Monday bullets

7 October , 2013

Last week was definitely blast from the past week for me! Some more distant past than others but in total I think I got to speak to about 10 people I don’t generally speak to that often anymore – and almost all of that good news or just friendly chit-chat.

I won’t lie, it was really lovely. I should totally make the effort to stay connected to more of these people, some of them I really miss!

Anyhoo, not much potting on my end – but here are the highlights anyway:

  • My ear looks like it’s healing up nicely…in no small part thanks to my dad who came out to change my dressing every single day last week – what a star! Thanks Dad.
  • I ordered something for Nicola’s birthday off Amazon.com and it arrived this morning! I will probably need to leave it locked up at the office till December to avoid tempting myself into giving it to her sooner. How’s everyone’s Christmas shopping coming along, or shouldn’t I ask? Mine is coming along shockingly – I have only ideas so far…
  • We swam every day this weekend and it was fantastic! My folks have a cover on their pool so it heats up a fair bit quicker than an open pool and keeps its heat longer too. We had 28’C water already – just perfect. (My mom won’t get in till the water is 30’C, but at this rate it can’t be far off).
  • Nicola is very missing dad-person fixated at the moment. She talks about him almost constantly. *sigh* She’s made up such fantastic stories about where he might be, that even if I was tempted to try and organise a meeting for them, I doubt she would recognise him. (it usually alternates between variations of the following: he’s been taken by the police…he’s part of the police…he lives on a farm…he’s a king in a far off country…also there’s one book of farm words on her shelf with a picture of a boy holding a pumpkin, Nicola is 100% convinced that this random child is her brother, so whenever anyone talks about brothers she is always quick to point out that she believes her brother eats a lot of pumpkin!). I’m not too sure what i’m going to do about this yet.

How was your weekend?


These photos were taken a while back – Nicola just loves dressing rooms. If I looked this cute, then I probably would too. 😉





  1. eeek – i hate dressing rooms. Seriously, are they trying to sell clothes or not? 🙂

    do you think this father thing is an age thing? Mine play a lot these days where one is the father and the other is the mother… and then I hear “MUmmy!!!” and I say “yes, Connor?” and he says “not you, KENDRA’s the Mummy” – that type of thing….

    • I’m not a big fan of dressing rooms either, but I’m less of a fan of returning the next day with the things that don’t fit when i fit at home – so I push through and make myself do it anyway. 😉

      It might be an age thing. I know that it all kind of comes from the other kids at school indirectly.

  2. Sjoe skat. Heavy stuff van die dad-person…
    Sy is die cuteste blerrie dingetjie ooit 🙂
    Well done Mama.

    • Dis verseker ongemaklik – maar meestal dink ek die storietjies wat sy opmaak is redelik skadeloos, so ek los haar gewoonlik maar om aan te gaan met dit.

      Dankie! 😀

  3. I think the dad thing could just be a result of talk at school? Its a tricky one to navigate because the truth isn’t what she wants to hear at all.

    Christmas shopping is ok – Kiara has a main gift, my folks, brother, sis-in-law and niece all have something and Cam has half a main gift 🙂

    • Well done on being so on top of your Christmas shopping – I am green with envy! 😉

      I think it probably is a school thing.

  4. Christmas shopping#%^* what is that 😆
    Glad your ear is better.

    You should take Nicola to the kiddies changing room in Ed.gars at sand.ton she would be in pink princess heaven!!!!

    • That seems like a pretty good reason NOT to take her there? Mwahaha! 😉

      • I agree!!! I foresee there will be lots of drama to get her out of there 😆

  5. Is ‘n swaar ding die aangaande die “pa” ding. Sterkte met dit.

  6. My weekend was chilled thank you :-P. I had to get my last two afternoon naps in before Monday and reality. We have solar heating for our pool and I will not swim unless it is 28 degrees. Christmas shopping? Really? I am so not ready to think about Christmas.

    • Once you’re used to the warmer water, nothing else will do. 😉

  7. My comment was eaten 😥 I feel rejected.

    • I’ll go release it – sorry!

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