Let’s talk about the weather

14 May , 2014


It’s not quite winter yet, but it’s definitely heading that way quickly. Most of this week there were spectacular winds early in the morning that really brought that chill factor home. During the day it warms up nicely, but those early mornings – not fun.

This is the outfit that Nicola picked for herself this morning. 😉 It actually matches the in between weather perfectly I guess. Cold enough for a scarf and ear muffs, but not cold enough for shoes? Hahaha. I tried my best to get those feet into shoes but she was having none of it. It’s not like I can exactly make her wear them anyway, she just takes them off after I’ve put them on if she doesn’t feel like it. Hopefully we’ll get those feet covered by the time winter arrives properly.

Just in case I haven’t been clear about my feelings on the matter: I do NOT enjoy winter. At all. However I do enjoy some bits of Autumn. Like the pretty colours. Is it just me or does an Autumn sunrise sort of change all the trees into lamp shades. The leaves are a bit more translucent (you know, since they’re dying colourfully), and there are a couple of roads in particular on my route from N’s school to the highway that just gets the most amazing light through the trees this time of year. I was planning on taking a photo, but so far each morning someone was driving right on my tail so I haven’t been able to pull over for a second and get it done.

Maybe tomorrow…

You know what would make this weather more fun? Gluwein! Must get my hands on some of that. 😀 Has anyone got a good recipe they feel like sharing, or know where I can get some that’s worth having? Tell me!



  1. You are absolutely right. We are heading fast towards Winter. The only think I like about Winter is the constant sunny weather 🙂
    My daughter also take off her shoes at school :/

    • Urgh…I just hate the cold. I’m built for hibernating, and I never get to do it!

  2. You made need to fiddle the quantities to adjust to your tastes but:
    1 bottle red wine
    1 cup fresh orange juice (pref squeezed from oranges)
    couple of whole cloves
    1-2 sticks cinnamon

    Put everything in a pot (a slow cooker works brilliantly AND keeps it warm!) and warm gently…

    • Thanks! I’ll give it a bash. Slow cooker sounds like a brilliant plan for this.

  3. oh please let’s talk about the weather. I love the cooler weather and the winter accessories (electric blanket, hot tea, hot chocolate, creamy pastas, curries, etc.).

    I am really enjoying only getting up late (I won’t tell you because you may come and shoot me!!!)


    • Hahaha, enjoy your sleeping in Marcia. I won’t hold it against you. Even over weekends I get up at 4:00 now, I can’t help myself. I love my quiet time and that’s the only place to find it.

  4. Seriously, I must be your dumbest friend…I have to google what gluhwein is…!!!! I love Autumn too. The colours are awesome.

    • Don’t worry about it. I didn’t know either until a few years ago when someone made some for me. I don’t even like cloves, but gluwein is seriously yummy on a cold night. I could purr at the thought of some of that in front of an open fire or something.

  5. We have that in common. I don’t do well in winter. I am so miserable when I am cold. I love to feel the sunshine on my skin and grey days are just the pits. Here in PE we don’t even have spectacular autumns. The leaves just turn brown and die. No colours!!! The only nice thing is that I love soups, stews and curries…I have my slow cooker boiling a lovely curry right now.

    • The soups and stews are pretty cool too, you’re right. I have some chicken stew in my slow cooker as we speak. Don’t you just love how that little thing can go on unsupervised. My type of cooking for sure! 😉

  6. Hierdie is die beste Gluhwein (Warm Pons) op aarde – uit Kook en Geniet.

    1 bottel droë roowiyn
    1 suurlemoen in skyfies gesny
    1¼ k suiker
    2 tot 3 kruienaeltjies
    2 k kookwater
    ¾ k van der Hum (opsioneel)
    ½ k brandwyn

    1. Verhit die wyn met die suurlemoenskyfies, suiker en naeltjies.
    2. Voeg die kookwater, van der Hum en brandewyn daarby. Meng goed en verwyder die naeltjies.
    3. Rasper ‘n knippie neutmuskaat daarop en dien op in glasies.

    • Baie dankie! Mmm…dink jy ek kan rum insit in plaas van brandewyn? Ek het toevallig rum, maar ek het nie brannas in die kas nie. Gelukkig is die winter lank – ek kan AL die respete uitprobeer.

      • Jy kan beslis rum gebruik, maar jy kan dit sommer uitlos ook. Bêre die oorksiet gluhwein in die yskas, en dan maak jy dit sommer in die glas in warm in die mikrogolfoond.

  7. Woolies usually sells the Gluhwein in bottles, you just need to warm it up and I like to slice an orange and toss it in while it warms too. Easy peasy and perfect in winter. Not sure if they’re selling it yet this year or not: http://www.woolworths.co.za/store/fragments/product-details/product-details-index.jsp?productId=20130602

    • I think I’ve had some of theirs, but the ones I had came in a box. I didn’t realise they only sold it in winter though – makes sense I guess.

  8. I am so not a winter person. 35 degrees C is just fine with me. And L is refusing to wear long pants!

    • Sheesh! At least Nicola is wearing long pants, but she’s not a fan of jerseys or track suit tops. Mostly I have to work hard for a long sleeve shirt and a body vest of some sorts. And she’s decided the only long pants she wants to wear has to be fluffy on the inside, so most track suit bottoms are okay – no jeans – no corderoy – you get the picture. I thought her winter wardrobe was sorted, but now there is a new need for more bottoms…and shoes (for when she feels like wearing them). She usually has a serious growth spurt about mid winter, so I know we need to buy bigger or she’ll be left with nothing that fits by August. (You can see how big exactly from the photo above)

  9. Also hate HATE winter!
    Thanks for all the gluhwein recipes 😀

    • My pleasure! ::-D

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