Nicola-isms (on trees and moths)

17 September , 2013

You might remember a while back we were talking a lot about evergreen and deciduous trees? You can probably only imagine how much excitement spring is causing on this topic – because now we get to see the promised re-growth in action!

While we were gone for almost a week, spring pounced upon a giant oak tree we drive past every morning on our way to school. I’m not kidding when I say it had not a stitch of green on it when we left and one week later it was so completely covered in new leaves that it almost looked like a completely different tree. Nicola gasped the morning she got to see it again. And this conversation followed:

  • “Mamma! Kyk! Die eikeboom het nuwe blare!” (Mamma! Look! The oak tree has new leaves!)
  • “Ek sien Nicola, dit lyk darem maar baie mooi ne’?”  (I see that Nicola, it’s really pretty isn’t it?)
  • “Ja…maar waste boom is hy nou, immergroen of bladwisselend?” (Yes…but what kind of tree is he now, evergreen or deciduous?)
  • “Mmm, hy’s nogsteeds ‘n eikeboom, en hy’s nogsteeds bladwisselend. Die boom het net sy nuwe lente blare gekry – onthou jy, ek het gese^ hy sal?” (Mmm, it’s still an oak tree, and still deciduous. The tree just got its new spring leaves – do you remember I told you it would?)
  •  “O ja, natuurlik! Hahaha…ek kan nie wag tot hy begin appels dra nie.” (O yes, of course! Hahaha…I can’t wait till it starts bearing apples)

Hahaha, and just when I thought she understood this all completely.  😆

What makes this further interesting is that the suburbs where we live and drive around have used mostly tree and plant names to name their streets. And thus by Nicola logic all trees growing in something called Pruimbos (Plum tree) Straat must obviously be Plum trees, otherwise why would they name it that.

Actually it would have been kind of cool if they had done that if you ask me…

Another fun Nicola conversation, this time featuring moths:

We slept over at my parents’ place a couple of nights last week because Nicola was sick and couldn’t go to school. My mom offered to look after her since I am just about out of leave, and we didn’t want to have to drag her outside early in the mornings if we didn’t have to.

She woke up one morning at 4:00 from a coughing fit. I was already awake because my internal body clock doesn’t want to be surprised or showed up my actual 5:00 alarm clock.

  • “Mamma! Hier’s ‘n mot in die kamer!” (Mamma! There’s a moth in the room) – now if she had said Christmas beetle she would have had me in a state too, hate those little critters!
  • “Mmm…okay. los hom maar net, hy sal nounou wegvlieg.” (Mmm…okay. Well just leave him alone, he’ll fly away soon.”)
  • “Hy gaan my byt!” (He’s going to bite me!)
  • “Nicola, hulle het nie eers tande nie – motte eet nie dogtertjies nie, net gordyne.” (Nicola, they don’t even have teeth. Moths don’t eat little girls, only curtains)
  • “Kan ons ook gordyne eet?” (Can we eat curtains too?)
  • “Nee, ons kan nie.” (No, we can’t.)
  • “Ek weet wat humans kan eet – coco pops!” (I know what humans can eat – coco pops!)
  • [Now to the moth] “Haai…hier’s niks vir jou om te eets nie hoor. Gaan kyk in die kombuis, daar’s ‘n lekker gordyn vir jou.” (Hey…there’s nothing here for you to eat. Go look in the kitchen, there’s a tasty curtain there for you.)
  • “Mamma! Hy wil nie wegvlieg nie.” (Mom, he doesn’t want to leave)
  • “As ons die bedlampie afsit sal hy gaan, hy hou van die lig.”(If we put off the bedside lamp he’ll go, he likes the light)

That bought me another two hours of sleep, but I found it hilariously cute how she was trying to have a chat to the moth.


These photos were from a few weeks ago, when it was still winter. This is a little pullover jersey that my aunt made for Nicola, because the girl on the pattern reminded her of the pink terrorist. This is beyond fluffy! If you’re lucky enough to get a hug while she’s wearing this top, you’ll never want to let her go again. 😀


  1. That is so flippen cute “there is a nice curtain for you” hhahahahaha

  2. Lovely share…

    • Thanks…

  3. Coco pops .. yeah baby .. sommer nou lus vir dit myself .. hehehe …

    • Breakfast of champs 😉

  4. I will be waiting patiently for the apples!!!

    Nicola is too funny. That’s a nice advert for coco pops by the way 😆 😆

    • I’m looking forward to seeing those apples too! Hahaha…

      She’s a big fan of coco pops.

  5. Haha…it is still winter here. Yesterday it was pure summer and today is pure winter. Dit is amazing dat sy sulke groot woorde soos bladwisselend onthou en verstaan. Slimkoppie daardie.

  6. Nog ‘n “comment” gesluk deur die spam catcher.:

    Haha…it is still winter here. Yesterday it was pure summer and today is pure winter. Dit is amazing dat sy sulke groot woorde soos bladwisselend onthou en verstaan. Slimkoppie daardie.

    • I don’t know why this keeps happening to you – sorry! I have released it already.

      Sy is amazing, en die goed wat haar interesseer is partykeer nie wat mens sou dink ‘n drie jarige sou interesseer nie! Sy het byvoorbeeld ‘n groot ding vir straatname ook.

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