As simple as that

16 January , 2014

Last week one day, after picking Nicola up from school I had a moment of pure I’m-not-ready-for-this panic!

We were sitting in the car, chatting away as usual, and all of a sudden she tells me, “I have a boyfriend now, did you know that?” I whip out my best poker face and say, “No, I didn’t know that. That’s nice…what’s his name?” She tells me and it’s not even one of the kids that I know from her class. I ask, “So why do you say that he’s your boyfriend?” and brace myself for the worst. “Well, because L (her best friend currently) wasn’t at school today and I played with Z (the young man in question), and he’s a boy – so now he’s my boyfriend.”

Sjoe! Hahaha, thank goodness! I’m so not ready for THAT conversation yet. I’m really hoping we have at least another 6 – 12 years before we get to that! 😉

Ps! We were at my parents last night and Nicola convinced my dad to set up the “nap-packer” in front of the TV after dinner. And then she convinced me that I needed to lie on it with her (I wasn’t all that hard to convince really). I very nearly fell asleep right there, it was lovely.

So far, this week has been much more fun than last week for me. How is your week treating you?




  1. You were young once… when did you start with the boyfriends.??? Now hope for the best with Nicola… 6 – 12 years is pushing it a bit far, isn’t it… ?? LOL

    • Hahaha…of course I had a crush or two in primary school, but my first proper boyfriend was when I was 15. Also, calling him proper might be a bit kind. 😉

      I guess we’ll just have to play it by ear when the time comes?

  2. LOL! Yes, I could see how that conversation would have been exhausting! ;-P
    You guys look awfully comfortable. Brilliant idea!

    • We were SUPER comfortable in that hammock! Have you had that conversation with any of your babies yet?

  3. I got a fright! No talk of boyfriends yet pls Princess Nicola. She’s such a caring soul she knows mommy has been I’ll and needs her beauty rest.

    Glad you are better but hope you are taking it easy and drinking your fair share of water

    • I am drinking so much water it’s half coming out of my ears! I am taking it very easy, thanks. Still managed to hit all my secret place deadlines this week, which I’m quite proud about – but every day at about lunch time or slightly after at least one person has said that I look as if I should still be in bed resting. Guess I don’t look as glamorous as I feel huh? 😉

  4. Believe me…you are never going to be ready for that conversation. That little one can convince her Oupa to do anything it would appear…now that I can identify with. I see it all the time.

    • Hahaha, I think I’d be more ready if I knew she was a black belt in some martial arts of some sorts? 😉
      Yip, Nicola can convince her Oupa to do just about anything – even watch cartoons instead of rugby, that should tell you a lot!

  5. It wouldn’t take much convincing on my part. I encourage mine to put me in time out …. 🙂

    thank goodness it’s an innocent bf at this stage…

    • Hahaha, just trying to visualise you in time out. 😉 You don’t get to take toys into time out Marcia, and no organising while you’re there either. 😛

  6. That nappacker do look very comfortable.
    I am glad that it’s not time for that conversation yet 🙂

    • It is! Yip, you and me both! 😆

  7. Hhmmm… I wonder if I can get away with furnishing my lounge with those hammock things? 😛

    • You could start a new craze…hehehe. They are kind of HUGE though.

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