, so dis okay.

      Die kampe was altyd die beste deel van Voortrekkers!

      • As a Nig, you very quickly learn to respond to any of the following Juffrou, Nig, Tannie, Mamma… hehehe

      • Haha, I can just imagine! 🙂 On 05 Oct 2015 12:25 AM, “123 Blog Myself” wrote:


  2. I think learning about ones heratige is very important… and love the idea that Nicola is doing voortrekkers…. as for the activities during break period… no way, that break is for the child to switch off and relax….

    • Exactly the way I see it too!

  3. I gate my one friend the look when she first mentioned Voortrekkers and she was quick to reassure me that it was not as I was thinking it was….. (!)

    The loom bands will get them every time 🙂

    I also do one extra mural – my belief is kids need time to unwind more than they need to be stimulated…. so mine are doing Playball and of course I teach them photography on the weekends and we go for walks to practise 🙂

    They also swim but we are getting a bit sick of it now as it is a huge party and I’m not seeing progress!!!

    • My dad wouldn’t let me join in Gr1 because he thought it was something military…but it’s really not. Eventually we won him over and I started in Gr2, and never looked back. 🙂

  4. HahahAAAA! Juffrou! Love it! ;-P

    • Tehehe…I thought it was hilarious! 😉

  5. Aaag – dis pragtige fotos!

    • Ag baie dankie! 🙂

  6. I agree – break is for sarnies and swinging and skipping, not extra mural activities.
    I’m glad she’s liking Voortrekkers.

    • She loves it! I must say, it’s a big relief to me that she does. This is going to make school holidays much more fun for her in future.

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