The bits and bobs from the last week or so

24 July , 2014


Sorry, I have had my hands full over here (not yet full of these) so I’ve been pretty terrible at updating this blog. To keep everything more or less in chronological order, we’ll go according to the photos – what a handy way of remembering a whirlwind week!

So above you can see some of the loot from my dad and brother’s recent hunting trip. Yumm…everything is coming along nicely, thank goodness for cold and dry JHB winters, and soon soon i will be able to tell you what warthog salami tastes like and so on. ๐Ÿ˜‰


The daffodil that doesn’t give up!

I think this is the second year this poor plant has pushed out only one little flower. I may need to repot it, but it has just managed to survive the beginning of Polka’s digging phase and I don’t want her to get any ideas that taking plants out is somehow acceptable behaviour.

Maybe next year…


We had a little family outing last weekend, we went to go see How to train your dragon 2 on the big screen and we were waiting for everyone to arrive in front of the ice rink. Nicola wants to try ice skating, I have my doubts if this is such a great idea, but I said we’ll give it a bash in December during the holidays to see if she likes it. I anticipate mad amounts of laughter…and a fair amount of crocodile tears if and when she falls.

Funny hey,ย I have some photos of her dad on this very ice rink from way back when. Who knows, maybe she’ll enjoy it and I can finally dust off those old skates of mine and it can become a thing for us? We’ll see…


We had some time to kill, so we braved the arcade next door for some fun and games. Nicola did not want to leave!

The movie was great, and we all had a good time. I think this is probably only about the third movie I have ever taken Nicola to in cinemas – but she’s definitely a big fan. Holy crap but the refreshments have gone up quite a bit from the last time we were there. Taking a family of 6 out to a movie with popcorn and something to drink (okay and maybe some Astros and M&Ms) is a R700 or more adventure!

I makes me a bit ill to think about it actually.



Poor Nicola was headed straight towards being as sick as a dog by the end of Saturday, and more or less there by Sunday. I kept foolishly hoping that we’d get it turned around before antibiotics were needed, but no such luck this time.


Sunday most of the family popped over for lunch and to spend some time with my gran. It was a pretty low key event, but I think everybody had a good time. I didn’t get to chat much because I was holding Nicola in front of the TV, who was just feeling worse by the second and being pretty miserable about it.


The only baby I have been allowed (and encouraged) to hold in the last 4,5 years hahaha. This is Nicola’s cousin, whom she is very fond of! Whenever we see her, I must hold her, I must take photos of her and usually if Nicola knows we’ll be seeing her she wants to buy her toys or treats or something. Very cute! Hopefully they’ll become good friends when the playing field levels out a bit.


My very sick little angel…that’s the pale of a fever building.


Monday morning, beautiful bright red sunrise (can’t really be seen on this action photo from afar – but take my word for it – it was gorgeous!). There was no two ways about it. I had a very sick young lady on my hands, who couldn’t go to school. I also had some secret place missions to carry out, or somehow delegate – that couldn’t wait.

So bravely, I took my little pink terrrorist to work for an hour or so, in order to do what absolutely could not wait, make a doctor’s appointment and see how to get through this week that was determined to make me cry uncle.

It was not as bad as I thought it would be, but it wasn’t exactly effortless either. I gave Nicola some paper and pens to entertain herself with while I did some inbox wrangling and killed a few smallish fires. At some point I turn around to check on her and she is furiously scribbling notes in pink. She tells me that she’s making a nughty list for me of the people at my office, hahaha…I’ll have to check that list twice?ย  ๐Ÿ˜†

There was a lot of “awe, she’s so cute!” going on and colleagues trying to chat to her. If you know my daughter at all, you’ll know that she really doesn’t do strangers. She usually takes at least half an hour or so before she warms up to people enough to talk to them, or have them talking to her. So she more or less moaned and hid her head ever time someone tried to interact with her, it also doesn’t help that she was feeling terrible…but i wouldn’t say that bit of the day went very well at all really.

I guess my colleagues enjoyed seeing me faf over my pink terrorist though. Mothering type isn’t probably how most of them get to see me in general. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Oh yes, and we almost got smashed and grabbed on our way out of town – to add WTF to an already not so awesome week. I guess lucky for us that none of our valuables were out in the open, but the guy would have crawled halfway into the car looking for them if the window was open more than a crack that it was. Freaked me out (in a I want to smash your face in kind of way), especially after that storie in the news this week about that poor child and the highjacking. Not even 20 meters away from us, while this was happening, two police officers were waiting to cross the road – apparently without their guide dogs around, blissfully unaware of the asshole potential criminal guy right under their noses trying to get his grubby paws into my car!


At the doctor’s office, waiting for our turn. Gosh, it was busy busy busy there. I think this up and down temperatures obviously are a great breeding ground for all kinds of nasties, because it was PACKED!


This face…I saw quite a bit of this over the last few days.

This specific sad face was caused by having to leave Polka at the doggy parlour for an hour to get her groom on. If they could have done it in 20 minutes or half an hour I would have stuck around and waited, but since I had this very ill little girl to keep calm and rested I paid R20 extra to have her delivered after the hour and a half that they said it would take.

All. Hell. Broke. Loose.

You’d swear that she’d never seen her doggy again! I even asked her what she would do if Polka cried like that every time Nicola had to go for a haircut. Inconsolable. No amount of hugs, kisses. sweets. promises, count down clocks, threats, pleading, ignoring or really any old thing could make her feel better. She cried NON STOP like this for the entire hour (luckily I managed to convince the parlour lady to hurry things along a bit if she could, or it would have been the entire hour and a half!).

It was terrible…I was blamed and resented for it all. I felt like taking up heavy drinking (but I didn’t).


Polka, back and freshly baby powder scented and be-ribboned from the parlour. All better. She still had all her bits, and actually a fair amount of the hair I actually asked them to remove, minues some hair I actually wanted to stay – but she looked cute and all was forgiven.


Having established that Nicola would stop being contagious round about Wednesday, I knew we would not be missing out on her school’s latest money making racket – crazy hat day.

So the time had come for some hat decorating. I had a different vision about how this hat would end up, but since I’m not the one who would have to wear it on my head, or decorate it –ย I stepped back and let Nicola loose on it with art supplies and this is more or less the direction she went with. It’s sort of nature themed I guess, anyway she loves it and that’s all that matters. I like that she did it on her own, but it’s not my most favourite hat of all times – even in crazy hat terms. I am secretly hoping that it won’t survive a day at school and we can always fondly remember it from this photo, but I probably won’t be that lucky. ๐Ÿ˜‰

It is currently drying out nicely from its vigorous painting on our fridge, ready to wow the masses on Friday. I think it probably could do with a bit of glitter or tinsel or something. I’ll see if I can talk the designer into it tonight – otherwise it will probably stay more or less like this. (On the back is a cardboard banana and apple – also painted – which was a step down from the actual apple, banana and palm tree she initially wanted to mount on there).


Polka, post parlour drama, looking a bit like a pretty skunk with that grey showing on her back, but smelling much nicer obviously.


No photos from yesterday, but that was probably the most emotional day of the week for me…

It was Tannie Ria’s memorial service yesterday and my dad went with me. I am very grateful for the support, I know he had to clear out a busy day to be there for me, and I really appreciate it. Of course I was a bit of a mess at the chapel, reading the letters from her children and loved ones really touched me. Gosh, I really miss her. Then when her youngest son got up to thank everyone I bawled again seeing him doing that.

After the service we joined everyone for refeshments on a family plot/farmย close by. I had a lovely opportunity to chat with all three her children, and share some of the funnier Ria stories we’ll remember her by from way back when.ย It was so good to see everyone again,ย sadly under these circumstances though.ย 

I am really glad I went. It was a good send off for a great person who meant a lot to me. ย It’s actually still a bit unreal to think that she’s not there anymore…


Not all sadness and goodbyes yesterday though. ๐Ÿ™‚

My brother bear and SIL joined us for our Wednesday visit with my folks. My brother has been job hunting for some time now, and yesterday was great news in that regard. Champaigne for everyone! ๐Ÿ™‚

I am so happy for him, and I hope that he’ll have some interesting new challenges and adventures in his new job. They sound like a great crowd to work for. We actually had a laugh about something one of the interviewers said to him during the process. The guy practically quoted me word for word on a thing I said at one of my previous secret places in the region of 10 years or more ago. Word.For.Word! I can get behind no nonsense people who say what they mean, and mean what they say.

I have a gut feeling that he’s going to have a great time there. ๐Ÿ˜€


This morning on the school drop. This photo is specially for my folks…Nicola’s school carrot. Did you know that the top of a carrot chopped off will grow back another carrot bit if you plant it? No…me neither. I always though it was one of those things you needed seeds for. It took a while, but finally the carrot pushed out some new leaves – and we couldn’t be more proud.

Every day I have to visit the carrot and ooh and awe over it. And who wouldn’t? The little thing is doing amazingly well.


A very proud “farmer” Nicola and carrot.

PS! Do you know where your Last Will and Testament is? Mmm, do you? Or do you think you might now? If something happened to you today, would your people know where to find your paper work? Go check tonight, seriously – and leave a signed copy somewhere obvious. Make sure whomever needs to know, knows!

It appears that I have to redo my own. The copy that I thought I knew was easy to find, cannot be found. It’s a really big mess when that happens when it matters. I am redoing it today and not one second later. Can you just imagine?!

Seriously, go and check on your papers people!

PPS! thank you to all of you who checked on me during this last week. It means more than you know. xxx



  1. ((hugs)) for yesterday.
    LOL at taking N to the office, it’s always chaotic when I try do that. Love her naughty list

    • Thanks. This was the best office trip for her yet – I think it might get easier as they get older. The previous time she laid seige to my laptop and phone, but enjoyed herself thoroughly. Of course I got no work done myself, but it was an extreme emergency and couldn’t be helped.

  2. Lots happening ๐Ÿ™‚ She will love the ice rink!!!

    D knows where my will is – we don’t have signed copies at home though – they are with our broker.

    • Mmm…i hope so. I think it could be a fun thing to do together.

      Be careful of that. Someone I know well had one with the bank and when they wanted to see it after about 10 years to change it, the bank had lost it! Luckily they are now covered again in that regard…but can you just imagine what would have happened if they had died in those 10 years?!

  3. I LOVE the naughty list! LOVE! I imagine it must have been “interesting” for the others to hear you parent N. I personally would have videod some of it to have evidence of your other side, but that’s me, I’m a bit naughty!

    Speaking of naughty, I went “wild” in the kids’ bedroom and found some books I packed away from when they were “real babies”. They loved hearing the story of Jonah, and how when we’d read, “God said go, and Jonah said no” and the kids would say, “naughty Jonah”. Too cute!!!

    My will is in a file with a divider that says…. wait for it… WILL! ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s my copy, the other is with the official people.

    • Hahaha, yes me too – even though she put my line manager on it to her face. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Very cute!

      I’ve just pulled a quick template off google to at least have something in place until I can go and see someone official-ish. I have printed and signed off 5 copies of it, just in case – still can’t believe my other one went missing!

  4. Just putting together a will but now, I take this post as a sign to finalise it ASAP!!!!

    hugs my friend, you have been on mind all week and with the lack of regular post I knew there was a lot going on.

    Glad Nicola is on the mend and hope she didn’t infect you- holding thumbs.

    love the hat, hope it lived up to expectation today.

    Plants grow well when you give then love (joking) but Nicola’s carrot must be responding to the love it is getting

    Poor Nicola, thinking she would lose Polka. We lost a puppy this week and I am close to tears each time I think that I won’t see him again, even my mom who isn’t usually a dog person, said a little prayer for the puppy

    • Do it – don’t wait!

      The carrot must be happy, it’s growing like a weed!

      I sent you a message about this, but maybe you didn’t get it. Are you okay? What happened?

  5. Ai that was one hec of a week. I really hope this one is way way better.

    And our will has one copy in H’s bedside drawer – and one in our “important documents” folder.

    • Thanks my friend, me too…

      I think I need to do up my important documents folder a bit. It is now all more or less together, but you’d still have a fine time trying to figure it out.

  6. A beautiful catch up post….enjoyed reading every moment of it.

    • Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

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