Living in interesting times

6 October , 2014

Caught this driving in to work one morning – I’m more a close ups of leaves and gazillion photos of my loved ones type of photo taker, but it was pretty with the clouds and the light and the sky line the way it was. This stretch of road is what I like to think of as the final gauntlet of taxis before I get to the office. Drive it, and you will constantly be amazed and how very little people are bothered by the K53 or general rules of common sense and personal safety.

I guess you could say it makes you grateful to be alive in a way… 😉


Cloud gazing…


Gazed clouds from previous photo. Nicola of course thinks it’s hilarious that you can see a cloud burst if you look in the right spot.


If you’re my fb buddy, you may have seen this already. Polka went for a parlour visit on Saturday. This is what the parlour calls a cowboy cut. I thought it was a schnauzer cut, but to clear up confusion I showed the manager a photo of more or less what I had in mind and this is what we ended up with. Too cute!

Oh, I have to tell you this: Nicola has picked up some Sotho at school, and when she moans at Polka for chewing something this is her language of choice. I don’t think Polka understands, although she might pick up on the sentiment expressed. I know I don’t understand most of it, but I do pick up a word here and there. She let rip with something-something, wena. I get the wena bit…means you. so I asked her what she was saying. She reckons she was telling Polka to stop. That’s not what I suspected she was saying, so I asked my dad to translate (he is somewhat fluent in it). It really meant I am going to hit you, which I guess implies the stop command – hahaha! The origin of this phrase appears to be one of the Teaching assistants at school, who didn’t realise she was giving Sotho lessons too – but who does now. 😉

She’s definitely got an ear for languages, this pink terrorist. Sunday night when we said goodbye to my folks, she wished my dad ” Bonsoir!”


Nicola wants in on the photo op.


Ouma bought Nicola this skirt and she LOVES it! Of course when you wear something like this, you have to dance everywhere you go. 😉


Pensive in pink…


We managed to work in a couple of quality naps over the weekend. We are all so very tired. Must be this time of the year, right?


We were robbed (or surprise landscaped if you want to be polite) over the weekend.

Whilst we were out and about on Saturday the land-people came in unanounced and ripped out half the plants in the garden, including some new mini agapanthus plants I got as a gift from my dad a week ago. In their wake they left a few bunches of wild irises – which I loathe. There used to be two giant lavender bushes, three rose bushes and my agapanthus plants here. Grrr…

I threw a hissy fit of note Sunday morning after someone sent me a message to water the new plants. Calling me uninpressed would be the understatement of the year! My contract clearly stipulates that the flower beds are my problem intil I move out, which I pointed out…and you know, a phone call before would also have gone down a treat. The best was Sunday morning when one of the culprits came over, sort of expecting a thank you I gather. Yeah well, that didn’t go exactly as planned, ha! I would be very surprised if any surprise landscapers popped in again until we move.

I feel so angry and violated – a.k.a spitting mad  about this. I believe the time has definitely come for me to own instead of rent, once this contract is up.

Nicola is also very upset, and she wants me to set a trap to catch the plant thief – once we catch this scallywag she wants me to call the police. Also anything that can’t be found in the house, like a doll that was dragged under the bed for Polka chewing for instance, is now attributed to thrieves by Nicola. “Mom, I can’t fid my…(whatever). Do you think someone came in and stole it while we were gone?”


It’s the season of Thunderstorms! Whoo-hoo! My favourite kind. This prediction/forecast was a bit premature though. At the time when I took it there was not even a wisp of a cloud in sight anywhere – but I like their enthusiasm 😉


 The biggest news of the past week has to be secret place news though. Obviously I can’t get into detail, but let’s just say I was grinning from ear to ear Friday night. Ear.to.ear. I tell you! 😀 If I could do cartwheels, I’d be doing them all over the place.



  1. The last paragraph of this post has me begging to know more… come on share a little with us…

    • I can’t blog it, or I would. *grins* 😉 On 06 Oct 2014 1:19 PM, “123 Blog Myself” wrote:


  2. Oh, to have been a fly on the wall when the garden/landscaping discussion happened! Is there any way you can get your gift agapanthus back? What was the response when you were (obviously) less than thrilled about the whole thing?

    • No…they threw it away. 😦 I would say the reaction was complete and utter bewilderment. And someone was in my garden again yesterday to water the offensive wild irises…grrr. On 06 Oct 2014 3:46 PM, “123 Blog Myself” wrote:


  3. oh for the love… how can you leave us hanging like that? best you email me, Missy 🙂

    Love your Sotho/ French-speaking little terrorist.

    The flowers would have made me SO MAD too!!!

    • I am tickled pink about Nicola’s skills with languages. It’s a great sign of things to come I think. 🙂

      I am pretty furious about the plants, but other than stomping my feet and letting rip there’s not a helluva lot I can do about it. On 06 Oct 2014 8:09 PM, “123 Blog Myself” wrote:


  4. Oh I would love to know the news – just happy you are so very happy. And it is the time of year – we are all very very tired.

    • It’s not called the silly season for nothing, right? 😉 On 07 Oct 2014 3:37 PM, “123 Blog Myself” wrote:


  5. Happiness re the workplace! And I can’t believe they RDPed your plants – they were beautiful!!!

    • I also thought it was rather rude…anyhoo, they’ve steered well clear of me this week. Grrr…

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