You wouldn’t say it was now officially winter

2 June , 2014


We had Fluffbunny’s baby shower on Saturday and it was really a lovely day! Initially when we started planning it, we thought we might head into soup terrirtory on the catering because it was winter, but the closer we got to the day the more it looked like it wasn’t going to be one of those winter days. In the end the weather was lovely, and the party turned out great!

Here is mom-to-be, looking fabulous.


I met these two at the same place…nearly 20 years ago…and we’ve been friends ever since.

20140531 Tanya's Baby Shower (27)

Here’s a lovely photo of my mom and I taken by Andy on the day. 🙂


After the baby shower we went to my folks. Jessie and Diablo seem to be getting on well, and she’s helping him shed (yes, in winter). If you see her she’s got a big mouth full of husky fluff from trying to have a go at him. He’s taking it for now – but at some point her puppy credits are going to run out…and then we’ll see who the alpha dog is.


On Sunday we had a braai at my parents’ place for my dad. It’s his birthday tomorrow, but he’ll be away on business on the actual day. Nicola decreed it so that Oupa MUST have a cake…and it must be a mountain cake with a cave filled with jewels. Hahaha, interesting choice for turning 60 – but Oupa’s used to it since he had a dragon cake last year.


Again, not a very cold day for winter. Nicola was hell bent on swimming, but I put my foot down on that one – we are both just recovering from a bout of flu, and the last thing I need is more sick. We settled on her dipping her feet in the water feature. How cute is that?! I love this photo.


Then some fun was had with the water gun. This is Nicola daring me to shoot her tummy. Fearless! I posted this photo on fb and my friend Des reminded me that I was once a complete terror with a different water gun. It was on a youth camp we both attended. It was my job to make sure all the grown ups got up on time in the morning (amongst other things). It was a task I took very seriously. Everyone got woken up 4 or 5 times peacefully, escalating to less peacefully by the end…the end was being blasted out of bed with a super soaker. I think I only needed to soak two people the entire week we were there…always good to make one example early on and then everybody takes it seriously. 😉


Clowning around on the lawn.


My brother-bear and SIL.


Nicola was having the grandest time ever, playing with my uncle!


Seriously, who wouldn’t?! 😀 I have a video of some of the shananigans too and about 30 different photos!


Some people had to leave early, so the back of the mountain came down for doggy bags. Nicola and Oupa, blowing out the candles together. 🙂


Polka couldn’t come along to play yesterday. she fits too easily between the palisades, so she had to stay home. But we stopped at checkers to get her a nice juicy bone to work out some of her frustrations on. And hopefully this will save my boots from her itchy gums too. This is only half of the bone we got at Checkers for R17. Crazy right? Anyhoo, at first she was a bit scared of it – not everyday you get to chew on something that is really bigger than you are…especially if you have recently been scolded fairly often for chewing things anyway. A few minutes later, once she established it really was all for her she was hooked. Last night she had to choose if she wanted to sleep outside with the bone or inside without it, and inside just barely won that race. This morning she only ate about 2/3 of her dog food before she couldn’t wait a single minute longer to be reunited with her bone. Too cute!

Oh yes, and more excitement last night. Remember our baby bat from the other day (about a week or so ago). Well, it turns out it didn’t get out on its own afterall. It was still hiding somewhere in the house and set of the alarm a couple of times over the weekend, but as soon as we got home – disappeared without a trace and we looked everywhere.

Last night when we went to bed, Nicola asked me what was flying about upstairs. Haha, the bat! Poor thing. I think it must have been a bit hungry and terrified and tired, it really swooped quite low – less than a meter above the bed is way too close for comfort even if you aren’t really afraid of bats. There was no way that we’d get any sleep with that going on. Nicola was laughing her ass off about it and not really settling down at all, understandably. I leopard crawled all the way over to the far side of the room to open a few windows and hopefully help it get out on its own. Even funnier to Nicola seeing me crawl around like that as you can imagine, I am not really built for leopard-crawling… Poor little guy made three runs at the burglar bars before he finally managed to get out. Farewell flappy, it’s good to finally know for sure that you are out of the house.



  1. Love the pictures. That photo of your mom and you is very intimate. And that picture of Nicola by your dads birthday cake looks sooooo much like you.
    Happy Birthday Dad

    • Thank you! I love that picture of my mom and I.

  2. Love that cake for Oupa! 😀

    • Cute hey? I wonder what he’ll get next year. 😉

  3. Ha hA Ha Leopard crawling. I can just picture Nicola having a swell time at your expense.

    How does Nicola come up with these cake ideas? Poor Oupa he is stuck for a very long time 😆 I wonder what cake she would want for her own birthday this year. Good thing Ouma is up to the task.

    And the pictures are beautiful, the one of you and your mom and the one of you with Nicola, love them

    • Ps: YAY YAY YAY I notice we are getting up to date pictures now 🙂

      • Haha, yes you are – thanks for noticing. I still need to do a bumper “Seen arounds” post. I think I’m a few months behind on that.

    • Oh yes, a real riot!

      Well she’s still fiercely debating her own cake ideas…but it’s only December, so she still has plenty of time. We usually nail down a theme in September. At the moment it’s somewhere between a ballerina cake, or a Ironman mush-mush cake (what we asume to be mouse of some sorts) – still pretty vague. She has however said that she wants to go camping after her party, and that she wants to go watch a movie on the big screen after that! Long wish list as you can see. 😉

      Thank you! 😀

  4. Fluffbunny is looking super gorgeous!!!

    Love your dad’s cake 🙂

    • She is, isn’t she? She’s got a classic little baby bump, by this time in my own pregnancy I was strongly resembling a WHALE.

  5. I love that your mom humours Nicola regarding her choice of cake for Oupa. I am sure there is a very special place in heaven for Oupa’s like your dad and my hubby 😉 I love the photo of Nicola dipping her feet into the water feature… when they want to get wet they will push their luck as far as they can.

    • Ouma en Oupa is in die sak en toegeknoop! I think you’re right. I love that feet photo too – so cute!

  6. What lovely pictures! And how gorgeous is Fluffybunny!!!!

    I would be flapping around like flappy if that was happening in my room!!! WELL DONE!

    • Thank you! I agree, she looks fabulous.

      Haha, you didn’t see me crawling around obviously. Such a nunu, I should have owned the room against a tiny little winged creature – but they move so bloody fast and seemingly erratic. I kept thinking how I would FREAK out if it flew into me somehow. My street cred with my pink terrorist would be shot to hell after that! 😉

  7. For a minute there you had me a bit confused,… I was trying to work out the relationship between “You wouldn’t say it was now officially winter” and then a picture of a pretty pregnant woman… but that was only because I hadn’t started to read the post… Happy Birthday to Dad, shooo he’s younger than I am… don’t I now feel freaking old… I love the photos and want to say your daughter is a very pretty little girl, she is definitely gonna break hearts when she gets older… you better find yourself a Hubby before then and make sure he’s big to intimidate all the suitors…

    • In our family we tend to get into the early 100 year age, so this is just over middle age really. 😉

      Thank you, she really is and I know what you’re saying – but fear not, I can be pretty bloody intimidating myself if I need to. I really must look into those ass kicking lessons for her. I want her to be able to put her own foot down too, on someone’s head if she feels so inclined.

  8. And as I sit typing here the cold front comes in and alas, it is really winter. Lovely pictures and news. And love that cake – I want a cave cake next birthday

    • Yes…it dawned on me that I may have spoken a little bit too soon.

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