30 January , 2014

I know right?! Two posts in one week – what the heck?! 😉

This is not a particularly important post. No earth shattering news or anything. I’ve just got something that I’ve been meaning to share in case it helps someone else, so here goes:

When people meet Nicola for the first time, they inevitably say, “Look at her beautiful hair!” and yes, it’s true – her hair is just lovely. There is one time of the day when I sometimes find it a little less than lovely and that is when I have to brush it, and tie it up for school. Long curly hair knots up like nobody’s business, and when even when I brush the gentlest strokes with the latest in no tears brushes, she often gives me a yelp and accuses me of pulling her brain!

All of this is very much un-fun, as you can imagine. I guess it’s true what they say, it really is painful to be beautiful?

We’ve been using (with greater than average success) the Organics Detangle Spray. It smells of green apples – and we love it!


However, I’ve noticed that bees love it even more than we do, especially if her hair gets wet! We’re swimming a lot these days, this is a big problem. I also don’t actually know if she has a chance of being allergic to bees, I’m not – but the other half of her genetic make-up bag is a bit of a mystery to me – so rather safe than sorry.

I decided to try out a little something to see if it would do the trick. I’ve taken the (now empty) detangle spray bottle, added a good generous dollop of my own conditioner, and filled it up with water. A couple of good shakes to mix everything up and ta-dah! It works like a charm (some might say it actually works even better than the one we used before – I haven’t been accused of brain yanking in almost a week now!).

So if you’re having the same problem, feel free to give it a bash. There now, don’t say I never told you anything. 😉



  1. Just plain old conditioner? Because E has super fine hair she just LOVES to rub against the pillow at night and I’m getting desperate.

    • Plain old normal conditioner – easy peasy. Try it and let me know if it works for you too. 😉

  2. Now if you would only share something for a bald gentleman…

    • I do actually have a sort of hair loss remedy too. One of my mom’s friends told us about it when she was going through chemo, and it worked a charm for her. Not only stopping hair loss, but actually growing in some new ones. Chuck some bergamot oil in the shampoo, and then there is another oil that one needs to massage the scalp with every day or second day, I forget now which – Alkod oil – it’s a green bottle with a little face on it (both oils available at the pharmacy).

      Some people can pull off a less than fluffy look though. 😉

      • I lost my hair nearly 30 years ago… I was only making a joke, there is no hope and I would rather be without it than have it,,, when young it was another matter, to comb hair now… no thanks… lol.. got a wife so don’t need to look smart for others…

  3. Waahahahaa! Love it! 🙂

  4. Thats very clever indeed!

  5. I’m going to try that for ME!

    Maybe I can save some money at the body shop 🙂 I pay R110 for leave-in product to make my curls look lovely so let’s see how this works!

    • Cool! I hope it works for you too. I’m actually sorry that I didn’t try this sooner.

  6. We actually do this with K 😉 It was one of the grannies who figured it out – it does work well for her too.

    • Fantastic! And her hair is even curlier than Nicola’s. 🙂

  7. And if you add a good shot of Lennons Bergamot essence it will keep away those stupid hair lice too!

    • Hahaha…true! We’re tying back every day now as an extra precaution. 😉

  8. Leane has super fine hair and it tangles terribly. Going to try this tomorrow (she is sleeping over tonight). I love it that Nicola says you pull her brain….too funny.

    • Let me know how it goes? *keeps fingers crossed*

  9. Whenever my youngster complains about hair pulling, I threaten her with the clippers. It’s super effective.

    • I tried that once with scissors…she said, “Fine! Cut it!”. Let’s just say I did not miss my calling as a hairdresser. Ended up having to go a lot shorter than I had in mind to get it even again.

  10. LOL…maybe I will try it for me? My beach hair gets FIERCE! Thanks for the tip.

    • You’re welcome. 🙂 Let me know if it helps? On Feb 27, 2014 9:35 PM, “123 Blog Myself” wrote:


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