The good, the bad, and the ugly

1 October , 2013

Let’s start with the good, shall we?

On Saturday we attended secret place’s annual family day. I haven’t been able to attend any of the previous ones – somehow they always fall on the exact same day as Slutwalk (as was the case again this year!) but this time I decided it was time to try it out.

It was so much fun! They were extremely lucky with the weather, and except for a bit of wind later on in the day it was just perfect.


Sjoe! The logo was just about everywhere, but I think I’ve managed to pick a few photos without it on. 😉


Thos of you who are my fb friends will have seen this one already. Isn’t that just the face of pure joy! 😀


This one too. We rode the bull a couple of times…very slowly…but Nicola loved it!


See? Even Oom Riaan got a chance to ride along.


Everything was set up like a carnival so the children (or their grown ups) got to compete for prizes. This little bear has been named Teddy-B by Nicola.


There was a petting zoo too, and the donkeys were much friendlier than the ponies. Each child received a bag of salad to feed the animals with, and I have never seen a bunch of parrots and chickens get that excited about lettuce in my life! One little black chick managed to snag a piece first and then took off with all his brothers and sisters in hot pursuit. It was too funny to see. Long after the others all got a piece or two too, he was still running full speed laps trying to evade them with his prize.


Another one of the carnival rides that Nicola enjoyed.


The newlyweds…


My mom, shooting at cans with a water gun for another prize for Nicola.

I’m glad we went, it really was a lovely way to spend the day. 🙂

Now the bad

I can’t remember if I told you that I had an extremely sore left ear last week? Well, I did! I didn’t sleep at all on Tuesday and the rest of the week was not much better. Apparently I always fall asleep on my left side – now you know.

I think it might have started off as a spider bite (the reason why I say this is not just my normal paranoia when it comes to them, but one fell out of my hair into the bath on the same morning that the ear ouchie started). Anyway, I put on all sorts of things to try to make it feel better and it felt like it was working and busy clearing up…and then WHOOSH! Sunday it came back with a vengeance.

It was clearly time to go to the doctor and get this seen to.

So yesterday I thought I was just popping into the doctor’s rooms to get a little something-something for my ear, and it turned out that I needed to have a little operation of sorts because the whole thing had turned into an abscess. It felt about like one too. It was really, really sore – before, during and not so much after thank goodness. (Of course I do have a before shot, but I’m not showing you that one…what? It’s not like I can see behind my own ear, and I wanted to know what was going on back there).

This is the lovely dressing I had on yesterday…unfortunately I only have Disney plasters in my first aid kit so this morning my dad came through to help me put one on and I am the picture of professionalism here at work today, as long as I don’t flick my hair back and reveal my Mickey Mouse dressing. 😉 Whatever. I’m actually still booked off today and I might leave early anyway to go home for a snooze. The pain killers I have to take really knock me out.


And finally, the ugly. (Yes, uglier than my ear)

 We went to go see that repo property on Friday (Karen came with me). The actual unit doesn’t look bad at all…on the inside. The complex is a whole other kettle of fish though. For some reason the developers decided to build them in a marsh land and then not build them properly for those conditions (I know right, BIG surprise with the kinds of upstanding developers we see these days). I was unbelievably still in two minds about it and went back later for another look with my parents and Nicola (although we could only see the outside that time because the bank guy only opens up once every week or two if you want to see inside).

I got to chat to some of the other people living there too, so glad I bothered to do that. They told me in no uncertain terms that it would be a really bad idea to buy there. No maintenance ever gets done to the complex, and because it’s so close to the university there are a lot of rowdy students renting there who constantly party and who break into other units when they’ve had a few. They said it would definitely NOT be a safe place to live for just the two of us. (That, and they also told me the bank guy had lied about the place being empty for a year – they say it’s been empty for three years already).

Well, that settles it then. This is not the one, and I’ll keep looking.

Here’s pic that I took on Friday. You can clearly see the damp there at the bottom, and this is surprisingly one of the better looking units. The reeds there in the background is the actual river running through there…about 3 or 4  meters from the bottom unit’s wall – if it’s even that far at all. Imagine a flash flood coming down there after a heavy rain storm! I don’t think it would actually flush the house down stream, but there were still the clearly visible remains of a willow tree there from the last time it happened – so maybe it could?




  1. I’m so sorry to read that the property is not to ideal standards. I too am glad you bothered to talk to the people living in the complex.
    That ear thing sounds “ouch”. Sjoe!
    The family day event of your company looks like a ball. I love the photo of you two on that bull 🙂

    • The family day really was so much fun! 🙂
      My ear is feeling a lot better now, thanks – and yes…I was quite disappointed with the property once I saw it. We live to fight another battle though, I learnt some great lessons on this round – and thankfully it didn’t cost me a cent.

  2. Don’t buy it..!!!!!
    and spider bite are terrible.. have two on my leg which are now holes were everything just went vrot…

    • Oh hell no, I definitely won’t. Promise!
      I have always had a very deep seated distrust of all things with eight legs. I knew they were all out to get me, I just knew it! 😉
      The situation behind my ear looks like it’s clearing up nicely now, thank goodness.

  3. It really amazes me how the council approves plans for housing! That’s a crazy place to build a complex!

    • I think there might be some bribes involved – what makes it worse in this place is that most people buy to rent out, so they don’t really care because they don’t have to see the state of the place everyday. I think you need a house boat to live that close to a river safely.

  4. Sorry about the house and the ear bite – equally sucky 😦 But the fun day looks like it was great 🙂

    • Thanks. Yip, it was really lots of fun. We all had a great time. 🙂

  5. The fun day looks great. And sorry about the damp but yes, it is an issue,

    • I’m definitely not buying there…

  6. I’m soooo glad you spoke to some people. Do you know, I do believe that was my downfall in the situation I’m currently in – not speaking to people who were here….

    Work family day sounds like fun and you had awesome weather!

    How is that ear doing now?

    • It was part of my plan – I’m glad I got to go back a second time without the bank guy hovering around so that I got a chance to do it.

      My ear is feeling a lot better thanks. I even have a proper (non Disney) dressing on today. My dad has been so awesome throughout this. Every morning he pops in before work to help me with the bandages…isn’t that sweet? 😀

  7. It is good that you got to the bottom of the ugly where the property is concerned and that you spoke to the neighbours. I hope your ear heals super fast and that you feel well again soon.

    • I learnt a lot from this experience. Thank you, I feel right as rain again this week. 🙂

  8. Spider bites!!!! Rob knows all about them, hope your ear gets better soon. And for goodness sake DON’T buy that HOUSE!…….

    • Thank you 🙂 My ear is all good again, thank goodness…and I definitely did NOT buy the house!

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