Seen arounds – and a small ramble

25 January , 2014


Vanity plate.


Funny sign: Oriental Scrapyard VW Staters, Altonators, Gearboxes, Engenes, Bumpers, Fender. (which I’m assuming should have read: Starters, Alternators, Gearboxes, Engines, Bumpers and Fenders?)


Flowers at Secret Place’s year end function.


Funny/Rude my family sticker. Mwahaha! Guess they’re still trying for those other stickers? 😉


O+ coming up! Winking smile


More vanity plates.


The wall that didn’t make it through that big storm, at my parents’ place. It’s a big mess! And of course all the contractors are closed until mid January – so my dad covered it up with a bit of canvas to keep the dogs in (unsuccesfully). We now have time share on Diablo, because he likes to wander over there for a visit with the neighbours.

Now for the small ramble

It appears that we have now reached a new developmental stage in the pink terrorist’s upbringing. I like to refer to this phase as the Extremely Embarrassed Parent phase, or EEP if you want.

Yesterday, when I stop at her school to pick her up she met me at the gate. One of her little friends, and this friend’s mother were just heading out so I held the gate open for them. Nicola, out of nowhere, pipes up as they’re passing by, “D se mamma is baie vet!” (D’s mom is very fat). Oh my gosh, I thought the earth was going to swallow me whole! I don’t know where the hell she’s picking this kind of thing up either, because we NEVER talk about people like that. So, thank you to whomever sends their children to school with this kind of thing – I can already tell it’s going to take a fair bit of effort to get rid of it again.

I gave her stern talking to about manners, and expleined how very sad that was going to make D’s mom after hearing that. I even mentioned that even if you say something like that and it’s true, it’s just not polite to do so. If you’re going to make a comment about someone, rather let it be about something nice about them…like she could have said D’s mom is always so friendly – because she is.

She promised me high and low she would never say something like that again, and she was very sorry that she hurt that lady’s feelings. I thought we had put the whole thing to bed, until we walked into my parents’ house and the first thing she tells my mom as we walk in is, “D se mamma is baie vet!”. After that she just got a smack on the bum – talking obviously wasn’t doing the trick.

In other (more positive) exciting news: I believe we have found a new nest! It’s a rental again, and only from later on in the year – which suits me fine because then I have plenty of time to pack up and get ready. It’s probably got about double the space that we currently have, and definitely more than tripple the cupboard space. Plus our very own little piece of garden. I am so excited about this, you just have no idea! Dedicated under-cover parking where no one will park in the drive way and block my way in or out and all of my major appliances can actually fit inside the house (at the moment our washing machine is outside and just drains to wherever gravity lets it).

The deposit’s been paid already and I’m dropping off the contact later today. I imagine by tomorrow I’ll know if it’s a sure thing (there were a few spelling mistakes in the contract and I couldn’t resist fixing them, so hopefully the new landlord won’t take that to personally).



  1. What a great post… where you moving to? and Mom you must remember Kids say the darn-est things… they just say it to embarrass the hell out of you… Glad she got the smack, too many parents don’t know how good that works…

    • We’re moving to another cottage, but one with a lot more space. I wanted to buy, but the places I can afford at the moment are not the places where I could see myself living…maybe next year.

      I know. 😉 The first time she said it, I assumed that she just didn’t know how rude it was…the second time was after I had explained it already and she promised – hence the smack on the bum.

    • Oops! Just saw I accidentally.back dated this to 2013! *fixes*

  2. Spear the rod once, second time it comes out! Just saying.

    Sometimes I wonder where they hear these things from. We adults need to be more careful what we say around them …

    Ha ha ha ha ha those plate numbers never cease to amaze me.

    • I really have no idea where she picked that up – but I suppose it’s all part of growing up. You can’t exactly avoid these kinds of observations, now she knows that it’s quite rude to make them.

      I am having a grand time photographing odd variations of number plates and stickers at the moment. I got some funny new ones over the weekend – maybe I’ll post them later this week. 😉

  3. YAY about the new nest!! Awesome news :))

    • *does make believe cartwheels*
      I am really ridiculously excited about our new nest. 😀

  4. We also had this stage with our children. It’s such an embarrassing stage to go through but after we had a stern talk with them as well, they never did it again. I am sure Nicola won’t do it again. They do get the message after such a talk the first time.
    I am so happy for the two of you with regards to the rental property later on this year.

    • Let’s hope you’re right on her not saying these kinds of things again.
      Thank you! 🙂

  5. Oi yes, and L just have no social skills at all! So I know what you are saying. They do outgrow it if you make them aware as you obviously did.

    Great news on the move!

    • Glad I’m not the only one dealing with this – I’ll let you know if it happens again or nor (really hoping not).
      Thanks! 🙂

  6. So exciting about your new place! Can’t wait to hear all about it … and then visit once you’re settled, of course 🙂

    • Yes! Once we’re settled in you definitely have to come visit.

      I can tell you a bit about it though. It’s a duplex garden cottage. Bottom level = lounge, kitchen, bathroom, lots of storage space. Upper level = big L-shaped bedroom that I’m going to convert into sort of two rooms, one for me and one for N, and another bathroom, more cupboards galore. The garden is not very big and sort of triangular shaped, but it’s completely private – you actually can’t look in on it from anywhere except our cottage – which is just perfect.

      I think we are going to enjoy living there, except maybe for the traffic – but we’ll leave a few minutes earlier and hopefully that will be enough.

      • that sounds PERFECT!!!!

        I thought my comment posted the other day from the ipad – apparently not!

        how much later this year? So excited for you and all that STORAGE!!!!! and then we need to plan a housewarming!

  7. Marcia, no one is more excited about the storage than I am! Maybe now my shoes can move out of the foling cabinet? 😉
    Most definitely we will have to do a housewarming once we’re settled in!

  8. I am so happy for you that you found a new nest. All our children go through a fase where they embarrass us. I can remember a few times that I wanted the earth to swallow me 😀

    • 😆 I guess it’s all part of the process, right?
      Thanks! i’m really looking forward to the move.

  9. Yay for a new home! Moving, when it’s to a much better place, is always exciting….even though it’s hard work and stressful at the same time:)

    • This one is going to be even more so, because I can probably only move on the Tuesday – i would have preferred to have a whole weekend to settle in. Oh well, it is what it is – I did ask the landlord if he could try and make it happen for us the weekend before, but he couldn’t promise me anything.

  10. Oh how wonderful that you’ve got a new place! So exciting!

    • I can’t wait! 🙂

  11. And I LOVE the sign! I am always on the lookout for odd spelling on billboards and adverts!

    • I know. I always enjoy your engrish and pnp ones. Also the catridge one was pretty funny. 🙂

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