There are some STRANGE cats “out there”

29 August , 2014


Every now and then I toy with the idea of online dating…yip…Sooooo not doing that again!

In what world is it acceptable to send a random stranger who definitely knows someone that you know in real life (the app pulls friends in common info off facebook), video clips of you jacking off in front of a full length mirror?! Two hi,-how-are-yous into the conversation?!

Dude! I don’t even know what your favourite colour is yet? No one can accuse me of being a prude – but seriously, that is NOT my idea of a good time. What an idiot. I hope no one ever tries to talk to him when he goes to buy groceries. Two greetings in and he’s going to whip out his junk for a clean-up in aisle 3!

After I’ve blocked him everywhere, changed my profile pic to a scorched earth image, and on second thought actually just went ahead and deleted the whole profile and app just to be more apart from that behaviour…I let our common friend know what kind of sexual deviant he’s acquainted with, and cautioned him to tell his weirdo to go see a doctor because it looks like he has a nasty rash on his nethers.

Excuse me now – going back to my corner to hide from all these kinds of creeps. I’m not dating ever again. You can’t make me. In any event, I seem to be catnip for strange, so it’s probably better if I just don’t even bother.

What the fuck is wrong with some people?!



  1. WHAT. WOW! *nowords*

    • I know right? O_o

  2. Oh gosh, I never want to date again . It’s a scary world out there

    • It’s odd, that’s for sure… 😦

  3. oh my word. that is all. Is he well?!

    it is indeed a strange world out there!

    • I think it’s safe to say that he is very UNwell…

  4. Oh my word…I actually snorted. When we were in CT we were entertained one night by a 50 something woman who started dating online. Scary messed up stuff. I laughed so much that night and told the woman to start a blog about her adventures. Will link you when she starts.

    • Thank you, I’d love to read that! 🙂

  5. Bwhahahahaha! You probably should have degraded him a little before you left him hanging. HAHA! I’m sorry this happened but it is pretty entertaining for the rest of us, so thank you for that!

    • Hahaha, he wasn’t exactly hanging when I left him. 😛
      This is why I decided to tell you all about it, so you could laugh and shake your heads with me.


    • Right?! Right?! My thoughts exactly…

  7. No way!!!!! Sounds awful? Sorry about that

    • It takes all kinds I suppose, what luck that I never ended up meeting him face to face I guess?

  8. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry! I met my husband online though after going through a few frogs, don’t give up.

    • Laugh…definitely laugh – I am! 😆
      See, now that’s what I like to hear. I actually know quite a few people who met their significant others through online dating, doesn’t look like it’s my game though.

  9. Gross!
    I would totally have made jokes about the size of his package! 😛

    • Haha…maybe I should have. On 01 Sep 2014 10:52 AM, “123 Blog Myself” wrote:


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