Down time

28 October , 2013

On Friday, I decided to take a mental health day. It was glorious!

I moved stuff around at home and cleaned up things that I cannot clean up when the pink terrorist is around, watched a lot of things on the laptop that were not animated for a change, and then popped out for lunch with Steamcleaner who happened to be in town. It was so good to see her again!

Saturday was the final instalment of Nicola’s school concert (thank goodness!) and after that we were planning on going to a sort of reunion in Pretoria for a friend who was in town from USA. Unfortunately the viral thing that ran through Nicola’s class through the week, ran through her on Saturday and we spent most of the day in bed while she slept it off and we missed the braai completely.

Poor baby, she really didn’t feel well at all. As these things tend to go, her appetite went first and the only thing I could get her to eat was ice cream. It was also payday on Friday (whoop!) but unfortunately I haven’t managed to swing by the grocery store for our monthly big shop yet, so I figured the ice cream thing out on the last one we had in the house. Luckily my mom brought us some more after I sent an SOS out for some help, and by Sunday Nicola was right as rain again.

I was dead on my feet tired on Sunday, because I hardly slept at all Saturday because I was watching her very carefully to see which way the fever was going. Nicola doesn’t do 37’C or 38’C fevers, never has. She can spike up to 42’C in just a few minutes – so it’s a very good idea to watch her like a hawk when she’s feeling ill. The fever broke somewhere between 1:00 and 2:00 Sunday morning and I managed to get myself settled round about 3:00-ish. I was pooped yesterday!

Actually I’m still exhausted, but not from being tired – I slept like a rock last night – I just walked into secret place this morning and everything inside me went *meh*and *sigh*, which is sort of why I took Friday off to begin with. Is it just that time of the year? Maybe…maybe not?

Perhaps a swift walk around the block will help clear my head a bit. Only one way to find out, hey? 😉


What sick looks like at our place.





  1. This seems to be doing the rounds all over the country… here in Pta as well…

    • It’s not a fun one, but at least it passes quickly.

  2. Poor baby!!! Glad she’s better. Swift walk is in order

    • A swift walk always does me a world of good!

  3. One rest day followed with a day of sick baby 😦 Now that’s just murphy. Sigh.

    • Maybe I sensed it coming? 😉

  4. It is scary when their fevers rocket like that. Our little Leane is like that…sometimes for no apparent reason. Hope you get your energy back for the secret place. Maybe a VitB12 injection would do it for you.

    • It’s not so much the energy, as the direction that I’m missing…

      Nicola used to get those terrible fevera A LOT! Especially from teething. Now that all the chompers are in it doesn’t usually get that bad anymore, but we’ve been to every ER in the area at one point or another for fevers that won’t break.

  5. So glad she is all better. And I think I can do with a mental health day

    • Thanks! I highly recommend them, seriously – just do it. A day JUST FOR YOU. 😉

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