Before you all think something happened to me, or that I’ve run out of data for the month – BIG ramble time!

28 January , 2014


Swimming: I’ve been teaching Nicola how to swim, myself (those who have seen me swim might find this particularly funny – since I’m actually more of a splasher myself).

Perhaps I should clarify how I’ve been doing this? I’ve been letting her teach herself, while I hang about in the pool really close to her where I can rescue her if she runs into trouble. So far it’s going amazingly well actually.

 We  started off by deflating the water wings a bit at a time for a couple of weeks, up to the point where they were almost more placebo water wings than actual floatation devices. Then we started slipping them off for a few minutes every time, just so she could get the feel of it good and proper.

The first time she attempted a doggy paddle, it lasted all of half a meter and she just barely kept her nose above water while the rest of her was furiously trying to move forward under the surface. It’s been amazing to see the progress though. She’s going to get this thing just fine, I’m not even a little bit worried about it. She now does laps! And it’s been probably all of two weeks since we started wing-less water-fun.

One of the things that I’ve found very interesting is to see what happens when we plonk some swim goggles on her. When Nicola swims head mostly above water, she does a little doggy paddle. When was the last time you tried swimming like that? It’s bloody hard work. Her arms gets tired, and feet only doesn’t get her anywhere very fast. However, the moment she swims underwater she automatically does something similar to a breast stroke (without anyone ever showing her how), and a pretty graceful one at that!

I am super impressed with how quickly she is learning how to swim. One of these fine days, she’s going to be a real pro.

Knock-knock, who’s there?: I’m sure everyone’s kids go through a phase where they start wondering how exactly babies make their appearance in this world?

Nicola is at that stage now. How it all came about was that my cousin’s wife had a little baby girl in this last week and Nicola wanted to go and visit them. I said we couldn’t go because they were still in hospital, so she wanted to know why – were they sick or did they have a sore back like I did when I stayed in hospital with my kidney stones. So I said no, the doctors usually keep new babies and their mommies in hospital a couple of days after they’re born to make sure everyone is okay, especially when they had to do a C-section on the mommy to get the baby out.

Obviously this led to, what’s a C-section questions – which I tried to explain best I could and I also told her that she was born in the same way. Fascinating stuff to her obviously.

After bath time she asked me if I could show her where the doctor cut me open to get her out, which I did. All fine, until she starts knocking on my belly and asking me if there are any more babies in there because she would really love a little brother or sister – hahaha! I’m taking this as a hint that I might want to take up some sort of ab-exercises in the near future?  


Of frogs and princes: It has been hinted at me that I should consider dating again at some point, possibly even considering getting married again one day and so on.

Well…I am not completely opposed to this idea, but it doesn’t keep me up at night either if you get my drift? To be honest, I actually have no idea where I would fit the time and attention needs of another person into my packed with commitments day to day life at this stage, plus Nicola is so curious about the missing bio-dad person at this point that I’m half scared she’ll BOND in a big way with whomever I present to her as a father figure and if it turns out that this person is in fact then not “the one”, it would be really hard on her – which I don’t want at all. I mean really?! How many fathers can a girl NOT have before you start taking it personally?

So, on the off chance that I am thinking too hard about all of this, I created an online dating profile (a friend of mine has been using this company and she seems very happy with it all)…

Yip. I’m pretty sure I’m right on the money with this one. People out there are downright peculiar at times. The messages I have been sifting through range from the sort of sweet/creepy to the absolutely obscene!

I’m pretty sure I’m going to be deleting this profile after this first month subscription I’ve already paid for- as in 100% sure actually. (I think when I go hunting, I like to be able to observe my prey in its natural habitat, and to circle it a few times before I decide whether it’s worth pouncing or not). 😉

Secret place: Yeah, we’re right back to where we were late last year and maybe even worse than that in some areas. This will not end well – I can tell.

And that, my dears, concludes my ramble for today. Unleash upon me all your comments, and feel free to giggle if anything struck you as particularly funny. Really…I don’t mind at all.



  1. Oi, I really do not wish the world of dating onto anyone! Its a scary place. But I love how you consider N and her possible attachment to any person most of all. Oh gosh and that picture of Princess Aurora with her tiara! Cute. My kids so wanted to see her

    • I’ve had to put my foot down when it comes to dressing Princess Aurora – no Barbie dresses! This was not a popular decision with Nicola, but it is what it is. 😉

      Yeah – the dating thing is a bit scary. I have to keep in mind that I am not alone in this, and any decisions i make will definitely affect Nicola’s future.

  2. we are at the knock-knock joke phase! They take books out the library dedicated to knock knock jokes! I would rather explain where babies came from in graphic detail than listen to another knock knock joke!!

    Dating – *sigh* – not as much fun as the movies make it out to be at all.

    • There are actual books on Knock-knock jokes?! O_o I don’t mind the graphic explanations of where babies come from, but at 4 I think we still stick to vague on that subject and colour it in a bit as she grows older. So far I have not had to explain how the baby gets in there in the first place…but I know it’s coming, one of these fine days.

  3. LOL at the knock knock stage… I’ve been there for a few years
    Oh dear re the secret place… hope it ends better than you think it will

    • *sigh* You and me BOTH!

      The second cat guy and I are at the stage in this working relationship where we can have two conversations at the same time, and we both know it. We are heading for a show down of double meanings, wit and sarcasm (also on his side, stupid questions). I think he enjoys my thinly veiled raised eyebrow, because the more I challenge him the more he pulls me in to his chaos.

      He thinks he’s going to make me his bitch…I know I am already a bitch, and I don’t belong to anyone. 😉

      It’s more complicated than that obviously – but this is about as much detail as I can get into.

  4. giggle..? giggle…? I fell off my chair laughing… the swimming lesson sound as though they are following the norm… the baby “where from” is your problem although I nearly choke when she knocks to find out if there are more in there… as for the dating thing, my God woman are you mad, the men that use that aren’t worth it… I would rather picture you circling a man in the street ready to pounce than hear you’ve been out with some of those que balls… loved this post…

    • If you think you were surprised, just imagine how I felt! Hahaha, having visions of myself prowling now – it’s not exactly like that, but sort of. Yeah, I haven’t encountered any winners on this online nonsense yet. I’m pretty sure it’s just not my cup of tea. *shrug*

  5. 😆 😆 😆 your curious little monkey. So mommy is there another one in there . That is just so funny.

    Hmmm the world of dating, good luck not easy as a single person and definitely so can’t be any easier when you have a little one to put into consideration.

    Morale must be at all time low at the secret place.

    • Hahaha, no…there isn’t!
      Morale is definitely not great at the moment, I think we might be heading for even more of that soon. I could really do with one of my exit strategies hatching right about now.

  6. okay, i cannot believe it! online dating!!!! but I don’t see anything wrong actually as long as you’re careful and wise about these things, and one thing about you, my friend – you are super street smart! (and you can defend yourself!)

    if you want to chat about the secret place, I’m listening…

    • Hahaha, I’m not cut out for it Marcia! I think I prefer my dating to follow a more traditional approach. 😉 And thanks for the compliment on the street smarts – love it – it’s so me!

      *sigh* Secret place…see the comment I made in reply to Jeanette? That’s just the tip of the ice berg unfortunately. I don’t even know where to begin. We need to organise a get together so that i can bend your ear in person.

  7. Congrats on the swimming lessons…can I hire you?
    On dating…I met Brad online…and he is my perfect match…so I hope you find your prince soon

    • Thank you – uhm…I don’t know if I’d have the nerve to teach someone else’s kid. You need a lot of trust between you two, and I already know all Nicola’s tells and how she reacts when she needs help. That’s why i can step back and let her sort of teach herself while I watch and hover on the side lines.

      We could come over for a swim and you can see how I do it if you want, maybe you would be the better person to teach her, or B?

      You two met online? Wow…there’s always that one success story, isn’t there? 🙂 i know a couple of people who have met their match that way, but not many…

  8. Wow…she is doing good with the swimming…clever mamma. I thought the knock-knock thing was more a boy thing…by little grandsons are both at it at the moment.

    Quite honestly I don’t know where people get the time or patience to go on the dating game. B is also not getting into it at the moment…do you think she is always going to stay at home?

    • Normal knock-knock is still one thing – but knock-knocking my belly to see if a sibbling might be hiding out there is quite another! 😉

  9. You’re incredibly brave…I’ve never had the guts to even attempt online dating. I’ve only ever heard horror stories O_o

    • How would I know if I didn’t try it? 😉 It’s not for me though – I can now say that with certainty.

  10. Yay for the swimming!
    I so hear you on the dating thing… Fears and all.
    Years ago I signed up for an online dating service, paid for a 3 month subscription, and deleted my profile after a month. I did this twice, with about a year or so inbetween attempts. The messages I was getting were ludicrous, from stalkerish to gross. And none from the kind of people I specified in my profile at all!

    • That’s exactly what’s been happening to me. Plus the HR guy found me in there…just no.

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