Saturday Snapshots

13 December , 2014

This one’s for Marcia:


Someone’s cup runneth over. I thought this was much prettier than the lady whose cup it was.


This was the run up to the most spectacular storm this week. I am CUMULONIMBUS…hear me ROAR!


The prettiest thing around when there’s load shedding.


Little succulents at the botanical garden today.


Okay…granted, this one gets a lot of people snapping, but I have many many versions of this photo and I still can’t help but take another one when I see it.



  1. Will definitely do a Botanicals Gardens very soon!

    • We love it there! I really must make it a more regular thing. On 14 Dec 2014 9:09 PM, “123 Blog Myself” wrote:


  2. Succulents! Yay!

    I loathe generators. Nothing like a hum of 40 or so to keep you up at night, if the smell of the gas doesn’t get you first!

    • I can imagine 40 of them must make quite a racket! Some people here have them, but you’d battle to round up that many in one area. On 15 Dec 2014 11:25 PM, “123 Blog Myself” wrote:


  3. aha, so that’s what a generator looks like! I’m thinking about it because I read there were only 4 load-shedding FREE days in Feb and March is just a bit better!

    thanks for playing!!!

    • This one is a smallish one, I saw one on a truck last week that took up an entire truck! On 20 Dec 2014 9:19 PM, “123 Blog Myself” wrote:


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