What I love about this age…

19 March , 2014

…is the random conversations!

It’s like I get a teeny tiny glimpse into the inner workings of my pink terrorist’s head – and the view is amazing. 🙂 There are obviously many more than the ones I write about here, and not all of them so off the wall or quirky – but these are some of my favourites over the last week or so:

Spy clothes

Nicola has informed us that she wants to be a spy. The reason why she wants to be a spy, is so that she can spy on the black cat who snuck into my parents’ place and peed on their bathroom floor. As anyone who’s anyone knows, to be a spy you need just the right outfit.

According to Nicola this is what a spy should wear: Black pants (she has), a black shirt or dress (needs), black shoes (she has navy, but it’ll work if it has to), a black ring and a black crown (also needs).

I’m a bit confused about the mixed messages between the black clothes and the crown, one is saying look at me and the others are saying don’t look at me – but, oh well? *shrug* I wasn’t aware that spies wore so much black, but there you have it – no we know. 😉

Diablo’s babies

Diablo is a MALE husky, who theoretically belongs to my brother but who lives with my folks, and who every now and then gets renamed by my daughter.

This morning Nicola is telling me that Diablo’s babies still need to be born. So I though, that is soooo not going to happen, firstly because Diablo is a boy dog, and secondly because his batteries were removed ages ago (the exact term used by the vet at the time). I decided to coast by the batteries discussion altogether and focus on the boy dog bit.

After “listening” to me intently for a few minutes, Nicola agrees with me that Diablo is a boy dog – and then insists that his babies still need to be born. And she says there will be three babies, and their names will be Rose-Petal, Smoothie and Buffalo.

Right then. Moving along swiftly…mostly with a straight face. That pretending to listen skill, while mostly not listening at all or coming up with cool new names for imaginary dogs is something that I might have to learn how to do. It could come in handy one day, don’t you think?

The long suffering Princess Saint Aurora (our hamster)

Nicola is very excited about this big school business of next year (impending Grade R), not so much about the school bit exactly (she couldn’t care less about that really), but about being a naskool kindjie (aftercare child). The nursery school where she is at the moment have a service where they collect children from one of the local schools and they get a cooked lunch and a room with some supervision in it to do homework in the afternoons. I haven’t yet broached the subject to the extent where I’ve told her that this would not be my aftercare of choice in any event. The school has aftercare too, and I would just prefer no one to be transporting my child in a van with no seatbelts, and I sort of feel that once you’re done with crèche you should be DONE with it, not going back every afternoon for lunch. I don’t think this will be a big whoop anyway, because hardly any of her friends are going to the same school as her, or even planning on attending the crèche aftercare – which I think is actually what she has in mind…playtime with pals.

Anyhoo, the other day I overhear a conversation she’s having with Aurora about this. She tells the hamster, “Toemaar Aurora…jy is nog ‘n klein hamstertjie, maar eendag sal jy groot word en dan sal jy ‘n naskool hamster wees!” (Don’t worry Aurora…you are still a small hamster, but one day you’ll grow up and be an aftercare-hamster!).

Hahaha, isn’t that just the cutest thing ever?

Your business is everyone’s business

When I fetch Nicola from school in the afternoons, I am a big hit with some of her classmates. Although I have simultaneously managed to somehow lose my own name. According to these little guys, my name is Nicola-se-mamma (Nicola’s mom). Not Louisa, not tannie/aunty Louisa – my name is Nicola-se-mamma. Usually shouted at top volume by at least 5 or more kids at the same time. I sort of suspect that my new name is not the kind of name that can be used by one child at a time, it has to be chanted by a smallish crowd, or it doesn’t work.

Now something you might not know about me, is that I get a bit flustered when too many people are shouting at me at the same time. My coping mechanism is to tune out everyone and try to focus on one. The little crowd don’t mind this so much really, they just keep shouting their story over and over until they get some sort of acknowledgement from you that they’ve been heard and have managed to relay their message. It works.

On one such afternoon I focused on Nicola’s friend D for her story (after I gave Nicola a big smooch and a hug – my girl comes first and then the little crowd). She asks me if I know that her mom has a baby in her belly. Uhm…no, I didn’t know that. I ask if she knows if it’s a brother baby or a sister baby, but she doesn’t – I actually start wondering if her mom knows that she’s spreading the happy news to everyone who walks through the school gates, but anyway – she was very happy to be able to tell me about it.

I’m not going to congratulate this woman unless she tells me herself by the way, because it’s the same one my daughter called fat a few weeks back out of nowhere (twice!). She probably is pregnant, but I’m not taking any chances – hahaha.

These kids, they have no filters. At times it’s quite refreshing, and at times it can be incredibly uncomfortable! Nicola went through a phase where she used to walk up to random strangers and just tell them all sorts of things, like the check-out clerk at the local store – who I am sure was quite surprised when Nicola HAD to tell her that her dad lives with another lady.

Yip…I think I’ll hold off on the congrats until I see her with an actual baby.

I guess I had that coming

I am a very busy, very committed mom. Seriously, some days the house can just go to shit because there is always SOMETHING/S to do, and if I don’t just stop doing them I will never have any time to spend with Nicola, or just in thought by myself. Like that sign, “Excuse the house, the children are making memories”. Just like that.

I do also need a bit of me time, we all do. I usually take mine in 5 minute instalments when I have a smoke break. Nicola has to use this time to either watch her story or play with her toys or talk to her hamster, anything really. Mostly it works, but sometimes it doesn’t and she wants to hang out with me while I am trying to have my 5 minutes of alone time. So I’ve made a rule. She can come sit with me, but only if she’s very quiet. I don’t think this is an unreasonable request – it’s only for 5 minutes.

So she walks up to me the other day while I’m doing just that, and she says, “Mamma, kan ek by jou kom sit. Ek belowe ek sal peace and quiet?” (Mom, can I come sit with you, I promise I’ll peace and quiet?) Mwahaha, I guess I had that coming.

And she was as quiet as a mouse…for exactly 5 minutes, and not one single second longer!

Girl things and boy things

I’m not getting into the discussion we’ve had recently about the differences between boys and girls, and there have been plenty of those conversations, but like I said – not getting into that.

Nope, I’m talking about perceptions of things only boys can do versus things only girls can do. A couple of weeks ago it came up regarding ballet, because I asked Nicola if there were any boys in her ballet class. She laughed and laughed and told me that boys can’t do ballet – it’s just for girls. I said no, it isn’t. There are boys who do ballet and who are very good at it. Just like girls can do anything they want (rugby included) boys can do whatever they want. I even mentioned that Oom Freddy does ballet, and he loves it.

All good…point made…fast forward to yesterday.

Nicola tells me that she quit Whambajam, and now she’s doing ballet. I said, yes – you did that last year, this year you’re doing ballet – and next year who knows what you’ll do, it might even be Kung-Fu. She laughs and laughs and tells me Kung-Fu is just for boys. Nope, I say – it’s not. Just look at Tigress and Viper in Kung-Fu Panda, they are both girls.

All of a sudden she’s all excited about doing Kung-Fu. I am definitely cashing in on this one while the iron’s hot. I think there’s a good place that does that close to our new house, so as soon as we’re settled in I will find a way to get this going.

Ps!  I was so upset by the story I read yesterday of that Grade R girl (5) being raped by a couple of Gr.2 boys. And the way the school handled it was absolutely atrocious – I hope to God nothing like this ever happens to my daughter, but I can say for certain if it ever did I would go on a rampage of note! Isn’t it sad that our kids have to be able to defend themselves from such a young age already? I weep for this country and its babies, I really do.

Ouma’s birthday

I don’t want to end my ramble on such a meh note. So ;et me tell you about last night…

We had dinner at my parents’ place for my mom’s birthday – so much yummy fooood. Delicious!

Nicola says to my mom, “Ouma, this is your best birthday ever!” Mwahaha, not asking – telling her! My mom agrees, she says it is because she gets to spend it with all of us.


  1. I have fond memories of a young Louisa, just as curious and imaginative as Nicola is today. Goeie werk. 😉

    • Haha…thanks! Not sure if I can take the credit though – Nicola is the one who brings the magic. 😉 On Mar 20, 2014 7:30 AM, “123 Blog Myself” wrote:


  2. Love the above comment. I can imagine how much Nicola is going to enjoy all these words of wisdom when she gets older.

    • I hope she does. I don’t want to forget any of it – that’s why I have to write them down. On Mar 22, 2014 5:00 PM, “123 Blog Myself” wrote:


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