Practically Post-Plague Catch-Up Post

18 August , 2014


Nicola surprised the heck out of me this past week when she all of a sardine wrote her own name on a piece of paper! I didn’t have a clue that she could actually do this – very impressed. We didn’t have a gradual progression of illegible letters and then eventually end up on this either…last week she was still making zig-zags in a “letter”, and this week she’s writing! I cann’t wait for her to properly start reading – I think she’s going to get a real kick out of that. 🙂


So I am still with flu, in case you were wondering…

Feeling about 1000 X better than last week, but on a scale of the pits to absolutely fantastic, I’m still hovering on the pits end of the spectrum. I just keep telling myself that every day gets a bit better…and mostly I believe myself too! 😉

I had the pleasure of meeting a new doctor at my local medicross last week. What an odd little man, although I’d say a fairly decent doctor at least. Local humour doesn’t translate well when you’re from Iran. He got real nervous when I told him I had the plague for instance. In retrospect probably not the best joke to crack when there’s a world wide Ebola scare on the go – I concede.

He gave me a prescription for meds that I have never had before (which actually should tell you a lot, because I’ve had plenty) and even walked me to the pharmacy to make sure that I either got what he prescribed or in the case of the cough syrup he went through their inventory finding me a suitable replacement.

He said (amongst other things) that I wasn’t allowed to drink cold things, or eat solid food for two days at least – or I’d end up with gastro on top of everything else…I have now established that my tolerance for chicken soup is about three bowls in a row. After that I really have had enough of liquid food – consequences be damned (of which I seem to have missed out on this round, thank goodness).

He also gave me these little blue jobbies to help me sleep at night, because I told him I tried some over the counter meds and my cousin had told me about the Benylin two-step, so I tried that to see if it could be helpful in sleeping because I keep coughing myself awake. Rotten luck, because I somehow managed to pick the only bottle with no alcohol in it, so that has been totally useless. Anyway, these blue pills of his feel like elephant tranquilisers! I had one the first night (Thursday) and I feel like I haven’t properly woken up since then…not having anymore of THOSE, haha…and I’m actually supposed to take two every night!

I am rocking a very husky version of my actual voice at the moment. It’s…interesting. I’d talk to myself all day long if it didn’t hurt my throat so much. 😉

I am sincerely hoping that once I kick this particular flu’s butt, that I will be sniffle and cough free until at least the end of the year. Change of season plagues are the worst!


I woke up briefly on Friday to take a phone call, and felt something warm and fluffy on my back. Polka has really been enjoying the extra time I spent at home this week!

Just before picking Nicola up from school, I popped in at R&K’s to drop off their hard drive – and we did a few video clips for K’s wedding dress business (this is for people who want to mail in their own measurements, but aren’t sure what the term bust, or hollow-to-hem means). It went very well, until I cracked one little joke about slapping of wrists and a teapot…after that we had a whole lot of retakes because either K or myself would just burts out laughing before we could get the take properly. It wasn’t even that funny really, but we just couldn’t stop laughing. Does that ever happen to you? Hehehe…we got it done eventually, and I really enjoyed the laugh!


Nicola decided that I would probably feel a lot better if I got dolled up (over the weekend). I woke up to her putting many shades of eye shadow on me and a play ring for every finger I have. You know what…I did actually feel a bit better, but I think I forgot to wipe off the worst of it before we went out, because the vet gave me an odd look (not the hot vet this time).


Poor Polka. Saturday morning when I woke up, I saw that she wasn’t quite herself and then later found a trail of blood spots all over. Upon investigation it seems that she must have snagged a nail against something somewhere during the night (because she was fine on Friday). She half tore the poor nail out and was clearly in a lot of pain. The vet had to pull the nail (she says it will grow back eventually), and Polka has her own bag of meds to take. The bandage can come off tomorrow.

I was a bit worried about making her take the pills, but I needn’t have worried. I just put them in the bowl with her pellets and she eats them with no fuss whatsoever. The pain killers really knocks her out, poor baby.

Gosh, I hope this is not going to be a regular thing – I’m still not sure where she managed to get that nail snagged like that. R500 to have A nail pulled in case you were wondering! It’s not the kind of thing that you can just leave though. If it picks up an infection it can be very serious on a tiny doggy like Polka.


Being mothered by Nicola after her bad ouchy. This includes having her face wiped with this doily for some reason – hahaha.


By Sunday she had stopped trying to shake off the bandage. She can still get round pretty well, even jump couches if no one is looking…but she’s not above playing the sympathy card hahaha. In the mornings she hobbles over to the stairs and then gives me “the face”, so I end up carrying her up and down so that she can follow me around while I do laundry, take a bath or make some coffee.

Isn’t this just the cutest photo of Nicola and Polka?



I’m seeing a bit of green around. Still officially 14 days till Spring Day, but it’s definitely heading in the right direction. 😀

We had the most awesome storm Saturday night. Thunder! Lightning! Soft rain! I loved every second of it. Nicola and Polka did not. They both jumped on top of me, which made breathing a bit of a challenge since I was already having trouble with that to begin with, but the snuggles were superb, and once they both fell asleep I could manouvre them a bit to take the pressure off my chest at least.


My cousin is up from Richard’s Bay at the moment so we had a family braai on Sunday. I’m glad I dragged my sorry self out of bed to join in the fun. Somehow I managed to get a speck of ash (haha, thank goodness I decided to read through before hitting post, this very nearly said a speck of ass!)  in my eye along the way, but after irritating the hell out of me all afternoon, it finally sorted itself out later and the rest of the afternoon was just lovely.

We had the get together at his younger brother’s house. My first visit there. I covet his dining room table and chairs – big time! One day when i grow up and have an actual dining room, I must have it, or something very similar at least.




Nicola doing a dance on Oupa’s neck! I have a whole string of photos, but these are my favourites.


Haha,  saw this at Nicola’s school this morning…on the bathroom door. It’s missing something – looks like there is no I in TO LET hey? I don’t actually know why they bothered with the name on the outside anyway, most of the patrons can’t read.

It feels like I still had something else I wanted to tell you, but for the life of me I just can’t remember what. It’ll come to me eventually…I’m sure of it. How was your weekend? How is this fine Monday morning treating you so far? Tell me of something semi-energetic you did recently, I am just not feeling it at all! Just keeping my eyes open feels like a big ask at the moment.

A very big ask…*yawn*



  1. i love that pic of Nicola and Polka. Also, so glad it wasn’t Hot Vet who saw you. What do you think? Could there be something there???? Wow – R500 for a nail?!

    I really want you to be 100s! It’s NO FUN being even slightly under the weather with littles around – they just know how to press buttons.

    Also, 14 days???? I better get in my last few winter photowalks. I LOVED the grey weather on Sat but we were genuinely too busy for a photo walk.

    Energetic? No. I’ve been moving verrrrry slowly due to the headaches although I made it to Spanish plus two gym classes, so that’s the extent of it for me, unless you mean energetically drinking tea 🙂


    • Nope, not hot vet this time – haha, no Marcia…but I can still look, right? 😉

      Spanish is plenty energetic if you ask me, even more so if you did it with a headache!

  2. Ai I really hope you are 100% very very soon my friend and the pic of your two littlies is adorable.

    Energetic? Well I did find the energy to test my new camera out a lot. Does that count?

    • Yes! It most certainly does. 🙂

  3. Sorry you’re feeling like crap – glad you’re getting better!
    Some very nice photos in this post!

    • Thank you 😀

  4. Sometimes, laughter really is the best medicine, no?

    • I totally agree.

  5. Oh no, sorry you’ve been down! And Polka better not need another nail or anything fixed again pretty soon (or forever)
    Hope you are back to good health pretty quickly

    Well done N, she let mommy know she is a smartie! Wonder what else she can write.

    Energetic – I did a 8.6km walk on Saturday and it was fantastic! I did 0.84km today and I’m suffering because of it, was sunny and ended up with a headache 😦

    • Thank you!

      Well, that settles it. You are by far the most energetic of my readers. 😉

  6. Love the photo of the dog on your back. I hope by today you are feeling a whole lot better?

    • I still wasn’t feeling 100% most of last week, but well enough to get on with every day normal things at least. My voice returned by this last weekend at least and I’m feeling MUCH better now thanks.

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