Photo catch up post – 2nd Cup Breakfast with Melanie

14 September , 2013

This was obviously still in proper winter. It always feels so unnatural to post winter pics in summer, the clothing just looks wrong to me. 😉

2nd Cup make the most delicious chili hot chocolate – but only in winter. My cousin and I have a longstanding tradition of going especially for that hot chocolate at least once during every winter, and this was it. 🙂


Here I am being spoonfed hot chocolate by Nicola.


Cousin Melanie.


The pink terrorist, in red on occasion. This is not exactly a kiddy friendly venue to be honest – but I’m sure she’ll get it one of these years. At the moment she still tries to take off into the garden, or parking lot, chasing the chickens they have wandering around there.


Yumm! They bring it in a cute little pot over a burner to keep it liquid – and these petite little cups to drink it with. One pot can easily be shared between two people. Next winter you should put this on your to-do list, trust me.


The chickens of 2nd Cup. Nicola always carries a container of bird seed with her, so they were very happy to circle our table. My poor cousin has an extreme fear of birds, but she put up a very brave face for Nicola.

Melanie is convinced that all birds, particularly parrots, are out to get her (she might be right). I think Nicola might end up with a similar situation when she’s older…Nicola’s been attacked by a flock of geese, a evil tempered duck at Monte Casino, a turkey last year at 2nd Cup and fairly recently nibbled lightly by an ostrich through a fence at Harrismit! I don’t get accosted by birds, so I’m never particularly vigilant around them – but I think I might be something to the fear Melanie has. 😉


  1. Birds are like dogs… they sense fear… so one should never fear a bird… as for the ostrich… it will test bite anything… one stole my dark glasses off my face and took off with them… managed to get them back as he had trouble swallowing them…

    • That makes sense since they always seem to go for the same people.

      Hahaha, shame…poor ostrich!

  2. I love those cups. You don’t get hot drinks in exquisite cups like that in many places.

    • I must say that do bring something special to the occasion.

  3. You know I still haven’t been there for tea and I live so close to the place!

    • Seriously, you have to make a plan.

  4. Hhmm .. well Nicola is not scared of the birds and they seem to enjoy going at her .. so that flaws the statement .. and that is my story and i am sticking to it … 😀 Whoop

    • Hahaha…you’re right. She’s not scared of them at all.

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