A beatiful storm

29 November , 2013










You can see how it progressed from these photos I took on my way to fetch Nicola from school.

At two points I had to pull my blue canoo over to the side of the river due to the golf bal sizes hailstones coming down. I thought it might take out the wind screen so I hid under biggish trees, hazards on, towel over my face for a few minutes until I remembered trees aren’t exactly safe to be under with the lightning either (picked a smaller tree second time round).

When I finally made it to the school I was stuck in the car for another half hour waiting for the ice to stop raining down, so I could make a dash for the door.

I didn’t get photos of the hail stones (because I wasn’t getting out of the car just to be brained by something like that – it was a towel, not a cape!).

Miraculously we’re all in tact and so is the car.

Did you get hit? Is everyone okay?



  1. Wow … heard of the storms and even saw on FB that someone had their voor ruit smashed by the golf balls… it sure looks wet where you were… we had the rain, but not so kwaai, also the hail stones, but not that big…

  2. My dogter en haar verloofde het gister in die storm ingery, oppad na Pretoria, maar gelukkig nie enige haelskade nie. Shame, hulle kom uit die droë Karoo 🙂

  3. I managed to get under cover before it hit but my mil had all 3 kids and they got caught in it – poor Jack as suitably upset from the noise but it was impressive indeed!

  4. I was on the East Rand and was DRENCHED running about 50 m to my car. And then I drove home at about 60 m (on the highway) because visibility was so bad.

    Got home, dried off a bit and had tea, and then had to brave that weather again but the second trip was mostly okay. At least dryish but tons of traffic!

  5. I saw some pics of the hail stones. Scary big. I hate driving in the rain and fortunately we don’t have hail storms here, which is good as people in PE can’t drive in the rain, I don’t even want to think what their driving skills would be like in hectic conditions like the one you drove in.

  6. Hectic storms this year!

  7. Gosh, these shots are BEAUTIFUL. I love storms and can watch them for HOURS.

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