A really good weekend – fun, fresh air, friends, freakin rest and fabulous food!

4 November , 2013

It was such a good weekend that I really feel I should start telling from Thursday!

Remember I told you that my mom made us a whole bunch of cupcakes for the fund raisers we were doing to fix up that school? Well, they are so good that everyone at the secret place keeps asking me if my mom will take orders and she’s finally decided that she will.

So on Thursday I delivered the first batch of 36 to an extremely happy customer. She wanted half orange flavoured and half passion fruit flavoured. Of course Nicola helped with the decorating…by far her most favourite part of the whole baking experience!


On Friday I was beyond tired. I hardly got any sleep at all because the neighbour’s stupid cat is on heat so all night long it was MEEEEEEAAAAAOUW, growling and general unpleasantness from right outside.

You get used to proper sleep so quickly again once your little person starts sleeping like a normal person, so I ended up looking so terrible at the office that my new sort of manager actually sent me home at lunch time to go have a nap – win!

We had dinner at my folks on Friday and Nicola kept going on and on about something called a nap-packer. It took us quite some time to figure out what she was actually talking about was a hammock and then we remembered that we still had two of those stashed away in the garage from way back when.

She’s more than happy to call it a “hangmat” in Afrikaans, but there is no way she’s giving up the word nap-packer for something as pedestrian as hammock. We all had to take a spin in it in front of the TV (these come with their own frames so no need to find a suitable palm tree or anything) and it was hard work keeping my eyes open after the Thursday night I had, but I just managed.

We are going to be spending some quality time on those nap-packers come December – I am so excited!  😀


Saturday morning we did a stroll through the Botanical gardens with my good pal L. We showed her the waterfall, and soaked in some much needed GREEN. Just lovely, and exactly what I needed.


We also got to see the local wildlife stalking each other in that special Spring-has-sprung kind of way, but it looked like the pursuer (I’m going to go ahead and say it was a he) was trying to tip the other one over (and I’m assuming it was the she). Nicola gave them a stern talking to about fighting, and as soon as she made a run for it we decided to move along swiftly before he caught her and I needed to launch into my first round of the birds and bees talks. 😉




What would a trip to the gardens be without the traditional ice cream? Hot and unsatisfying, that’s what! We weren’t going to do that. L was a bit camera shy, but I have lots of experience capturing camera shy, so I got this one by pretending to take Nicola’s photo, hehehe…




She was telling everyone after this that we saw turtles, a cuckutoo and a hadeda – but no monkeys. We actually saw a guinea fowl, not a cuckutoo…but definitely no monkeys. 😉

Some clowning around pics from Saturday afternoon.



Sunday morning we had a Papachino’s brekkie with my good friend, Freddy. He did a whirlwind SA visit from Japan, so it was really great that we managed to see him this round too. The last time he was here, Nicola was in a very shy mood so he hardly got to chat to her – but she has obviously shaken that off for this round because she was telling him everything about school and family, Princess Aurora, nap-packers, fish and gingerbread and then some!

Straight after that she started asking me when we would be going to Japan to visit Oom Freddy, and I tried to explain to her how far it was away from here and how long it would take to get there – but I don’t think she completely gets it because she now insist that he comes from Japan and since we saw him at Papachino’s then surely Papachino’s must be in Japan? Mwahaha! I might need to buy a globe or something and try explaining this again at some point.


Sunday afternoon we were at my folks’ place again, and my brother and SIL dropped in for a surprise visit and a swim too. Everyone was feeling very chilled out and lazy, as it should be on a Sunday – and by some small miracle no one fell asleep on the couch, although some of us came very close. 😉


We left early because my dad had to leave at about 15:00 to go to Nelspruit for business (I forget now, does that town have a new name now too, oh well whatever it’s called now). We don’t like getting home after dark (you can never be too careful with the vampires) and Princess Aurora was very happy to see us too, of course.

On that I wanted to mention to you this extremely cute thing Nicola’s been doing with Aurora. She says that she’s Aurora’s new mommy, and since I want her to be nurturing and caring towards the little puffball obviously I didn’t argue about the exact title of that relationship. Now, sometimes when they’re busy playing – I hear Nicola telling Aurora stories from when she was a little hamster, and on occasion she tells her to eat all her vegetables so that she can grow up to be a strong little girl too one day. Hehehe – it’s so sweet, I can’t bring myself to correct her on that, but I probably should?

Last night after we got home, Nicola decided that we needed to bake chocolate chip cookies for Ouma so that we could take it to her today. I got into big shit for trying out one of these cookies after they came out the oven last night (had another this morning, but much more sneakily of course – they are still delicious, I checked). We usually go on a Wednesday but no amount of explaining could convince Nicola that Ouma could wait till then for her cookies (my mom doesn’t actually even eat chocolate, but that doesn’t matter for this discussion does it?). They were made with love, and she’ll eat them – whether she likes them or not.  😛

Well, I got a great idea: I came across a recipe last week for slow cooker spare ribs that I’ve been dying to try out, so I whacked them in the cooker this morning. I’ll pop round home quickly after work to put on some washing and pack them up to go, then we’ll take Ouma some dinner tonight too. It’s already been arranged, my mom will make some chips to go with it (thank goodness, because I really suck at making those).

Yumm! I can’t wait. 🙂

How was your weekend?



  1. Sounds like you had a blissful weekend! Just what a weekend should be like.

    I have to say Nicola just gets cuter and cuter each time. Have a good trip to Japan 😆

    • It’s amazing what a great weekend can do for your general state of mind. 🙂

      Thanks, mwahaha!

  2. Koop – “My eerste atlas” van Wendy Maartens – dis n lapa boek. Vrek oulik om als te verduidelik.

    • Dankie, ek sal dit probeer!

  3. Nap-packer – too precious! and jay the tortoises are out! Must go see

    • I love these words she makes up herself. 🙂

  4. She is such a sweetie pie…and you have convinced me that I now need a nap-packer too. How about sharing that chocolate chip cookie recipe. I love chocolates and will get Leane to help me bake them….I might get some brownie points for baking.

    PS: I love all the F’s and your mom’s cupcakes looks awesome.

    • I think everyone should have a nap-packer for summer!

      I don’t have a recipe, sorry. It was one of those just add an egg mixes from Pilsbury. We got it at checkers if you want to try it?

  5. That does sound like a great weekend!

    OOOHHH sticky ribs!!! YUUUUMMMMM!

    • The ribs, unfortunately, were a dismal fail. Nicola called them yucky ribs.

  6. Sounds like the most perfect weekend … just like ours 😉

    • It really was! 🙂

  7. You sound 100% chipper 🙂

    And YESSSSSS, I want to put in an order too for some orange flavoured ones when I next see you.

    I also want the recipe for the biscuits. I must tell you, I’ve been wanting to invite you to bake forever but I feel guilty dragging you all the way to my place…

    LOVE the French plait – you rock!!! And yes, I could just see myself in the hammock with a good book 🙂

    • It was just one of those box mixes from Pilsbury…super easy though. 🙂 I just adjusted the heat and time a bit and managed to get it going even in our dodgy oven.

      I don’t mind coming through – but we need to pick a nice cool day for it?

      Mmm…reading a book, in daytime…stop it, you’re making me jealous now. 😉

      Ps! Perfectly chipper if I don’t think about the on-going chaos of secret place.

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