Seen arounds : August

31 October , 2013

See how far behind I am?!


The contractors who have invaded our section were bitching about the lack of cellphone reception (Hehehe, welcome to secreat place fools!), so IT gave them this mcgafter, apparently a booster of some sorts. Anyhoo, I thought it looked a bit like a toaster, and it didn’t seem to do squat about the signal either so it might as well have been one. Eventually someone downloaded a manual for it and discovered that it’s only half of the booster and the rest is the bit that really matters…the rest is also the bit IT doesn’t happen to have anymore.  😆 A blacebo signal booster!


Funny named waiter.


The best coffee in town, especially the lattes.


My view coming into town, except there are usually more taxis and pedestrians in front of me.


Variations of this name seem to get a kick out of labelling their cars accordingly? 😉


Backwards Candace.


Not too sure why anyone would want to transport their cooldrink this way, and nothing else appears to fit on that thing, so this guy must have specifically modified his taxi to do this?



  1. Lol….what is it with people and their personalised number plates. Well at least it gives as something to smile about.

    • True 😉

  2. Ha ha ha ha!!!! Not sure which garnered more laughter the placebo signal booster or the cool drink “hanger”

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