Happy Birthday Mom!

18 March , 2014


We did a family outing to Gold Reef City on Sunday to celebrate – thank goodness the weather played along, because we’ve heard that the rides are switched off when it rains, and as you know JHB has been experiencing a sort of freak monsoon of late.

The weather was perfect, and we all had a lot of fun on all the rides. Sadly Nicola didn’t get to go on all the rides she had her eye on. Some are set to height limit of 1,3 (not even close) and some you can try with parental supervision from 1,1m…for which she is just about 2cm too short.

They do also have a big kiddies section with loads of rides for the shorter people, which she enjoyed thoroughly. I think she got quite a kick out of us all being too tall to go on her rides for a change (I just barely managed to squeeze myself into the Shongolo ride to go with her – but the rest I sat out).

We were all wiped out after our day out. My poor dad’s been battling the tail end of a nasty flu, and he hurt his knee somehow too, so he could hardly walk by Sunday night…and my mom made apple crumble pie for everyone and then wiped out on the couch pretty much straight after that.

I think experience birthdays is becoming our thing now – and I love it!

Happy birthday Mom! Xxx Sorry you didn’t get to go on the Sea Shells… 😉

Photos – sorry, for some reason they’re all out of sequence, and if I try to move them around they duplicate.


All of us walking along to the Rapids ride – on what looks like a mini great wall of China.



Ouma, helping Nicola carry Barbie the pig (that oom Riaan won for her at one of the stalls)


Oom Riaan and Tannie Karen, piggy sitting Barbie.


The elephant ride – yip, no way I was fitting into one of these!


Carousel horsie…apparently called Topsy.


The view from way up on the wheel – poor Tannie Karen had to hold onto Barbie-Pig for some comfort. I never realised she was so afraid of heights!


Nicola and I, on the wheel.


Birthday girl! 🙂


This was how this piggy traveled most of the day. I wasn’t allowed to help, only Ouma.


This was just after Oom Riaan won the piggy for Nicola.


My brother and I, on our first of three rides on the Anaconda. We can tell you with absolute certainty that the ride is different from the front row. WAY more exciting, but even the back and middle seats are not half bad! Ps…Sundays are the day to go if you want to dodge crowds and queues. There weren’t even any school buses or anything – bliss!


Baby brother in the short queue for the Anaconda.


The place has almost as many peacocks as the JHB Zoo! These ones are all a bit skittish though, I think the kids kick them around a lot, because they keep their distance when short people are around.


I think someone may have harvested this one’s tail feathers. He’s obviously full grown, but where is the rest of him?


My dad and Riaan on the log ride.


Their big splash!


Nicola and I.


My parents. 🙂


Riaan and Karen – this was shortly after we arrived.


Nicola 🙂


This is us on the Shongololo…or most of us anyway. I had to kind of angle my leg out a bit to fit my bottom in.


And last one, this was me on the carousel next to Nicola. I wasn’t the only parent riding along this way, in case you were wondering.



  1. That looks like huge fun! And there is no way you will get me on that anaconda

    • It was a lot of fun! 🙂

  2. We did the same thing for Sienna’s 4th birthday. On the coldest day of the whole year! We still had a blast though and the kiddie rides are really quite worth it. I think we should plan a joint trip with the two girls at some point 🙂

    • Sounds good, but i think we’re going to hold off a bit until Nicola can go on the 1,1m rides – she was so disappointed about not being able to go on those water rides.

  3. Your mother is a sport. No way would that have been fun for my birthday (I’m way too wimpy). Also, I went on that Anaconda once and reading your post, my stomach started going in knots just thinking of it. NO THANK YOU! 🙂

    Happy birthday to your mom.

    And LOVELY photos of all of you 🙂

    PS what are we doing for our birthdays?

    • Hehehe, really? My brother says I only have one anaconda face (you could see it on all the photos). Head thrown back, grinning like an idiot. Hahaha, we didn’t buy any of them so i can’t show you.

      Thank you 🙂

      Marcia, I honestly have not even given it a moment’s thought yet. You know me, I try to hibernate for most of winter where I can. What have you got planned?

  4. Such happy family photos. They bring a smile to my face xxx

    • 😀 Thank you!

  5. Happy Birthday to your Ma! What a great idea: experience birthdays! Love it 🙂 And that pic of Nicola on the Ellie is too cute.

    • Seriously, this is a great way to do a birthday! 🙂
      Hahaha, there was one elephant with a pink seat and Nicola almost wrestled another little girl for it, until I intervened and made her take the next one. Obviously we had to back again, so that she could ride the pink one too later.

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