So this is almost four

8 November , 2013


My daughter does the sweetest things lately (well, she always has – but here are the latest).

 If you spill something or do something wrong and you say sorry, she says, “That’s okay mommy, everyone makes mistakes.” Doesn’t that just floor you? I wish that was my default reaction – I’m definitely going to try and make it so. I think it might just be the most beautiful thing you can say to someone when they’ve made a mess of things and I find it very humbling when she says it to me.

The other things she does is that when you are scolding her about something -like squishing the hamster too hard (even if it was with a hug or a kiss), tipping almost all the bath water out on the floor with a plastic bath-toy (because she was putting out a make believe fire), or nagging for something to drink for what feels like millionth time two hours after it was officially an hour after bedtime – she just scoots over and gives you a hug and a kiss.

Really, there’s no arguing with that response when you’re in the middle of a tirade about something that’s actually pretty stupid. Just get up and go get the water! (I’m such a push over at times – don’t tell anyone, you’ll ruin my reputation).

There is nothing that feels even nearly as good as when she wraps her little arms tightly around your neck and says, “Mamma, ek is baie baie baie baie BAIE lief vir jou! Mwah!”.

She really makes me laugh, that Nicola. What an amazing little girl! I can’t take the credit for who she’s turning out to be. She is just inherently awesome, and I am lucky enough to be able to watch from the sidelines, and from time to time I get to guide a little.

So far, this is definitely my favourite age. The tantrums are A LOT less than at 2, you can actually reason with her, and the basic rules have all been nailed down already so you only have the little things to tweak. Once you can actually get her to settle down and stop “being thirsty” she sleeps all night long and even late on occasion (late being 7:30-ish) and of course no one misses diapers at all either, do they? 😉 Plus there’s a lot of singing. Our day definitely has an unique sound track. Nicola goes through life making up her own little songs about anything and everything (she gets that from me by the way).

Sure, this age also comes with more of the “I can do for myself!” even when she can’t yet really, and the “No, I don’t want to!”, but stubborn and independent I can handle (well, most days and almost always when I agree with the underlying principles), in fact I encourage that kind of thing whenever I can. No really, I do!

So, I know each age comes with its own pros and cons, but what has been your favourite so far and why?



  1. I don’t agree – you can take ALL the credit for who she is turning out to be. Ek dink jy is ‘n awesome ma vir haar 🙂

    • Ag dankie Son! Jy’s dierbaar. xxx 🙂

    • 100% agree with this comment!!!

      • Thank you Marcia, that’s very sweet of you to say. xxx

  2. My favourite age was when they started communicating with me (1 – 2 years). I LOVED IT after getting nothing for so long!

    I’m reading your 4-year-old, wild and wonderful………… specifically to better manage the 4s….. 🙂

    • I thought you had sign language before that even?

      How are you finding the book? Anything useful in it?

  3. Aw man she sounds too flippen cute :))

    Jack does that “I am going to be cute while you shout at me” thing now too! I must say I am enjoying him now – the talking is just too much – he tells us the other night there is a HUGE BUG in his room we must get it – I didn’t even know he knew the word huge.

    • They pick up vocabulary like little sponges, that’s for sure!

      Nicola has a couple of big words that she favours at the strangest times. She doesn’t for instance refer to octopus, no – instead it’s a verocious sea monster! She doesn’t say something is good, it’s marvelous or excellent!

      Hahaha, it’s very cute. I’m not complaining at all, these words will come in very handy in future and she can continously build on it.

  4. Ons leer so baie by die kleingoed. You ard an awesome mom when your child turns out awesome. Remember that they only do what you teach them. I have grandbabies of varied ages and my favourite is the 3-5 stage when you an start reasoning with them and they can communicate their needs.

    • Thank you for saying that. 🙂 She comes up with a lot of these things herself though. It comes down to that age old thing of nature vs nurture, doesn’t it?

  5. Too cute, those lovely words and actions is enough to melt even the toughest of souls. And my friend you can take a lot of credit for having such a lovely and well mannered little princess

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