Seen arounds – July

29 September , 2013

After this we can get on to August photos. 😉


Pink  ducky candle Nicola *had to have* .

Flowers she picked from our garden for my mom.


My fridge has been seeing some lovely art works. 😀


Our street is usually so busy during peak hours because a lot of people use it as a alternative route. It is sometimes a bit of a challenge getting out of the driveway when it goes like that. You have to own the gap sometimes. On other days the municipality goes on a three or four week strike and the dustbins line up like soldiers on the sidewalks, spilling over and looking etrrible! But on this morning, I walked outside and it looked just perfect. Kind of makes you wish it looked like that every day…


Sunset from the shopping centre where we stopped for milk and bread.


Some of the trees that our landlord chopped down a while ago have started weeping like this. Some are refusing to stay down and are pushing out branches again.


Sunrise comes knocking on the window through the curtain.


Plates I saw during the month. Both BMW’s – funny that. 😉



  1. that is a very fetching pink candle 🙂 I also take sunset pics from the top of a shopping centre on my way home. But they’ll be fewer now since sunset is going later and I’m certainly not going to be leaving that late!

    • Pink flaming duck candle…it’s different. 😉

      I hear you on the sunsets – I’d rather be home by then too.

  2. Love the ducky candle and the photo of the weeping tree.

    • Thank you 🙂

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