We live to fight another day…it never rains, but it pours edition

19 September , 2013

Yesterday was awful. Let me qualify that by saying that I generally consider myself to be a pretty upbeat person, even when other people hit their doom&gloomies – but yesterday I was good for nothing but navel gazing.

The day got off to a rough start with a fight about a favourite dirty T-shirt between Nicola and I, and then it just went rapidly south from there. I was so upset by the way that we had to leave things for school and work, that when I stopped for fuel and the attendant asked me how I was doing I burst into tears and told him I was doing f-ing awful, thanks for asking.

To his credit he said nothing and just pumped the fuel. Then launched into a long ramble about the ongoing strike and how lucky I actually was to even get fuel, plus that he hasn’t had an increase for three years and how the union was negotiating for this, that and the next thing.

Look…it’s not that I’m not sort of sympathetic  to anyone who hasn’t had an increase in three years (if that’s true), but I wasn’t actually in the mood to have my own wobble put into perspective with his labour dispute. So I reminded him that in every other country in the world people actually pump their own fuel, and his job doesn’t even exist. Then I had to leave rather suddenly.

Work went not much better (I guess it’s true what they say, you take your misery with you wherever you go). At some point (fairly early in the day) I just asked people to leave me alone with my box of Kleenex and stop trying to cheer me up. I was having an off day, and I was having it fully…

 The contractors who have infested our office grated my last nerve yesterday too (the one next to me leaves her phone on charge at the desk and sets all sorts of alarms that she will never be around to hear anyway), so I’ve left some post-its with thoughts on the matter. Today I see all her gadgets have been set to silent in her absence. This makes me marginally happier about having them here at all. (She can be very grateful that I couldn’t figure out how to get to her calendar and set some 2:00 am alarms for her to enjoy when I’m not around in my fit of rage. Post-its is about as peaceful as that was going to be able to play out).

Anyhoo, I do actually feel a million times better today and I’ve realised that I’ve not been approaching mornings right with the pink terrorist, which leads to a lot of frustration for both of us (and in extreme cases, very bad days for me). Henceforth I will be waking her up half an hour earlier so that she can wallow and refuse to get up for a bit before getting in touch with her inner morning person so that the day can get going. Obviously this also means half an hour earlier for me, so that I can get done what I need to do before she wakes up. (If I keep this up one of these days I needn’t bother to go to bed at all).

It worked pretty well this morning, so keep your fingers crossed for continuous success together with calmer and earlier mornings for us both. And someone please remind me to wash the bloody crown T-shirt tonight so that she can wear it again tomorrow…it’s either that or I need to paint a few more of those as back-ups!  

Ps! Marcia, thanks for that email yesterday – it meant more to me than you know. xxx

Photos: obviously not this week’s photos. 😉


This was my first attempt at a french plait a few weeks ago. Those of you who are linked to me in fb will have seen it already. I think it turned out great!  🙂


This is after bath and hair wash hair.


This is more or less what I have to tame each morning before she goes to school. Lots and lots of detangle spray…and some quality distraction on the laptop usually does the trick. 😉



  1. Sorry about yesterday and just glad today is so much better.

  2. I can not tell you how waking up earlier has changed our mornings! I get up earlier, get the kids up earlier (they don’t even really notice) and we have left on time for 3 weeks now – NO FIGHTING or heading back in for stuff!!!!

    Here’s to a chilled happy weekend!

    • So far, it’s working really well for us. We don’t leave earlier yet…but at least she’s in a better mood when we do.

  3. Hugs my friend xxx

    • Thank you 🙂

  4. So sorry I didn’t read this earlier. I have some of those days too and I don’t even have a wee little girl. So glad that you are feeling better and I wish you luck with the new early routine….I am so NOT a morning person.

    • The waking her up earlier bit is definitely a winner! It makes such a big difference to the peace levels of our mornings. I hate waking her up though, I wish I could just let her sleep till she woke up on her own.

  5. OH man, I know those days! I’ve had some lately and I almost, ALMOST don’t want to come home from work because I know the crazy that is waiting here.

    I don’t know how you do those early days….

    XXX and big hugs to you!

    • Thanks Marcia…getting up early has never been an issue for me, but I’ll admit that I’m probably not at my most creative here from 14:00 onwards. 😉

  6. PS EXCELLENT french plait!

    • Thank you 😀

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