The long and mostly short of the last week…

21 October , 2014


We’d been plotting a special surprise for one of the secret agents in our team…and then he happened to have a birthday, so it was as good an excuse as any. 😉

He obviously didn’t see it coming which is why I approached the gift like it might be pandora’s box haha!


Reading the card…


He’s rather well known for this phrase, it also happens to annoy the hell out of someone who annoys the hell out of me. 😉 Win-win!


Nicola, gardening with a golf club…as you do.


Pop of colour!

The gate had to be upgraded over the weekend (Thanks Dad!), because Polka accidentally realised she could jump through the middle panel.


Yay! Something we planted that wasn’t ripped out.


Super moody skies…


Do you see that ray of light? I’d like to think someone took that as a message.


Very pretty rainbow. You can’t see it on the photo clearly, but it was one of those where you could actually see all 7 colours.


Polka loves roadtrips!


How odd was that sand storm?! Not the best photo out there, but this is what it looked like from our place.


This is what it looked like from Bloemfontein. Thanks random internet person, whose photo I pinched. 😉


Very bestest cuddle buddies in the mornings.


Nicola just being super cute as always.


Summer round here means lots of ice cream.


And we enjoy every last bit… 🙂


Snooze piccie. Once those eyes open there’s no more peace and or quiet for the rest of the day.


Baking chocolate cake with Ouma.


Quality check…


Who says you can’t lick your elbow?


Finally! The big reveal. We’ve been sitting on this big news for almost 10 weeks!

I am very excited to be an aunt. 🙂


If we’re writing on balloons, Nicola wants in on the action.


Showing off her new sparkly pink bag to her friends. Everyone wants one! (Thanks Ouma!).


Nicola picked a mint for the kitchen. It really is great to have a garden. 🙂

Studying is going well…but on and on…
Work is full of cloak and dagger games…but mostly okay, and almost always interesting!
We are off to the dentist on Friday…it’s not going to be as peaceful as the last visit because it looks like Nicola has a cavity…
So very very broke…how the hell is there still a week left of this month till we get to payday?!


  1. N is SO BIG! Like seriously?!

    • I know, right?! It happens in the blink of an eye…

  2. wow firstly I was about to ask where the rainbow was then zoomed my screen and saw it… lol… you have ice cream all summer…. can I come and live there.???… specially if you’re allowed to lick the bowl, My wife frowns upon that at home, so I have to do it when she’s not looking…. how often does Mom bake chocolate cake.??? another reason for me asking to come and live there… and glad to hear the studying is going well….

    • You can come and have ice cream or cake here any time haha! I probably won’t win any mothering awards in the table manners category…but I’m pretty confident that I’m teaching the “How to find joy in anything” bit fairley well. 😉

      My mom doesn’t bake chocolate cake all that often. Mostly when she bakes cupcakes they’re orange flavoured…and the other favourites in her arsenal are milktart and cheese cake…ooh also her apple crumble is absolutely amazing!

      • Keep on like that about Moms baking and I’ll move in by her…. why is your Dad not twice the size he is?

      • He’s very busy…can’t sit still for more than 15 minutes at a time. 😉

        There is a very funny story about a peppermint crisp tart…the one thing my mom doesn’t make anymore. I can’t remember if I ever blogged it. I’ll have a look-see and share the link if I have. On 22 Oct 2014 12:42 PM, “123 Blog Myself” wrote:


      • Mmm…it looks like that particular story is older than my blog!

        I’ll have to remedy that. 🙂 On 22 Oct 2014 12:42 PM, “123 Blog Myself” wrote:


  3. Love this little bits of news type post. And wow, great news – Nicola is going to love it too! (we hope)

    • She’s very excited…but she’s also a bit nervous. The thing she is most curious about is whether or not this baby will have hair once he/she arrives!

      There was a very cute moment between her and my mom the other day regarding the baby. I’ll share that in another post soon. 😉

  4. you are amazing with the studying!!! so impressed!

    • Haha…me too actually! 😛

  5. The t-shirt is a great idea! 😉

    • It has the makings of becoming the new “thing” here. Two colleagues are leaving at the end of the month, and one of them is definitely getting a T-shirt along with his card. 😀

  6. Of course a princess has to work in her pink tutu!! How cute. Love it!!!

    Licking the bowl is K’s way of telling me she loves what she is eating. And usually that happens when she has fruits! Win!!!

    Good luck with all the studying, adult education is not for the weak

    • She loves, loves, LOVES that tutu! It’s actually a bit on the big side for her but it’ll have to stay that way because she won’t let it go back to my mom’s for alterations.

      Awe sweet…what is her favourite fruit?

      Thank you – I need all the luck I can get!

      • Apples, pears, any citrus and prunes. Recently she started eating bananas again and today she had grapes Which she liked.. She refuses to eat watermelon though, purses her mouth, shakes her head and looks away each time I’ve tried to give her watermelon!

      • That’s quite a good variety! Don’t worry about the watermelon…she’ll grow into it. Nicola also hated that at first and now she LOVES it. On 22 Oct 2014 5:57 PM, “123 Blog Myself” wrote:


  7. […] « The long and mostly short of the last week… […]

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