Bullet points update…

20 February , 2015
  • Everything is going really well. Seriously…extremely good on almost all fronts except work. Work is a mess due to the big secret mission on the go, and the absolute chaos that goes with it.
  • Remember I had such high hopes for the new captain, and all the new kids who started here with her? Yeah…dashed is a soft word for how those hopes are doing. I could tell you so many little things about that, but I won’t, because I still enjoy getting paid every month.
  • Health wise I seem to be in a bit of a dip at the moment. I guess because of the secret place shenanigans and the stress that goes with it, my system is a bit down and now I’m catching any super bug or half plague going around. This week’s flavour has been somewhere between a flu and a pneumonia sort of thing and I can’t emphasise this enough…I am really GATVOL of coughing myself awake at all hours. It can end now please. I’ve had enough. There is a lot of thinking that I need to do about the current situation, and how best to approach it.
  • The pink terrorist is doing great at big school. She tells me that she doesn’t have any friends, so naturally I’ve been a bit concerned about that – but I spoke to both her teacher and the lady at aftercare and they both reckon that she’s doing great and perfectly socialised with all the other hooligans there. I feel a bit better about it because in the mornings when I drop her off, there are sometimes up to three different little people queuing to give her a hug, so perhaps she is just being a bit dramatic about it? The aftercare lady says that Nicola has plenty of friends, but is clearly still taking auditions for the roll of Best Friend. She doesn’t have that one special someone that she always plays with, like she used to have with L-buddy at the previous school. Shame, she also told me that one of the boys in her class, R, is from her previous school and he only wants to play with her and only wants her to play with him…and that she finds it really annoying that he’s so clingy about it. It’s funny, because it’s ironic I guess? It’s kind of what she wants, just not from him specifically. That’s life for you right there, isn’t it? We’ve just talked about it and I stressed the firm but nice approach might be best?
  • As for the man in my life, couldn’t be better! 🙂 If I write about this again it will probably go behind a password though. Or private posts…haven’t decided yet. For now, just assume that everything is going spectacularly well, unless I tell you something to the contrary. SPECTACULARLY… 😀
  • Talking about password protected posts, I’ve been meaning to write about this. Actually I have already written about it, but the WordPress app ate my ramble post a few weeks ago and you never got to read it. You will be seeing very little open posts about Nicola from here on out. The reason being that she is now in big school, and I am sure that once her peers are let loose on google, she would much rather not have big chunks of her life “out there” for anyone to read. This is not just MY story, it’s her story too, and the plan has actually always been to scale down significantly on what I share once we hit school going age (well, it was my plan – I just never told you all about it).
  • This leaves me with a bit of a predicament when it comes to this blog. You know how much I love writing here and sharing our adventures, but realistically I have to now sensor what I write about school, I have to sensor what I write about work (this isn’t new), and as for my new love…he says he doesn’t mind my blogging at all, but still – you know? On the other end of all this self imposed hushing, I still want to be able to capture the memories, to have a more or less in tact record of all the major milestones that we have, the everyday joys and frustrations of life…so I can’t NOT write about it. Writing is my thing, I NEED to do it. Blogging is the platform, but writing is the thing. Half the fun in blogging is the interaction that you have with other bloggers, so if I stick every little thing behind a password then I’m taking that completely out of the equation anyway, aren’t I?
  • It’s a pickle…I’m still not sure what to do about it. I strongly suspect this blog in a similar form that it’s been in will either go offline completely or completely private. I can’t just post about traffic to keep the gremlins off my back, if you know what I mean? How bloody boring would that be for all of us? If this was a food blog, or a fashion blog or something similar, I could stick the private ones in private and let the main topic at hand stay out there – but this is a personal blog, and if you take all the personal out of the equation then all I can leave you with is the occasional rant about service or a few inspirational quotes every now and then. Meh…I’m still thinking about it. Tell me your suggestions in the comments section if you have two cents to spare.


  1. Neee, ek gaan jou blog te baie mis! Ek lees altyd al sê ek nie altyd iets nie, maar ek verstaan 100 wat jou penarie is! Ek operate mos net onder n skuilnaam 😉

    • Ek reken jy weet PRESIES hoe ek voel! 🙂 Ek dink nog oor presies hoe ek dit gaan benader, maar dinge gaan definitief verander – dit is verseker. Verandering is ook nie altyd sleg nie, is dit?

      Hoe gaan dit met jou en jou manne? Dit voel asof ek jou al weer jare laas gesien het!

  2. Ah, I so feel your predicament! Not sure I have any suggestions, though. I’ll miss stopping by here, if you do go… x

    • Thank you MeeA…I haven’t actually decided exactly what I will do about this. I guess I better do that and get on with it either way, shouldn’t I? 😉

  3. Sorry you are ill but glad you are feeling better.

    And I’m happy things are going well with your love life

    You have to do what you have to protect your family, so if it has to become a private blog so be it, though of course I will miss all the pink terrorist shenenigans

    • Thank you my friend…if I do decide to go private I am sure going to miss you too. I will of course still be reading everyone else’s blog either way, you aren’t getting rid of me that easily!

  4. I maintain that there’s a lot of what you can say – your take on things without compromising the little one’s story. Obviously nothing embarrassing for her, etc. but parenting is still your story (or part of it).

    There’s lots to write about by the way – you are a very opinionated lady 🙂 (understatement?) and I want to engage with those thoughts!

    • Haha @ opinionated…yes too true. I am that! We’ll see Marcia, maybe I can make it work somehow. I just want you all to be aware of what’s going on if it does suddenly change…it’s definitely going to change. I’ve been blogging for almost 9 years now, it’s not an easy habit to change.

  5. YAY for the man going well.

    I can’t offer advise on the what to share predicament except to say do what feels right for you

    • Yay indeed! 😀
      Thank you…

  6. Well I’m please your love life is going well… as for the rest there is only one person that can decide what to do and that is you…. good luck with that decision… I’m at a stage where I fell compelled to stop completely for a while… or maybe for ever… and it is only I that can make that decision… tough decisions to make…

    • You are right of course…only I can make this decision. I do hope that you are not MIA forever! You are one of the genuinely NICE people in the blogosphere and I had always kind of hoped to run into you and Linda in person someday and have a cup of coffee and a face-to-face chat.

      My dad, who also reads here (but never comments), has on more than one occasion mentioned to me how much he always enjoys reading your comments because you are always so positive in your feedback. I bet you’re like that in real life too.

      If I don’t stop or go underground completely, please don’t stop popping in? 🙂

  7. Jy sit waar ek gesit het toe ek maar ‘n deel private en die res public gemaak het. Ek deel nou net wat ek dink enige een maar kan lees en nie noodwendig sal dink dis ek nie. Enigste probleem dat die privaat blog so effe aan die tweede speen suig

    • Ek het nogals aan jou gedink toe ek hierdie posts geskryf het! Ja, dis alreeds nogals uitdagend partykeer om een blog op datum te hou wanneer dinge besig raak, ek kan nogals dink dat ‘n twede een selfs meer kan wees. En dan wil jy dalk nog op altwee skryf oor dieselfde ding maar met verskillende hoeveelheded inligting…dit raak ‘n adminstratiewe nagmerrie!

      • You saw what I did with the kids? I just blog pics on the blog for the family… and then on my phone, I write (mostly) properly.

  8. You don’t have to stop blogging, but only the way you are doing it? I love coming here for updates! 😀

    • I’m testing a few ways of doing this, we’ll see what sticks.
      Thank you! 🙂

  9. Mmmm, ekself blog nou nog nie so lank, maar is ook verbaas oor die tyd wat dit inneem om so iets te onderhou, alhoewel baie lekker.
    Sterkte met jou besluite. soms dink ek ‘n sabbattyd – om net vir ‘n jaar of so te rus, kan mens dalk goed doen.

    • Die langste wat ek nog gerus het was ‘n bietjie meer as ‘n maand – maar jy’s reg! Dit doen mens partykeer wonders.

  10. You must give me a call regarding secret place!

    • Crazy, right? O_o

  11. Ooh a love interest? I am so behind on the news!
    I had to make many of my blog posts about my knucklehead private when he and his friends and potential employers started Googling him. It made me sad because my blog was about parenting him, and not being able to write about parenting him has pretty much brought my blog to a standstill…

    • It’s so strange not being able to just post whatever I feel like…but I figure that before Nicola, this blog was about a whole bunch of other things, and now that her updates are private I’m sure it will change again…just like I do.

      Lol…yes, a love interest. He’s amazing Angel, I am extremely happy. 😀

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