Friday bullets

7 February , 2014


Do you like my picture? There sure has been a lot of rain this last week! I don’t think you can actually properly see the river that I was driving down from my photo. Sorry, I would have turned down the window a bit but I kept getting showered by oncoming traffic and eventually had to drive with a towel over my shoulder because I needed to crack it open a bit to clear the fog from my windscreen’s inside.

On the upside, I’ve managed to squeeze an extra 10 minutes out of every morning at home since I haven’t had to water the plants all week! 😉

This has been a pretty laid back week. This weather just makes me so sleepy and peaceful…

  • There’s been a bit of comment chaos on one of my old posts. I think it’s all under control now. If not, I’ll just close that off for comments going forward (you know I’ve never actually had to do that on any post before?)
  • I had a two day migraine thing, for which I took one duvet day. I actually feel it coming on again as we speak, so maybe time to pop some more pain killers.
  • Nicola was very upset with me yesterday because I wouldn’t let her fly to Japan to go and enjoy Oom Freddy’s birthday party with him – hahaha!
  • I have been hearing really lovely things from Nicola’s new teacher about her (of course). I must say I get a great kick out of it when a new teacher can see straight away what an amazing little girl she is, and they enjoy working together. That’s the best learning environment for her by far! She is the strictest teacher at the school, which is why she usually gets them the year before big school.
  • Talking about big school, I would feel a lot better if I could get my hands on a registration form for grade R at our school of choice. I emailed them earlier this week and they say I have to check in with them again end of March. Pffft…
  • I have found suspect things growing in the garden…which I plan to eradicate over the weekend before they spread to my container plants. Normally  I would just leave it and file it in my head under “not my problem” things, you know since we’re moving out there in less than two months – but this thing is very toxic, and literally grows like a weed (although not being actual weed this time at least), and in general it just upsets me to see it when I go outside for a smoke break. I do not want Nicola anywhere near it.
  • One of my cousins is getting married later on this month, to a lovely young lady called Leatitia. As you can imagine, her name comes up in discussion quite a bit – some of it regarding the wedding, the wedding cake, the upcoming bachelorette and so on. Well, Nicola has taken a liking to the name and decided to rename my parents’ husky (Diablo) to Leatitia – hahaha! We’re not allowing it, in case you were wondering, but it is a little bit funny. She says that my mom must make him a beautiful lady bird costume that he can wear to the dog show, where he will do amazing tricks and win the grand prize. (Unless there is a prize for eating avos and cherry tomatoes while being pretty or howling through kitchen windows, I don’t think he’s going to get it, shame…). Poor Diablo. Nicola is forever trying to rename him. Not too long ago she also renamed him Buster – for the exclusive purpose of being able to moan at him,  “Hey Buster! What do you think you’re doing?!”. (You’ll probably not be too surprised that the first thing she offered to do when she met our new landlord, was to rename all his dogs for him – and she doesn’t even know what their existing names are!) 😉

Now, you’ll have to excuse me…I have a serious case of the 14:00 slumps, partnered with the Friday lazies, and if I don’t go grab some coffee right this instant I am very likely to fall asleep behind my desk.

Hope you all have a super fantastic weekend – with lots of rest thrown in for good measure.

Ps! Is the post office still on strike? I can never tell if they’re on a go slow, or just pottering on at their regular speed. I’m waiting for a linen set I ordered online for Nicola’s new room and the anticipation is killing me…



  1. LOL! Your kid is so damn funny!
    Ja, I’m also never sure about the post office. Those folks really know how to draaaaaag things out!

    • Haha, yes! I am constantly amazed at the ideas she comes up with. 😉 On Feb 7, 2014 3:25 PM, “123 Blog Myself” wrote:


  2. I’ve been quiet because I’ve been reading at work and I can’t comment – it’s literally a quick pop over while shovelling down a sandwich… yes, full on into work again.

    miss you

    • Miss you too Marcia… On Feb 8, 2014 12:28 PM, “123 Blog Myself” wrote:


  3. LOL, I wonder what she’d want to name my pooches?
    I believe the SAPO is still on strike, and it infuriates me because I am not getting my subscription magazines!

    • Hahaha, I wonder too – maybe one day when she meets them we’ll find out. 😉

  4. Hi L.
    The Grade R, is it at a primary school? Reason I am asking, is that many parents who don’t enroll their kids at the Gr R at the primary school they are going to attend, have difficulties in enrolling their kids in a primary school comes Gr 1 registrations. So please be careful.
    Nicola is so funny.

    • That’s the plan. In any event she can’t do it at the pre-school where she is now, they don’t offer it. If I send her to one at the school she’ll go to the year after, then at least it will be a smaller adjustment (I think anyway).

      Nicola is a real card! 😆

  5. Jip they are on strike- a parcel for me has been sitting in Cape town where it was posted for two weeks!

    Best of luck with the school – just go there 3rd of Marchand demand a form.

    And here I thought avos where toxic for dogs?

    • Good plan. I might just do that. They MUST have the forms already, I don’t know why they need to be so full of beans about giving it to me.

      I heard that about the avos, but Diablo obviously doesn’t care at all. He picks his own, buries them until they’re nice and soft ripe, then he rinses them in the water feature and eats them up, pip and all. He’s been doing that for as long as he’s been alive (about 10 years now) and he’s in pretty good shape. His teeth are starting to go now, but the rest of him is still as feisty as a puppy.

  6. I have also had to wait for weeks for a parcel from Mapumalanga. I wish we could have a little bit of the rain you guys have been having…it is so dry here. Your Nicola is really one of a kind…and I can hear how much pleasure she gives you.

    • I see on the news they are now back at work…grrr…I wonder how long it will take for my package to come through now. *sigh*
      She’s my heart Lynette – I am very blessed to have her in my life. 😀

  7. I also wonder what she would call my dogs! Hope no mo migraine?

    I can just picture the conversation around going to Japan. Just thinking about it makes me laugh. Nicola is definitely a gem.

    School issues, good luck. I’ve been told I might be too late already. Go figure the little one is only just 3 months old

    • Hahaha…she is very fond of calling things Barbie. My parents are looking into getting a new puppy soon, and they want to get a girl staffie. Nicola who knows that staffies are the Jock of the bushveld dogs, now wants to call it Jock-Goldilocks (or the shortened form Jockilocks. 😆

      Head ache mostly gone…there was a hint of it this morning but I nipped it in the bud with some panado before it could get out of hand.

      What school are you looking at?! O_o I tried getting Nicola on the waiting list for my favourite school when she was two, the lady just laughed and laughed and laughed – and told me I can only do it once she was four. I know some people who look at private schools already put their kids on the waiting list before they’re even born, but I think that’s just ridiculous.

  8. LOL….she’s so funny! And yes, isn’t it DIVINE when teachers love our kids and can see their awesomeness? I LOVE that.
    We are having a heatwave down here. Right now I would give my kidney for some decent rain.

    • If I were you I’d definitely be spending a lot of time in the sea! I’ve heard how incredibly hot it is there at the moment. On Feb 27, 2014 9:34 PM, “123 Blog Myself” wrote:


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