There needs to be a loooong chatty post, with a lot of updates, photos and what not – this isn’t that post

21 November , 2013

I am actually not feeling very talkative at all, so sorry for my lack of updates, comments and replies this last week or so.

I do however have some bullets if you’re interested?

  • The work situation and atmosphere is unpleasant at the moment, to say the least.
  • Amidst all the letting go that’s been happening, we are still apparently having a year-end function tomorrow and required to dress up no less.
  • I got a job offer from Steamcleaner this week.
  • It’s in Cape Town, so as much as I’d love to work with her again, not an option unfortunately.
  • It’s been an awful eye week for me…Tuesday my one eye was halfway swollen shut for no apparent reason (also I felt rather ill and went home early)…Wednesday swelling was gone but both eyes itchy as hell…today they are red because I had a moment after reading a snarky email from a group secret agent to me on something which is really out of my control, but apparently makes him look stupid so he needs an emotional punching bag (I’m not even going to reply to that, because I have nothing nice to say).
  • I randomly picked someone and had a proper vent in their office today.
  • He unexpectedly found some long forgotten box of tissues in his drawer, and said I was welcome to do this again any time.
  • Nicola wants to meet her dad, she says she misses him.
  • He hasn’t responded to my mail about it, so either the feeling isn’t mutual or he’s taking a couple of months to think about it.
  • I’ve designed the cutest t-shirts for Nicola as part of her birthday and Christmas gifts this year – I just know she’s going to love them!
  • I’ve ordered the fabric paint online, and I’m probably only getting it next week.
  • People close to me have been sharing their ups and downs with me. I feel great knowing that I’m that call to them, I won’t lie. It’s my thing. 😉
  • My washing machine will not spin the water out properly unless it is exactly level.
  • It’s now standing outside because the landlord is converting the garage to another flat – and outside is not exactly level anywhere so it has to get propped up with all manner of interesting things to try and achieve the mythical “level”
  • The blood people are coming around again next week for donations.
  • Last time my blood pressure was a bit on the low side and they almost had to milk my veins to get what they need out of it – if it’s low-ish again this time I might skip this donation or try to work up some anger to try and raise it?
  • I would not really list this particular week as outstanding, but to put it all in perspective my colleague’s mother-in-law passed away yesterday after being very ill for very long. She expected/dreaded the call from the hospital for weeks now – but she still completely lost it went it happened. It was actually very upsetting for me to see her like that. In comparison, my week’s been bloody marvellous! That’s perspective for you…


Picture: This is Nicola, wearing a shirt I painted a few years ago. Still one of her all time favourites! When I took this photo I was just struck by how grown up my baby looks. Can you believe my pink terrorist is turning four in a few weeks?!



  1. So glad you are at least breaking the silence. I was challenged today. I shared that we are doing a spiritual Leadership Training School at the mission…and today the subject was the Cinderella Syndrome…you know, that feeling that you will be happen when this…or that has happened. The way we put our happiness and joy on hold to just work through the next crisis or bad patch in our lives. The challenge is to find something good and positive in all of that and LIVE this life…not just survive it….hanging on for dear life.

    I pray that things will work itself out and that this is just “end of year” nonsense we are struggling with.

    Your princess is growing much too quickly.

    • You are so right…thanks!

  2. She is gorgeous and I was struck at how grown-up she looks and then I read the bottom.

    Okay, is it going to be at all possible to have an early supper next week somewhere on the way home for you and near…ish for me too? That Rosebank thing from ages ago we’ve been trying to have. I think we need a long chat!

    I miss you terribly!!!

    YES to the perspective. Sadly I’ve been chanting to myself “at least I’m alive and my family is healthy”

    • Miss you too Marcia!

      This week is a bit of a mess, but I definitely think we need a nice long visit. Are you off at all over December?

  3. 4! Nooooooo! All of our babies are growing! I’ve recently found myself just staring at my ladies noticing how they have seemingly been mature overnight. Sigh.

    • It happens in the blink of an eye, doesn’t it?

  4. Letting people go and year end function don’t seem to make sense. Guess someone wasn’t thinking.
    Hope you are doing much better?

    • I’m okay…hanging in there. I just find myself being very emotional at the moment – maybe I am just tired and need a good long break of all the drama?

  5. Ai my friend, I do hope things get better for you soon. Lots of love

    • Thank you! xxx

  6. Did you donate blood? I love that picture of her too. Her hair’s gorgeous. I’m sorry that you are not having a good time at work. You are ON my prayer list. xx

    • Thank you. Yes, I did! 🙂 4:45 minutes to fill my bag – might be my personal best so far.

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