Photo catch up post – baking cookies

24 September , 2013

I saw a giant container of cookie cutters at the shop a while ago, and I just couldn’t resist. I’m pretty confident that we can now (if so inclined) bake just about ANY themed cookies you can think of!

For our first go we used a gingerbread recipe and baked at my parents’ house. 🙂


Later on, the same container also proved to be an excellent seat.


Tigger also got dragged into the fun. She had to be decorated with hearts. These are the very last photos I ever got to take of her…she must have really enjoyed that cuddle, because I know she definitely did not enjoy the cookie cutter, but she stayed put anyway.


Hope everyone is enjoying their public holiday. Weather willing we might be enjoying our first swim of the season today. 🙂



  1. Please can I have the gingerbread recipe! We have the cookie cutters (gift from Mrs FF for Christmas last year) but just make normal biscuits!

    • I’ll get it from my mom and do a post on it.

  2. Why is it everyone is posting photos of cookies today… I am just getting more hungry as every post passes today… lovely…

    • Hope you managed to get your hands on some cookies after all that – thanks!

  3. Yumm. Yes please share. I want to bake gingerbread men with my grandchildren.

    • Will do…I just need to get it from my mom first. 😉

  4. I like the cookies 🙂 I love the one of Nicola’s name. That’s so cool

    • Thank you! 🙂

  5. Pretty please, share the recipe. I tried making some 2 Christmases ago and they were awful 😦

    • Will do. My mom said she’ll give it to me this weekend.

  6. I love my cookie cutter bottle like that! I discover new ones every time :))

    • It’s really got just about everything!

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