Quick ramble and more…

28 November , 2013

I am sooooo tired!

Seriously, I can’t wait for my leave to start and it feels like there are still months between me and the 19th of December. I think it must just be that time of the year? I can’t be the only person to feel this way?

I can do this…with sufficient amounts of coffee. The tea ladies around secret place’s first floor are conspiring against me though – or that’s what it feels like anyway. I think they are also gatvol of washing cups, so they hide them. People walk in, see there are no cups and decide to come back later. I’ve seen it happen, promise. Can’t say I blame them – except that I want my damn coffee man!

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

Yesterday was payday, and also grocery shopping day. We came across this singing ginger bread man toy and Nicola fell instantly in love with it so I bought it. We’ve been jinglebelling it up since the moment she saw it till this morning when we left home, it feels like non-stop. I don’t mind really (although I am not above removing the batteries when I do start minding). All it’s done is make me really eager to get the tree up, but we always do that on the 1st of December. Can’t wait for Sunday when we get to do that!

My Christmas shopping is just about done. I have a few smalls still to do, and then the big wrap and hide naturally. Also, the shirts that I’m painting for Nicola are coming along brilliantly. One is completely done and just needs the ironing to set the colours, the other is about halfway done. Since I don’t particularly like ironing I think I’ll just wait until they’re both finished before I talk myself into that.  (I’ll show you my handiwork when they’re all finished).

Ooh, and cards! I’m not even halfway with the making of all the cards I actually want to send out by next week already. I’m pinching Marcia’s tree card idea though, so hopefully I can get them all done quicker that way.

Secret place bah humbugs…

Work is work. Second cat has giving me a wild goose chase to complete, which has very little to do with what I actually do around here. Whatever, there really is no point in getting frustrated with him, so I’ll just plod along with this on the side. I’m busy reading loads of documentation on it and when I’m done with that I’ll go talk to the people he thought might want to contribute, two of the three have already indicated they’d rather chew their legs off than get stuck in that kind of discussion. I think this might take a while, and I should probably chat to him along the way to see if he wants to know what the process is meant to be or what the process is. If it’s about what it is, it will be a very short exercise – if it’s about what it’s meant to be I could make a career out of this assignment!

You can probably already tell that there is going to be a problem? 😉


Being serenaded by my pink terrorist…

Ps! You might remember from my previous bullets post that Nicola wants to meet her dad?

He wrote back with a maybe, but let’s talk about this first – so we’ll see how that goes. I imagine he might be curious about what I’ve told her about him so far, and possibly what I want from him out of this meeting, and going forward after that? These are valid questions to have, and he’ll probably be pleasantly surprised by my answers.

This is a pretty big deal to me at the moment as you can imagine – I am obviously not getting Nicola’s hopes up until it actually happens, but I told her that she can write him a letter if she wants to, and I’ll help her.



  1. you and me both with the tiredness. you have 3 weeks left of work. print an outlook calendar and start marking off those days 🙂 🙂

    the dad thing would freak me out – you’re very brave.

    • I’m marking off on two! 😉

      It’s nerve wrecking…but I hope she gets what she needs from this, if I can make it happen.

  2. Wow the Dad thing brings back memories of when my niece wanted to meet her Dad… it did not go down well with the family but for one thing it satisfied my nieces curiosity and cured the need … they never met again… 19th Dec for your Hols… just around the corner… lol

    • Top prize I guess would be for her to either have a relationship with him, or something similar to your niece. We’ll see what happens either way…

      I can’t wait! 🙂

  3. Its the end of the year exhaustion!
    I want to say “sorry he replied like that” but I do know that as hard as it is you have to put your feelings aside for them but it is not easy!

    • Exactly that… 🙂

  4. I wouldn’t mind a holiday at this time of the year, but it ain’t happening.

    You probably know that my daughter is adopted. She met her biological father during her time of rebellion at the age of 21. She wasn’t charmed. I think she liked the “idea” of him more than she liked him. After that she decided that she actually really likes Kobus.
    I hope things work out okay for Nicola.

    • Thank you – I hope so too.

  5. Oh man. This end of year exhaustion is just too much! I go off on 13/12 and get back on 07/01 I think. I CANNOT WAIT! Sjoe.
    Don’t quite know what to say about the sperm donor. Maybe a meeting will be a good thing so that you can set boundaries first time.

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