A mostly photos sort of update

16 May , 2014


MrsFF asked me the other day at #JoziMeetUp why I haven’t been posting regularly, and I said I didn’t really feel like talking. I’m still pretty much there actually, also I am not feeling 100%, and I’ve discovered the Kindle App on my new phone…so down the rabbit hole I go (yes, all you people with electronic books can stop laughing now). I still prefer a real page turning book, but I have to be honest…it’s helluva convenient to just buy a book with the touch of a button and have it ready for reading less than a minute later. Also there are so many free books, and not all of them are kak if you know what I mean? It’s a little bit annoying that’s it’s usually the first book in a series of 23 or something…but for now I can live with it. If I see something I love so much that I MUST have it all, it might become a problem later – but for now it’s okay.

Now…onto some promised photo updates!image

Nicola, playing in the sprinklers at my folks’ place. I should have maybe done some cropping on this one, it looks much more impressive on my phone I promise. šŸ˜‰


You will most likely be seeing a lot more selfies around here soon. (Can you just SEE how tired I am?! Look at my red eye there…that’s not a flash thing, my eye really is bloodshot).


We are taking Polka for walks almost every evening. A walk is not very far at this stage, couple of houses at best – but in my defence I am busy training Polka to go walking on leash, AND Nicola to hold the leash in a somewhat responsible manner instead of skipping or just madly running around with it while choking the poor puppy. It would probably be easier to just hold the leash myself, but this is Nicola’s doggy and they have to learn to walk together. Honestly, they’re actually doing just fine! Much better than I thought they would be doing at this stage, and they both love it.

If you are wondering about the extremely long leash for the itsy bitsy doggy – that wasn’t an accident on my part. She’s a tiny dog and I thought it would be her best chance of walking with Nicola without getting dragged by the collar. It gives her a little bit of sniff and explore leeway too. Mostly she runs with it dragging around between her legs and she kind of keeps up with the pink terrorist’s pace on her own instinctively, but it actually works just fine – so I don’t think we’ll need to move to a shorter leash at all. If she didn’t keep up on her own, we might have had to do that. She is actually a very clever and obedient little pup.

I’ve been looking at parks and so on online to see where might be a good place to go for longer walks (we’re taking short walks not so much because Nicola and Polka can’t go on, but because the neighbourhood has some fierce looking animals that look like they can breach their fences and come and get us). I’ve found some interesting ones that I’d definitely like to check out, but you know what I have found equal parts funny and sad…on most of the write ups I’ve seen you get advised how awesome the park is and all that, and then they caution you not to come in groups of less than 5 because security might be an issue. That doesn’t help me at all by the way. If I had 5 people to walk with me, I wouldn’t have to be careful of neighbourhood dogs, because if it got out one of us could save Nicola, one could save polka and the other 3 could kick the attacker in his chops or something. I don’t have 5 people for a walk, that’s why I am looking at parks FFS. Grrr…

Anyhoo, I have a few that I’ll go check out.


Nicola, pretending to be a bee…not a butterfly or a fairy as you might have thought.


Polka found a puddle, and boy was she pleased with herself!


See, don’t say I didn’t warn you about these selfies. šŸ˜‰


What’s this, I hear you say? Well…my dad got a new puppy too! He’s been talking forever about getting a Staffie again at some point, and we all offered to buy him one for a combined birthday and father’s day gift this year. Her name is Jessie, and Nicola and Jessie are already big buds. Jessie and Polka, not so much. Jessie is quite a dominant doggy, and Polka is very submissive. The moment she saw Jessie, she tipped over and exposed her throat straight away…and Jessie kind of went for it. We’re keeping an eye on these two when we visit there, but I’m sure they’ll get along fine with a bit of time and exposure. Diablo is not at all pleased about not one but TWO other dogs in the house now, while he has to be outside. Eventually Jessie will join him outside though, as soon as the fence has been modified for her.


Nicola playing teacher. This is the famous spoon known as Jan-Brand.


Shadow puppets. It’s better with the sound effects that go along with them. This is her impression of a monster, “ROOOOAHHHR!” You get the idea.


Look at how grown up my baby is looking! Wow…just wow. (By the way, these are what Nicola calls her Spy-pants, because apparently you need to wear black to be a spy…although she concedes that you may also be a ninja).


This is one of those two roads and the light I was telling you about. Just open it full size and have a look. Pretty hey? šŸ˜€


Polka has a serious shoe fetish. She drags every shoe she can get her paws on during the night, to her nest. She has now also branched out into toys forgotten on the floor anywhere in the house. Good fun to see her stash in the mornings, hehehe…I think I will allow her to destroy something so that pick up your toys gets taken more seriously around here in future. Anyhoo, here is Dr. Polka…giving the carpet a thorough check up. Things are not looking good for the poor patient, there is no heart beat.



  1. Be as quiet as you need to… as long as you update weekly šŸ™‚

    I get that. I’m being quiet about some things too.

    Listen, if you want to vent/ talk, I’m here, right?

    • Thanks Marcia. šŸ˜€

  2. It is always lovely to read a catch up post like this. I must admit that the whole internet thing became to much for me for nearly a month…so I did a lot of reading…on my tablet. Since the Kindle app I read many more books. It is funny how some things always stays the same. I also had a “jan brand” that regularly disappeared when my boys were little šŸ˜›

    • Haha, I can just imagine where it disappeared to. šŸ˜‰ I don’t have one of those, and they assure me that it’s purely for threatening at school – no one actually gets smacked with it. My aunt used to have one called oortjies if I remember correctly…it hurt like hell when that thing came out to play.

  3. You have a cute dog (and a cute kid!). Enjoy your reading and thanks for all the photos. šŸ™‚

    • Thanks! šŸ˜€

  4. Oh that Polka is so cute. Hope things are better way soon. Lots of love

    • Things are not exactly bad…they’re just things. I’m really not in a sulky mood or anything, just a bit contemplative. Sometimes I just go quiet. šŸ˜‰

  5. Ah polka is cute šŸ™‚ Tell nicola she can be a ninja super hero šŸ™‚

    • She is adorable hey? You should see her glamour shot after her first parlour visit this past weekend. So bloody cute! Lastled exactly one day.
      Hahaha, Nicola would love that. She’s in a mood with me because I wouldn’t let her have a ladder yesterday. You know what she wants to do on that ladder right. Climb up and jump down. Ha! I wasn’t born yesterday.

  6. Wilgeheuwel Xtreme Park (Little Falls) also not bad to go for a walk: Corner Florin and Krugerrand Street, Wilgeheuwel, Roodepoort

    • Thank you! šŸ™‚

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