Seen around (from last year) and a bit of a rant

14 January , 2014

Probably not that much of a surprise to you, since you know how far behind I am with my photos. Anyhoo, here goes:

2013-10-23 14.55.06

My dish washing liquid was blowing bubbles at me while I was cleaning up – thought I’d try my hand at some black and white something. What do you think? Winking smile


Giant open unused deck on the 5th floor of the secret place. Pretty but useless. This really does not get used for a single thing…ever. I never realised how many people had a fear of heights until I started working here.


Captain obvious was making signs at PnP I see…on the left you have the yellow hyper bananas and on the right their much calmer cousins – the green ones. Love how they’re selling it as if green ones that ripen up don’t just get pushed over to the hyper side. No really, it’s a totally different thing! 😉


King protea at my folks’ place.


Yeah right! Winking smile


Wonder if this is SO SO HOT! or So-so hot?


Raindrops on the smoking balcony railing.


My crystal ball, left to me by an ex colleague – along with my box of tissues, good for emotional outbursts and colds alike.


Beautiful clouds…

And then one picture (not mine) from this year:

I am still casually browing all property websites both for sales and rentals. You never know when the right one will be waiting there, ready for me to pounce on.

Anyway, THIS photo irritates the hell out of me – so if you know the agent who-dunnit, please let them know that I’m sending them a virtual smack upside the head.

You think you’re being cute with this wierd perspective thingy that you’re adding to photos to make the post box sized houses look bigger…you’re not. You’re f-ing annoying.

Unfortunately this method seems to be catching, that’s why i’ve decided to have a little moan about it today – just in case you were wondering. Late last year I saw one like this and thought, what an idiot – but yesterday I saw at least 10! All on different websites!

So annoying, grrrr…




  1. Glo dit of nie, my nommerplaat is ook SHY. I don’t like it 🙂 Love the pics dahling!

    • Hahaha…BUT…do you drive a SHY Crossfire? 😉

  2. Love the king protea…beautiful. I always end up wondering mabout the people behind those personalised number plates. I hope you find the perfect nest for you and Nicola this year.

    • Me too, that’s why I take the photos and try to make up my own story behind them. 😉 Thanks, i’m sure we will!

  3. Don’t buy or rent that place… and if you find the agent klap them for me as well…

    • I’m definitely NOT taking it – will do. What a muppet…

  4. Argh estate agent photos are the WORST! We saw a stunning house but from the pictures it looked like a dump, honestly it was almost like she didn’t want to sell the house!

    I like the rain drop shot 🙂

    • They really should give them a few pointers before they send them out there to take photos. It’s obviously not as obvious as they think it is?

      Thanks! 🙂

  5. I browsed for a few hours (6ish) over two days last year and was HORRIFIED at the photos people put up. Seriously, do you want to sell the house or not? Tidy up, throw your stuff in the cupboards, do something. I wouldn’t even WALK into some of those houses. once I walked into a house, made a u-turn and walked right out. Too full of stuff to see the HOUSE!

    my personal favourite are completely empty houses – oh, I love them!

    and I LOVE the green banana photos – please take more from Captain Obvious 🙂 xxx

    • I like the empty photos ones too, but I do find if they have a few pieces of furniture in there it helps a bit with the scale of things. Empty places tend to look a bit bigger than they actually are.

      Hahaha, if I spot more Captain Obvious things of course I will! 🙂

  6. I’m fairly certain estate agents do a course in “fooling photography” before they’re allowed to work. Feeling your pain on this one.

    • I like to think that it’s just one rogue idiot, but I’m probably wrong. *sigh*

  7. A photo speaks volumes but unfortunately I’ve learnt to to trust pictures. We once went out of town to a “lovely” pictures B&B. It was horrible to say the least so much so we forfeited a days’s rate .

    I love viewing houses and it helps if it is properly staged to give one an idea of the real size

    • Yip…looks can be deceiving! I guess it’s the same everywhere – if you look at food ads for instance, they rarely even resemble what you get when you order it.

  8. So what does your crystal ball do!??!?!

    • It spins! And then I make predictions. 😉 Totally unrelated, but it’s nice to have a prop.

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