A very long catch up post

6 May , 2014


But first, some photos! I might chuck in a bit of news along the way. 😉

So, I have new toys and plenty of them. My poor longsuffering laptop kicked the bucket (fan again) and instead of trying to replace the fan for a second time, I’ve made peace with it and bought a new one. Works like a dream, even though Windows 8 is a bit of a thing to get used to. I miss the start button in its traditional place, must be getting old.

I also have a new phone! The old one was still okay-ish (even though I’ve had it for ages and was eligible for an upgrade from October last year already). Vodacom phoned me to try and migrate me from my package to a new one since they are discontinuing the one I was on. They through a whole bunch of free things at me and I decided that I might as well upgrade my handset at the same time. This is one of the photos taken on my shiny new S5. It is such a pleasure not having to charge my phone every two hours anymore – I use it almost constantly, and it goes for days!

If you’re wondering why Polka looks a bit like a rhino with one big blue horn on her head, it’s because I had to tape her ears up for a couple of hours each day the first week or two. If you don’t you apparently get a floppy eared yorkie (who resembles yoda). They seem to have the standing up thing under control now…but when she’s tired at the end of a day the points curl backwards – I think it actually looks kind of cute, so I’m not going to faf with it anymore.


Nicola, with a flower hat she made from a craft set.


See that lovely sheen on my daughter’s hair? *sigh* Fucking head lice runs rampant at her school non stop at the moment. I have treated our hair every single weekend this entire year…and all for nothing. I just have them gone and she picks up new passengers at school the next day again. Other than shaving her hair clean off or sending her to school wearing a shower cap or a swim cap I honestly don’t know what to do anymore. I am so sick of it…but I’m pretty sure that this is just the way it’s going to be until she moves to a new school next year.

Things we have tried with varying levels of success and or discomfort: the normal lice treatment available in pharmacies (all brands), blow drying hair every day whether you wash it or not (this does seem to stop the nits from hatching so at least we have less to combat the next week), bergamot and or tea tree oil in shampoo, conditioner and detangle sprays (this doesn’t seem to do anything except piss them off, as a deterrent I have found all of them equally unsuccessful, it seems our school’s lice have lost their sense of smell), apple cider vinegar and coconut oil – you soak the hair in the vinegar and let it dry naturally (this smells like a bottle of salad dressing exploded on your head…unpleasant to say the least), then you melt some coconut oil and massage that into the hair making sure everything is covered and sleep with it in overnight (smells like cookies and a welcome change from the vinegar…takes for eeeeeever to get out of your hair again…seriously, FOREVER!), comb with metal toothed nit comb (not a myth: the metal is miles more effective than the plastic) – this surprisingly actually helped quite a bit, the vinegar allegedly is supposed to attack the exo-skeleton of the lice (found that hard to believe, but hey…desperate times calls for desperate measures?)…it was oddly comforting combing out half pieces of bugs for a change. I even coloured my hair to try and cut down on how much of this I pick up from her – helped for about two weeks and then it was back to normal (the new normal being the itchy and scratchy kind).

So.Over.It. Bring on 2015, and hopefully a bunch of kids whose parents actually treat them when they have a break out.


My dad and Nicola, clowning around.


At a colleague/friend’s fairwell. We had it at Morrell’s in Northcliff. What a pretty place!


This is not what I thought my dessert would look like when I ordered it, but it was lovely and looked stunning.


Polka has grown quite attached to my boots. She keeps getting out of her basket to cuddle up to them, so now before I go to bed I just chuck one in there for her – works like a charm. She has started chewing on the soft leather though, so I will probably have to take her nunu blanket away at some point when there’s more involved than just gums.


Isn’t this just the cutest?! 😀


Nicola and I made some brownies with some of our leftover easter eggs. I adjusted the recipe a bit to make it work, but it came out great! We still have a massive container full of Easter chocolate, so I might have to make some more at some point.


Polka, at 10 weeks, is going completely grey. 😉 That’s all new growth, so one of these days she can have a bow in her hair – Nicola is going to be thrilled. According to her a dog cannot be stulish without a pink hair accesory (or a tutu, but I’m not doing that!).


My mom and Nicola, baking together. She just LOVES helping Ouma out in the kitchen!


Nicola found my fluffy beanie, and she loves it. Luckily I am not much of a hat fan, because I think I’ve lost mine…besides, she looks much cuter in it than I ever did.


Look at this awesome cake my mom made. I posted this on fb and it caused quite a bit of confusion. See, the birthday boy’s name is Nicholai. He is my sister-in-law’s nephew. From this photo it looks a bit like Nicola though, so everyone wanted to know since when my pink terrorist was into spiderman hahaha! (Never mind that she’s already four and her birthday is actually in December – I know I sometimes get a bit behind on my photo posting but that’s a stretch, even for me).


The birthday boy. He LOVED his cake, and especially his figurine on top. Once he gor hold of it, he never let go.


With his parents. 🙂


Nicola enjoyed this ice cream more than she’s probably ever enjoyed an ice cream. First she had a go at it with the spoon, then it went a bit mushy and she takled most of it with a straw, and finally she had the glass in both hands to tip the last few drops into her mouth. Not one morsel left behind.


We stopped at our place on the way back to pick up Polka since it was almost dinner time for her and we weren’t done visiting yet. Just look at those little faces. 🙂

Right, then onto yesterday: When I pulled up at Nicola’s school the police were there…not the kind of thing any parent likes to see. The principal was busy talking to them so I decided to get going and find out what it’s all about today instead. I mentioned to Nicola something along the lines of, “Look, the police are here.” She wanted to know why (we are currently in a very persistant WHY phase as it is). I didn’t know and I said so. She said, “Oh, I think I know why they’re here! They’ve come for Pabalo! She didn’t pray before she had her lunch, and now they’ve come for her!” Mwahaha, I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants. Yes baby, maybe that’s exactly it.

I asked the pincipal this morning (who really enjoyed Nicola’s theory too), she said that a parent without custody came round and tried to snatch a kid – so they had to get the police in to stop him.

I have more rambles, but I’m going to leave it at that for today. 😉



  1. ha!!!!!! Nicola cracks me up. I wonder how many of us would be in police custody for not praying before we eat 😆 😆 😆 😆

    Your mom makes lovely cakes

    Hopefully Polka doesn’t turn out like my Rottweilers, they eat virtually anything in their path!!!!

    • She has some very interesting theories, that’s for sure! 😉

  2. Glad to hear all is well with your technology. My laptop keeps “not responding” and I’m getting worried. Want to finish April photos tonight, and BACK UP!!!!

    love all the pics and your dog and NOT your lice stories!!!! (I was having lunch now!!!)


    • I love them far less than you do, I promise. *scratches*

  3. Foolproof method for lice…Ascabiol Emulsion. Its for scabies…and lice. Works like a bomb. My daughter and younger son used to get lice quite frequently if it was going around. The lice just loved their hair and I always used to have it in the cupboard. They dont market it for lice but if you research it and also look at the package insert, it is for treatment of lice. I just love your little Polka doggie and Im sure you and Nicola are spending hours of fun with the little one.

    • Polka is a real character! It’s almost like having a new baby in the house…with less laundry.

  4. Polka is gorgeous! I LOVE your mom’s Spiderman cake and Nicola’s theory is hilarious! ;P It’s heartbreaking, though, that two people who once cared enough about each other to make a child together let things between them get so bad that one of them is desperate enough to try and kidnap their own child. And that the child is caught in the middle.

    • Thank you. 🙂
      Yip…it’s quite tragic. Who knows what happened to get them to that point.

  5. Love these magic posts full of random news. And my A will never let go of Polka if she gets to hold her for just one minute. The Bergamot thing works like a charm for us BUT you have to be 100% lice free first. Apparently it coats the hair with an oily something that the lice can not get a good hold plus the smell

    • I was really hoping that the Bergamot oil would be the solution for us too…but it hasn’t worked. On 10 May 2014 5:54 PM, “123 Blog Myself” wrote:


  6. Oh my goodness. My scalp is suddenly itchy. This happens whenever I read lice stories! I have never experienced it but I do know that there’s a lice kit that dischem sells. My friend used it for her daughter and swears by it. Also. The school NEEDS to do a proper sterilizing clean of mattresses etc because even if everyone is being treated, lice can still spread at school. And you need to sterilize your bedding/brushes etc. That much I do know.
    Your puppy is VERY cute and congrats on the new phone. I LOVE my S4 A LOT.
    ps…you need to be instagramming already! And your Mom makes BEAUTIFUL cakes!

    • We have bought ALL the kits from Dischem. We getvthem out, but they just come back straight from school. 😦

      I’m actually a bit hesitant to join IG. I’ve kind of drawn a line in the dirt on SM. I’m as connected now as I’m willing to get. And that’s about 2G’s worth of connectedness a month! On 11 May 2014 6:28 PM, “123 Blog Myself” wrote:


  7. I am all itchy and scratchy after reading this post. The lice thing is an ongoing thing atnthe Mission too. We always have parents who don’t care and then the clean ones just get infested again. Your Polka is too cute. B is also begging us to allow her to get a dog for Stefan. (I am not biting) I love Nicola’s theory about the police.

    • Sorry about the itchies. If it helps at all, I think maybe…just maybe…we’ve got a handle on it again. I’m just combing every single day now, morning and again in the evening. I obviously can’t just treat every single weekend anymore, because it’s not cutting it.

      Thank you – Polka is a real character and fits into our lives pretty much seemlessly. It’s actually hard to imagine what it was like now without her.

      Hehehe…Nicola really had me in sticthes with that one! 😆

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