Meet my little friend

7 January , 2014


We’re kicking this week off with a little stay in hospital. Stupid kidney stones…



  1. Ag nee…wat ‘n manier om die nuwe jaar te begin. Gebede van spoedige beterskap word vir jou gebid xxx

  2. Ag nee…wat β€˜n manier om die nuwe jaar te begin. Gebede van spoedige beterskap word vir jou gebid xxx

    • Baie dankie. Ek is seker ek sal gou weer op die been wees.

  3. Oh my goodness! You must be in so much pain. I’m so sorry. Will pray that you get better ASAP. xxx

    • Yesterday’s pain was unbearable…today is MUCH better. They’re keeping me here for another night and hopefully the stone will out by then.

  4. There are far easier ways to extend your break. :/ Feel better soon!!

    • Thanks. I’m hopefully getting out of here today – can’t wait!

      • So are you free? Recovered? Does poor N know you’re still alive!

      • Hahaha, I’m alive…Nicola is very glad to have me home. As for being free, I’m not sure. My stone splintered and is exiting in stages.

      • O. M. G.

  5. Oh how I feel for you … had a few myself and want to die every time… (you know what men are like?)… very painful and unwanted… (the stones I mean not the men)

    • It hurts like hell when one of these rocks appear. And when you see the size of it, it feels unreal that something so small can cause so.much havoc!

  6. OUCH!!!!!! Sounds so sore!!! And like Mandy says, you could have just put in for extra leave. At least this is SICK leave πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    Where are you? (email me!!!)

    Is N with your parents? What do you need? Can I send over a pizza or something (what else does Mr Delivery do?)

    PS I LOVE it when you speak Afrikaans (you and Lynette!). I’m eavesdropping shamelessly πŸ™‚ Ek is ook seker jy sal sommer gou op die been wees πŸ™‚ (op die been? really?)

    • Hahaha, yip…op die been. πŸ˜‰

      Nicola is with my parents until I get out, but as you can imagine she is very traumatised by the whole thing. Monday night she kept pleading with me not to die!

      I’m at Wilgeheuwel hospital…but hopefully I’ll be set loose this morning after breakfast.

  7. PPS I sound far too chipper on such a serious post. I think it’s because I’m HUSTLING!

    • Chipper is good if you ask me. πŸ˜‰

  8. Oh no, I was just thinking you were quiet but thought it was holiday hang over. So sorry hope you are feeling better already. How’s N?

    • I’m feeling MUCH better thanks. Nicola is scared and keeps asking me why I’m not home yet.

  9. Aggenee!

    • Jy kan dit gerus weer se^…

  10. Oh dear:( Sorry you’re off to a bit of a tough start. Hoping 2014 can only improve from here.

    • Thanks my friend, I have a feeling you might be right about that…

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