I tuna you this…

30 July , 2014

(This is the next instalment in the tantrum chronicles)

So, last night I made chicken and veg for dinner. No big whoop. something we eat fairly often. Usually one of Nicola’s favourites. Safe bet…uhm, not so much.

Just as I’m about to dish up, the pink terrorist tells me that she actually wants tuna for dinner. I said no of course, I had already cooked something else. FULL SCALE PANDEMONIUM! Well, I said that if she finishes all her dinner that I’ve already cooked, and she’s still hungry – then I’ll think about giving her some tuna. She told me that I was ruining her life! Hahaha, now you know how to do that…it’s not all in the wrist, it’s all about the tuna.

Anyhoo, she went on a sort of short-lived hunger strike – hoping to crack my no tuna before dinner decree, which failed of course. I calmly sat and had my own dinner and told her that until she ate the food I made there would be no other food for her in this house. (My mom is chuckling about this one because my brother once stared down a steak for three days solid before she cracked). I will admit that I had a glass of wine with my dinner instead of the usual fruit juice – but it was in a plastic cup, so it doesn’t count right?

One hour later, after establishing that I was indeed serious, she sat there eating every last bite of the food while glaring at me and reminding that I am ruining her life with chicken instead of tuna (it is extremely hard to keep a straight face for a conversation like that!). Oh the drama…the MELOdrama! (I could very easily imagine a life for my daughter on stage one day). I just reminded her that in this very country there are many children who have no dinner whatsoever, and that it’s pretty much just bloody ungrateful to moan about chicken that way when other people have nothing (my dad will probably have a giggle at this one, because at more or less the same age – probably a few years older – he once told me that I had eat all my food because kids in Ethiopia had no food and I was wasting it…I told him to mail it to them because I was full).

In the end she finished her meal, reluctantly but every bite…I made her some tuna…which she ate just to prove a point to me I guess (there is no way that she could still have been hungry after the chicken). I think it went rather well actually *gives self mental back-pat*, and MUCH better than Friday. Certainly much less emotional for me, and it only took an hour this time.  

Have you recently ruined your childrens lives with meal choices, or similar? Feel free to share.  😉


Ps! I have a slight stalker update…but not enough for a solid piece of news, so I’ll wait a bit. Let’s just say, gloves are OFF.



  1. Love the title! Ha-ha!

  2. Oh we had plenty but we persisted and I think these days it is accepted by my 3 that what is served is what you get.

    • One fine day…I hope to get to that point.

  3. I have ruined my children’s lives on many occassions 😛 Sy is bekkig daardie enetjie.

    • Hahaha, ja wat…ma se kind. 😉

  4. Ha ha! Enjoyed that and love the title.

    • Thank you 🙂

  5. Hahahahaaaa! Priceless! I don’t have any particular food tantrums but James is so friggin’ cute! The other day, he says to Michael, in all seriousness, “Michael, I’m going to tell you something you don’t know: You’re an idiot!”
    We HOSED ourselves laughing!

    • That is hilarious!

  6. Sounds omni-moose with the stalker! :-/

    Love the food tantrum – they all do it at some point. And I recall a hunger strike of sorts, myself, many years ago! As well as telling a step parent to “send it to them” upon receiving the starving kids in Ethiopia lecture! 😛

    • Kindred souls you and I then… 😉

      Oh, the stalker bit is not that omni-moose. Although, every time I think that I’ve now finally nipped this thing in the bud – he pops up again two weeks later. Seems to work on a two week cycle of sorts. I am not anticipating any more drama…but if there is any more it will probably arrive on more or less the 11th.

  7. Ohhhh “I have a slight stalker update…” come on share…

    • Haha, okay…I’ll spill. We’ve reached the point in this situation where I no longer feel the need to give benefit of the doubt to potential harmless explanations anymore. Also, the guy in question for some reason thinks that it’s okay to ask me for things he needs at the end of the month when he doesn’t get out with his salary. Except he’s not so much asking as telling me…so I’ve just said no. No explanation. Just NO.

      All of a sardine…radio silence…blissful radio silence. We’ll see if this is enough to end it, or not. Hopefully it is.

  8. I LOVE IT! Well done for sticking to your guns.

    Tonight all the food was eaten lickety split and it was really not nice food – I cooked the oven chicken too much but I made NICE sweet pumpkin so I guess that made up for it.

    • Thanks.
      They always say, hunger is the best cook right? 😉 I have days like that too.

  9. There have been no life-ruining moments, but I’ve definitely put my foot down to rude and disrespectful behavior. I’m sure my grand mother would be rolling on the floor if she could see me! I AM THE MOTHER!

    FYI: Getting down to their level with the quiet, scary voice works WONDERS!

    • Haha…hear you roar! Yes, I agree… there really is no point in trying to reason when it’s all hysterical obviously. Nothing good comes of it.

  10. I’m glad you stood your ground. Must have been awful.

    • This round wasn’t too bad – the previous thing on the warm top was pretty awful though. I’d happily not relive that episode!

  11. Battle of wills going on here. Poor Nicola 🙂

    BTW does she like tuna normally? Or was she just trying to prove a point to mama dearest.

    • She loves tuna in general. 🙂

  12. I ruin Kiara’s life almost daily and she often stands at the stove and has a big fat moan about whats inside. I ignore her and suggest she have an orange if she doesn’t want to eat.

    • I quite like that approach! 🙂

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