Photo catch up post: Ouma and Nicola – kitchen shenanigans

12 November , 2013

These two really like to get their bake on! 😉



In other completely unrelated news, Section 189 letters went out at secret place today. So far I haven’t been given one (yet?), but the morale here is pretty bleak at the moment as you can imagine.

I don’t imagine there is ever a good time to lose your job, but Decembers are particularly brutal in my opinion.



  1. Oh my hat, I didn’t know that’s what they were called. Hectic and sorry!!! That is quite brutal… Unless they’re paying tons extra and the affected ppl can all go relax early!

    • They’re definitely not doing that.

  2. Oh no! That’s not good 😦

  3. I have to google section 189. Never heard it before!!! But it doesn’t sound good.

    I know where to place orders for cupcakes when the time comes! From Princess & Ouma bakery 😆

  4. Oh gosh, here I see the little note I missed….

  5. Sjoe. I only experienced it once and it still gives me nightmares. So glad you didn’t get one!

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